Networking for Profit: Janice Porter Workshop

Tap into Your Networking Power with 5 Strategies for Success: Learn secrets to being well prepared for any networking event. Connect easily with others specific to your personality type. Make each networking experience a positive one – and make YOU memorable. Take home tips for effective follow-up with those you meet. Build lasting business relationships and referral partners. Networking for Profit Workshop Wednesday, October 2 9:00am – 12:00 pm The Silk Purse Gallery 1570 Argyle St, West Van $99/person + GST Contact:

Guest Blog: The Expanding Giant Within Us All!

We all have everything within us that we require to create an amazing life, full of health, love, joy and abundance.  We also have ‘programs’ that have been instilled in us physically through our DNA and genetic lineage, as well as mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually through our upraising.  These programs are our filters and they affect the way that we perceive and experience life on earth. As we proceed through life and develop some awareness, we realize that we are either learning from our experiences, growing as human beings, or we’re feeling victimized by life and are therefore living in fear, in an ever-shrinking reality.  Most of us expand in some areas and contract in others.  This is part of the spiral of evolution. The Shift in Consciousness that’s taking place during our lifetime, and is accelerating at this time, is having a profound affect on us all, both externally and internally.  Many of us that were already on the path of spiritual growth & expansion are relishing this Shift; we’re diving in, taking advantage of the new, powerful energies that are supporting our rapid evolution.  We see the shifting external environment, with its institutions like governments and banks, crumbling before our eyes and we know that it’s a good thing; that the old must fall away to create room for the new.  Other ‘lightworkers’ are feeling worn-out, frustrated and impatient.  They have been doing spiritual work for decades and they can’t wait to see the fruits of their labour. The majority of the population however, is not yet aware of this evolutionary cycle of rapid spiritual growth...

Eleviv to Increase VIGOR & Happiness in Life

Looking back, I’ve been reflecting on what’s improved in my life. I owe a big thank you to XanGo for bringing Eleviv to me. I was first introduced to Eleviv a couple years ago. Eleviv is an all-natural supplement with 4 botanical ingredients that work synergistically to balance stress hormones cortisol and testosterone while promoting VIGOR and a feeling of Wellness. I have found taking 2 Eleviv capsules daily around lunchtime that I am less reactive & better able to cope with stressful situations, have more clarity & focus, and I sleep deeper and awake feeling refreshed in the morning. The GREATEST OF ALL and a life changer for me, I am less moody and feel HAPPIER !!! I would never say I felt depressed, yet if I am completely honest with myself I will admit to mild depression at times. The happier mood state I feel is real and consistent. My own mother Merva Spence and friend Jacquie Resch can attest to this!! Mom would say I CRY LESS and Jacquie would say I SMILE MORE. Life is much brighter for me and the people in my life! A bonus after being on Eleviv for a few months was noticeably more muscle tone and definition, weight loss in my middle, able to ‘see’ my ribs for the first time ever and my biceps look like I’m lifting more weights at the gym than I am. Now that’s pretty cool!!! If you know anyone who desires VIGOR, a feeling of well-being or facing mild to moderate depression – I know a safe and results oriented alternative.  Enjoy this funny...

Animal Spirit Communication: Speaking through Animals

Animal Spirit Communication: How do animals play a role? Do our loved ones who have passed communicate their spiritual presence and messages through animals? Will we sit up, take notice, and recognize it when our animal friend’s behaviours are different than usual? Absolutely! I have a new ANGEL in my Life! His name is “Basil” and I love this adorable little guy.  I met a new friend Karin and her 3 doggies at the beach a few weeks ago. The 2nd meeting Basil climbed upon my lap and snuggled close, re-affirming our connection and showing his love and affection. Going back to our first meeting, Basil communicated my sister Corrine’s Spirit presence through his actions. I was sharing with Karin about my sister’s hardship in life. Looking down I notice Basil had dug a HUGE hole in the sand while I was deep in conversation with Karin, and Basil’s sibling started doing same. When Corrine & I were camping as kids along the Chase River, she dug a hole with our dog.  It was the funniest thing and this memory is fresh in our family’s mind. I asked Karin if her dog does this on a regular basis and she’s like “No, never!” – SO FUNNY HOW OUR LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT ARE PLAYFUL TO CAPTURE OUR ATTENTION!! We often giggle about that event today, so it’s no surprise Corrine choose to communicate through Basil’s actions to confirm her presence and love with me. Do animals play a role in Animal Spirit Communication? They most certainly can. Death for humans and animals is not the end of life. Death is...
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