What is Love?

Recently, I have been blessed with the presence of a fascinating man who is kind, compassionate, fun-loving, charismatic, genuine, romantic, strong and wise. He asked me the question, “What does love mean to you?” It was a sincere question, yet one I could not easily define in that moment. I realize that love is much bigger, broader, and deeper than I could explain in words. Love is who we are and all that we connect with. Love is our true nature. Love is genuine. In absolute simplicity, LOVE IS TRUTH. I am drawn to share with you a “glimmer” of how love, in its most genuine way, presents itself through aspects of my life. It is my wish for you to receive from this message a reminder that will awaken or deepen your natural state of love for self and others. Love in Business Essentially, love in business is a compassionate, kind-hearted, authentic expression of our self. Whether we provide a top-notch service or maintain a genuine belief in an excellent product to enhance lives, love is the sincere expression involved in relating with others. Love is about sharing the message and allowing an individual the freedom to decide if our message fits or aligns with them. It is about trusting there is indeed room for each of us to prosper. This level of trust takes belief in our self and faith that we reside in an abundant universe. As we align ourselves with work that inspires and even ignites us, we, as energy beings, resonate at a particular energetic level that naturally attracts a like vibration – a continuous...
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