Is Stress Impacting Your Well-being?

A Personal Opinion Now, more than ever before, we are being guided to go inside, listen to our voices and hearts, and seek ways to simplify our lives to reduce stress and enjoy optimal healthy living. Our bodies, minds and spirit are feeling the collective pressure of global change. Triggered by our desire to expand personally & professionally, address our health needs, meet business and family commitments, and respond to economic shifts, our bodies are facing information overload. Sometimes, this translates as feelings of extreme overwhelm. We may lash out at those closest to us, assuming the problem is outside of ourselves, in the other person or situation. Some of us are experiencing feelings that consist of a pressure cooker bubbling over or a daily emotional rollercoaster ride. If we continue to look outside ourselves, blame the other driver, the unhappy customer or our spouse, we will never reveal to ourselves what’s eating us.  Life As It Should Be In truth, we are meant to live joyful, prosperous, loving, passionate lives. Most of us, at one time or another, will operate from our ancient beliefs passed down from generation to generation. Through cellular memory, the cells in our body store every experience we’ve been exposed to, including limiting thoughts about ourselves that we believed to be true. The cellular voice may communicate such ideas as: “I’m not good enough, talented enough, successful enough, pretty enough.” “Life must be difficult in order to achieve my goals and dreams.” “The reason I don’t have what I want or feel the way I’d like to, is due to my inabilities and the...
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