Network Marketing: The Abundance Factor

Daily I meet people who either have a career they are less than 110% passionate about, often stressed and unfulfilled because of the time taken away from their families or doing what they love most, OR they are passionate about their profession, yet not earning the income potential that would provide the Financial and Time Freedom desired. I have found a way to continue doing the work I love, while growing an escalating monthly residual income for years to come. It’s a home-based business opportunity with one of the Fastest Growing companies in North America, growing faster than e-Bay, marketing a highly consumable, highly emotional product that is truly changing lives in a reputable and exciting industry called Network Marketing. I invite you to view my website: My purpose in writing this is not to recruit or sell you anything. My purpose is to EDUCATE you on Network Marketing, a vehicle that is positively enhancing my life, the people I care about, and thousands of individuals worldwide – healthwise and financially too! Many of you are already involved in Network Marketing to some degree or learning about this natural and effective means of people sharing a good product, word-of-mouth marketing, while others have a disbelief this industry is reputable, much less a viable way to earn a living. Or better yet, create a fortune enabling you to do what you TRULY LOVE. I was first introduced to this industry at 18 years of age. I saw an incredible opportunity to change my life through marketing water purification filters. I knew the world needed this product, I knew word-of-mouth marketing was...
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