Spirit Communication

Are You Ready To…
Connect with loved ones who died?
Move beyond self-doubt on sensing spirit signs?
Transform grief associated with your loss?
Awaken your inner psychic?

Embrace Life after Death

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing and receiving messages, insights and feelings from loved ones who died. The beauty of this is death of the physical form has no influence over the continuation of our soul’s evolution. We merely transition, shedding our overcoat and live on.

Are you grieving the death of a loved one so much it hurts to breath? When a loss occurs, there are inherent stages of grief and varying emotions a person may feel including shock, denial, overwhelm, anger, guilt, sorrow, aloneness and fear. I can help you transform grief and ease the physical and emotional pain associated with your loss. I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic and expand your body’s intuition, so you may communicate and receive loving support from your beloved spirits in daily life.

Imagine you will……

Want to deepen your inner psychic and intuition?

Through Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA), I’ll help you establish a raised frequency vibrating at a whole new level to accept your loved ones in their new form and draw from this unexpected gift of Spirit Communication they offer you now.

Raising your vibration on the INSIDE is paramount. We will draw upon my proven tool-kit of: Massage & Bodywork Modalities, Rebirthing and Nutritional Wellness. Imagine aligning yourself with Spirits who want to help work with you daily to bring better life experiences through expanded consciousness. You can receive your own Spirit messages through Intuitive Guidance.

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I will help you Align your Body & Spirit to become a Magnet to your lifestyle goals and dreams. We’ll combine Quantum Healing with these approaches:

Massage & Bodywork

Massage and Bodywork are a natural, proven approach to stress management, relaxation and healing. I offer a number of different practices to align with your needs.

Transformational Coaching

I can help you release what is holding you back, say farewell to pain and experience a massive upward shift in your energy. You will literally Reset Your Vibration by relinquishing past emotion and cellular memory, opening yourself to attract your vision and dreams faster to you.

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing messages, insights & feelings from loved ones who died. Through Quantum Energy Awareness I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic, so you may receive guidance from your beloved Spirits.

Nutrition & Wellness

I can counsel you in good nutrition and wellness, and anti-aging supplementation. I will help you make positive healthy changes that will stick. Ultimately, improving the quality of your life with more energy & zest, a happier mood state, less stress & anxiety, an ideal body weight, and a happier you inside and out.

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