Living from our Heart’s Desire

A Personal Update The summer started with a Celebration of Life as my Grandfather, Russell Nelles, crossed over from the physical to Spirit. Although Gramps, as I affectionately referred to him, lived a long life of 94 years, his crossing naturally brought up grief for my family and me. The emotional reminder of how it feels to lose a father was re-visited, as it’s been 14 years since my father Gerry passed over. One of the things I value the most is the teachings Gramps instilled in our family around working hard and never giving up. During a generation of extreme times in his early years raising a family and running a farm, Gramps taught his children and grandchildren the benefits of hard work paying off. Gramps, you are in my heart! Never Give Up When we feel with every breath and bone in our body, that something is true to us, the power of belief, desire, commitment, persistence and patience will indeed help us prosper. If we are seeking money and a certain lifestyle, but moving forward without a fire in our belly and passion in our heart, we can forget about it, as whatever we are doing will not survive long – at least not with any true substance and solid foundation for unlimited growth. We’ve heard it before: “Follow your Heart and Success will come.” In those times that so many of us have experienced, if we feel financially strapped and outright stressed, it’s easy to sway from our true passion, all because we are unable to recognize tangible, immediate results. Be encouraged, be inspired, and...
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