Do Your Words Align with Your Dreams?

We’ve all heard about the importance of knowing your WHY for the purpose of achieving your Aspirations, your Dreams. It is essential to take time to become clear on WHY you have Dreams. What is it that those Dreams will enable you to experience that you haven’t already? Getting to know your WHY is a topic of much discussion that can be explored in so many avenues (grab a journal book and pen and start writing) and leads up to what I’m reflecting on now – YOUR WORDS!! Today’s Insights Blog is about YOUR WORDS. Does what you say aloud have a positive and bright vibration? The Vibration, also known as Frequency, is the ENERGY you are vibrating at that continually puts out a signal, a message to the universe and all you connect with. Does what you “say” to yourself and others attract to you the resources, people, and experiences that are aligned to your Aspirations? Do you BELIEVE you will achieve your Dreams? This is the key because the degree to which you BELIEVE and “YOUR WORDS” that match, are in direct proportion to its creation.  An inner knowing and unwavering Belief is required to bring your Dreams to Life. Perform a self check and ask yourself “Do I Ever…” Speak harshly of another? Have doubt and dread upon what appears to be going wrong? Talk about and focus on what isn’t working? Use negative words Don’t, Can’t, and Won’t? Speak unkindly to myself when things appear to be off track? Disbelieve my dreams, question if my desires are even possible? Your answers to these questions will...
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