Quantum Energy Awareness & Health

Quantum Energy Awareness & Health

As energy beings, our Quantum health is a direct reflection of our Internal Environment. In each moment, the body is sending messages to and from every cell in the body.

Combined with the impact of and response to our external environment, messages sent from and to our cells, organs and every body system impact the current condition of our Body and Mind.

These constant Quantum messages being relayed either communicate Health and Wellness, or create a toxic, inflamed, and often an overly stressful state in the Body and Mind. The condition we choose to experience is ultimately up to us. It’s our responsibility, our choice!

In understanding the relatively new science of Epigenetics as an empowering model for creating the desired life, as introduced by cell biologist, scientist, author and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, Dr. Bruce Lipton, we will begin to recognize, accept and experience the Power of our Beliefs and how thoughts create our desired outcome or destinies.

Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA) is a level of awareness in which we begin to see ourselves as multi-dimensional beings with the ability to change our lives. This includes how we think, how we feel, how we create opportunities and much more. By taking steps, internally and externally, we can begin to positively transform our painful or difficult experience into more joy and loving peace.

Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA) encompasses all multi-faceted forms of our being:  Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. QEA is the opposite to our linear way of viewing ourselves. In becoming aware that we are the creators behind our intention, for transforming physical and emotional pain or improving the way we live our lives, we take 100% responsibility in the shared creation of what happened and what will unfold next.

What this means to you is absolute acceptance, love and understanding for what you are experiencing. By placing our attention on your present thoughts and the changing emotions you feel in each moment, transformation can naturally begin with the most ease. Our intention will be to assist you in moving forward beautifully and joyfully with your life, in a way that brings the most beneficial long term results to enrich your life, even when trauma or devastation has greatly impacted your heart and mind.

Through Transformational Coaching combined with unique bodywork methods, it is absolutely possible to dissolve pain in the physical or emotional body, transform fear and doubt, and literally change the energy frequency which you are vibrating at, to attract in more of what you truly want in life.

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