Belief in Our Desires

Living As If THINK as if, FEEL as if, BE as if, ACT as if you are already living your desires and the Universe will have no choice than to provide. We talk about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and so many of us understand intellectually and believe this true. Yet, the very act of embracing and living each moment of every day as though we already have that which we desire seems so difficult at times. At least it has for me. The real truth is we are already healthy, abundant, wise, peaceful, whole and complete beings as we are in this moment. We have the make-up and building blocks inside ourselves to attract, or rather allow in our requests. Our desires are magnetic, awaiting us to surrender and appreciate our beautiful, loving, amazing selves that create the thought responsible for our desires. What Gets in Our Way? So what gets in our way? We do. A combination of the impact of our Beliefs with the level of resistance we have to surrendering the non supporting belief(s), awards us exactly what we have in this moment. What is a Belief? Wikipedia describes Belief as “the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.” What we believe, we bring about, so choose to stop believing the things you don’t want, and place your attention on the things you do want. This knowledge has been expressed and taught by our teachers, authors, leaders, mothers, and fathers for centuries. Our encouragers, who light the way, lift us up and remind us to believe in ourselves. For those...
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