Self Care: Essential for the Development of Your Craft

I was raised with the belief system to work very hard, with effort, in everything you do. That money doesn’t grow on trees and every penny received is earned in direct proportion to the EFFORT put out. In researching this belief system with my mentors, friends and family, I learned that many individuals grew up in the same paradigm or belief structure. In talking with private clients for more than 6 years now, I’ve heard a common theme with them as well. As a result of this belief, there are countless times I have sacrificed my health and well-being, my state of peace and balance, by ignoring my body’s signals for rest, rejuvenation and self care. In a desire to develop our craft, be successful in business, improve our talents, or simply keep ourselves from what feels like drowning at times, we often neglect our heart’s calling to rest, nurture, and restore ourselves. Because we are a direct reflection of our craft and what we express to the world, self care is essential for the development of our craft. How does Self Care influence your Craft? In the many teachings about “Law of Attraction”, including the famous The Secret DVD and book, it is explained by numerous accomplished individuals that we attract what we THINK and what we FEEL. If you want to experience something you must place yourself in the experience as if it is already in your life NOW. If you desire a wonderful new relationship, visualize this person in your life right now and FEEL how you would feel in your body with them present. If you want...
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