Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One?  When someone dies, their spiritual body continues living in an alternate vibration or frequency if you will. This is not another time or place as some believe, but here and now, among us. Our loved ones passed on are always available to communicate as WE and THEY desire. My sharing today is the latest in which my father Gerry Wynia sought and captured my heart’s attention through Spirit Communication. But first, a little background. On June 10, 2013 it will be 18 years since the anniversary of my father’s passing. Since that time, Dad has endeavoured to capture my attention in a magnitude of playful ways. I have felt Dad’s presence as if he’s sitting beside me, seen moving objects, recognized his scent, heard his voice, witnessed electrical occurrences like street lamps turning on/off, and a common form of Spirit Communication – Dream visits. Watch my YouTube Videos to see what I’ve experienced:  Spirit Signs from Loved Ones Who Died Spirit Communication: Moving Objects Signs from a Loved One is a favourite form of communication because I am an organized person. Most items in my home have a place, so when a picture frame or candle or angel ornament is suddenly turned about or moved inches from its original location, I take notice.  If a person is not highly organized, it’s unlikely a loved one passed will elect to communicate this way. Rather, they will engage in another Spirit Sign that will invite a person to stand up and take notice.  Believing in Spirit Communication wasn’t always easy for me. To expand your awareness,...

Mangosteen and Massage in North Vancouver: What do they have in common?

The synchronicity shared between Mangosteen and Massage in North Vancouver is profound. Not only do they share a common thread, when used together each helps the other work even better. Recently I asked myself “In a nut shell, how do I inspire people in living happier, healthier lifestyles?” After some contemplation on my unique approach combining transformational healing services (massage, spiritual guidance & grief/loss counsel) with world-class nutritionals like the whole fruit Mangosteen, I realize marrying the two together is a powerful vehicle to raise your vibration (energy frequency) through alignment, which sends a signal that faster attracts into life that which you desire most ~ in health, love, money & Magic! Experience Mangosteen and Massage today! The mutual health benefits are wide ranging, addressing virtually every organ and body system. A short list includes: Ease muscle and joint pain Promote tissue & cell regeneration Heal an injury; reduce inflammation overall Improve blood flow & circulation for cardiovascular health Reduce stress & promote relaxation Deeper quality sleep Increase mental focus & clarity Increase energy & feel happier Why do people get a Massage? For many of the same reasons they consume 3 or more daily servings of Mangosteen juice. The most important reason being PREVENTION.  Another key reason is to reduce inflammation in the body, thereby easing muscle and joint pain for example. The scientific community can now explain how Inflammation that becomes chronic may lead to health issues such as Heart, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. In February 2004 Times Magazine published one of the first lengthy media articles about the correlation between inflammation and disease. Ask me...
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