Listening to Wisdom of the Heart

The Emotional Heart This holiday, let’s choose to listen deeply to the wisdom in our heart, embrace emotion that arises, and take the necessary steps to be true to ourselves and others. Go that extra mile…. The festive season brings up different feelings for everyone. Some people will experience incredible joy and appreciation. They will connect with out-of-town loved ones, re-unite with friends of years passed, or celebrate the addition of a spouse or beautiful newborn baby. For others, the holiday is a highly stressful and emotional time that stirs up deep-rooted grief and sadness. There are often heartfelt reminders of loved ones passed, aloneness due to a separation, and even guilt for lack of communicating with someone we care for. A Personal Experience For myself this year, I am filled with both sadness and gratitude. I feel sorrow from a separation with my boyfriend this fall, who I continue to feel tremendous love for and see the possibilities of a great life together. In listening to my heart’s wisdom, I realize the separation was necessary to encourage a profound awakening within us both. There were aspects of ourselves we denied, places within that needed to be visited – to meet ourselves. We’ve created an opportunity by choice, to trust our internal guidance towards greater self-love. In gratitude, I am deeply appreciative for the incredible gift of friendship, family, and the lives of people I’ve positively impacted. By expressing the truth in my heart, as well as educating on quality health supplements that work, I’ve seen lives improve and people feel great again! In return, I can barely begin...
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