Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One

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Circle of Friends tipped over, a sign of Spirit Communcation

When someone dies, their spiritual body continues living in an alternate vibration or frequency if you will. This is not another time or place as some believe, but here and now, among us. Our loved ones passed on are always available to communicate as WE and THEY desire.

My sharing today is the latest in which my father Gerry Wynia sought and captured my heart’s attention through Spirit Communication. But first, a little background.

On June 10, 2013 it will be 18 years since the anniversary of my father’s passing. Since that time, Dad has endeavoured to capture my attention in a magnitude of playful ways.

I have felt Dad’s presence as if he’s sitting beside me, seen objects moved, recognized his scent, heard his voice, witnessed electrical occurrences like street lamps turning on/off, and a common form of Spirit Communication – Dream visits.

Moving physical objects is a favourite form of communication because I am an organized person. Most items in my home have a place, so when a picture frame or candle or angel ornament is suddenly turned about or moved inches from its original location, I take notice.  If a person is not highly organized, it’s unlikely a loved one passed will elect to communicate this way. Rather, they will engage in another Spirit Sign that will invite a person to stand up and take notice. 

Believing in Spirit Communication wasn’t always easy for me. To expand your awareness, click here:

Interpreting Spirit Signs

Dad loves horses. Years ago, I was given dad’s horseshoe previously nailed above the horse stable entrance on his property. Having a part of Dad in my home means so much.

The horseshoe sits at the base of the speaker stand, adjacent to a Circle of Friends candle holder. Remember these? Very popular a few years back. Recently, I walked nearby the speaker stand and VOILA…there sits the Circle of Friends candleholder on its side, tea light tipped out and three (3) LOVE sayings sprinkled about.

To the common eye it would seem that someone accidentally tipped it onto its side. Perhaps moved with a foot, or caught by the vacuum cleaner cord, or a dozen other mental suggestions as to HOW it was tipped over? Because I’ve experienced this type of Spirit Communication for over 17 years, I knew without doubt that Dad was expressing his love and support. This was not ACCIDENTAL.

When clients ask, “How do you know it’s this person or that person who died?” I respond with, “You will know, it comes from within like an Ah Ha moment.” Trust your first instinct and feeling, the one before your mental chatter interferes.

The chosen form of communication at a given time is highly personal. Emotions may range from sadness, anger or grief to joy, laughter and exhilaration depending on what is occurring in life and what the moving object represents to each being.

Whatever the message, it’s beautiful for you and yours to interpret its meaning. You know you BEST, trust yourself!

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Dad's horseshoe on speaker stand

Dad’s horseshoe on speaker stand



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3 Responses to “Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One”
  1. Jill says:

    Hi Jill here. I have been searching on google for more info on Spiritual signs in the home. Did not find much except for your site. I have had a similar experience with objects moving or falling for no reason and also like you believe it was my Mom and Dads spirit wanting attention.
    But today I had a weird thing happen. I took a glass of water outside and placed it on the table. Just after this a chip of glass sprung off the side of the glass and fell next to the glass on the table.
    Cant explain this but put it down to a spirit or one of my spirit guides trying to give me a sign.
    If you can give me any more insight on this I would be grateful.
    Regards Jill

  2. Josephine says:

    I have dreams about my grandma, that passed away , very vivid dreams. I had a dream of her last night, haven’t dreamt of her for awhile before that. But today as I was sitting on my bed I was trying to remember the dream. I was thinking of her and wondering if she was OK. I also thought about my aunt that passed away recently. Well, after my thinking process I go to the bathroom and continued with my thought process of her. I get a text from my bf and set it back down on the table. Not even a minute passes I hear one loud thump. I look over and my phone is all the way over by my dresser. My phone was not on the edge….. I was a little freaked out at first but now I know it was either my grandma or aunt.

    • colleen says:

      This is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Although there are countless ways our loved ones in Spirit can choose to communicate with us, dream visits are high on the popularity list. In part because we are rested, relaxed and in an open state in which we can receive our loved one’s presence. As well, Dreams are easily accepted in society as Natural. I love your sharing about the “thump of your phone”. This is absolutely real and my sense is its your grandma. Your aunt is close as well, but your thoughts and heart have weighted heavily with your Grandma and she wanted to confirm LOUDLY with a “thump” that she hears you! How’s that for fun? Your Grandma is a playful one…more so now!

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