Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One
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Circle of Friends tipped over, a sign of Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects…Signs from a Loved One?  When someone dies, their spiritual body continues living in an alternate vibration or frequency if you will. This is not another time or place as some believe, but here and now, among us. Our loved ones passed on are always available to communicate as WE and THEY desire.

My sharing today is the latest in which my father Gerry Wynia sought and captured my heart’s attention through Spirit Communication. But first, a little background.

On June 10, 2013 it will be 18 years since the anniversary of my father’s passing. Since that time, Dad has endeavoured to capture my attention in a magnitude of playful ways.

I have felt Dad’s presence as if he’s sitting beside me, seen moving objects, recognized his scent, heard his voice, witnessed electrical occurrences like street lamps turning on/off, and a common form of Spirit Communication – Dream visits.

Watch my YouTube Videos to see what I’ve experienced:  Spirit Signs from Loved Ones Who Died

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects Signs from a Loved One is a favourite form of communication because I am an organized person. Most items in my home have a place, so when a picture frame or candle or angel ornament is suddenly turned about or moved inches from its original location, I take notice.  If a person is not highly organized, it’s unlikely a loved one passed will elect to communicate this way. Rather, they will engage in another Spirit Sign that will invite a person to stand up and take notice. 

Believing in Spirit Communication wasn’t always easy for me. To expand your awareness, read my blog:

Interpreting Spirit Signs

Dad loves horses. Years ago, I was given dad’s horseshoe previously nailed above the horse stable entrance on his property. Having a part of Dad in my home means so much.

The horseshoe sits at the base of the speaker stand, adjacent to a Circle of Friends candle holder. Remember these? Very popular a few years back. Recently, I walked nearby the speaker stand and VOILA…there sits the Circle of Friends candleholder on its side, tea light tipped out and three (3) LOVE sayings sprinkled about.

To the common eye it would seem that someone accidentally tipped it onto its side. Perhaps moved with a foot, or caught by the vacuum cleaner cord, or a dozen other mental suggestions as to HOW it was tipped over? Because I’ve experienced this type of Spirit Communication for over 17 years, I knew without doubt that Dad was expressing his love and support. This was not ACCIDENTAL.

When clients ask, “How do you know it’s this person or that person who died?” I respond with, “You will know, it comes from within like an Ah Ha moment.” Trust your first instinct and feeling, the one before your mental chatter interferes.

The chosen form of communication at a given time is highly personal. Emotions may range from sadness, anger or grief to joy, laughter and exhilaration depending on what is occurring in life and what the moving object represents to each being.

Whatever the message, it’s beautiful for you and yours to interpret its meaning. You know you BEST, trust yourself!

Check out my YouTube VIDEOS:  Spirit Signs of Loved Ones Who Died

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Dad's horseshoe on speaker stand

Dad tipped over ‘Circle of Friends’


  1. Hi Jill here. I have been searching on google for more info on Spiritual signs in the home. Did not find much except for your site. I have had a similar experience with objects moving or falling for no reason and also like you believe it was my Mom and Dads spirit wanting attention.
    But today I had a weird thing happen. I took a glass of water outside and placed it on the table. Just after this a chip of glass sprung off the side of the glass and fell next to the glass on the table.
    Cant explain this but put it down to a spirit or one of my spirit guides trying to give me a sign.
    If you can give me any more insight on this I would be grateful.
    Regards Jill

    • Hey there Jill, just wantd to share my gift. I’ve been with a man for 14 yrs we’ve raised 5 kids together and he’s been married before so he wasn’t bouncing on marriage lol but this past January while in the car he says we are getting married on May 5th. I cryd happy tears after being engaged fit 11 yrs I coulnt believe it. That day is heartbreak bc I lost my grandma 25 yrs ago who raised me and gave me security and unconditional love witch I never had from my parents. I just knw it’s her bc her pic is on my wall behind his chair. And he also took me fishn wks later and we road by an old plantation house. Me and my nanny loved that type of house. Well he said he wants us to have a wedding in front of this random beautiful place. God is Good and small Blessings Have Big Meanings

    • Hi my dad recently passed i was thinking about my dad more than normal the early hours i heard a clash and bang went downstairs to find pictures on the shelf i have of my dad were all on the floor.i will admit i was a bit scared is this a good thing?

      • Cheryl, thanks for your share. I am sending you heartfelt blessings for your dad’s recent passing. He is a bit of a “rebel” or “likes to disrupt” I sense. Not sure if was his style, or has become more playful? He is having fun to capture your attention, loud & clear. It can feel scary or odd at first, yet after more than 20 years since my own father’s passing, then my cousin Rob (like a brother) 9 months later, and many more loved ones for the next 15+ years. In my experience and those of so many of my clients, Spirit Communication is very real. Did any of the photo frames break during the tumble onto the floor? Learn more on ways to Interpret Spirit Signs: CLICK HERE and email me to request a short Discovery Call or professional consult to learn more: xoxo

        • Over the past year I have had a lot of strange things happening around me and to me. It started off with feeling someone walk around on my bed. It would always stop when my wife came to bed and right after she fell asleep it started up again. This is still happening everyday. It went to touching me and with time I was touched all over my body. I heard things being knocked on the ground and I am not insane but twice I Saw My Pen from the driver’s seat where I was sitting fly through the air and land perfectly inside of a little box where it came from. There is only one way to get it in the box like a crayon. So it flew from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat and I picked it up and put it back with me and it flew one more time. I was alone. . At the same time I could feel electricity in the air really strong and it was strange to me. I told my wife and she thinks I’m crazy. But I know what happened. How is it possible for spirits to move objects around us? Why would they be touching me all over my body? Sometimes I feel a sharp poke or a hand on my stomach or electricity on the bottom of my foot like I’m being electrocuted and it really hurts. Please don’t think I’m crazy because I am not. I’ve never had psychological problems and I don’t take any drugs. Please let me know what’s going on. Thank you so much for your help.

          • More and more people worldwide are experiencing strange occurrences, like moving objects, sensations of touch, Electricity and countless more. Sometimes when a person leaves a room and returns they see a change. Other times they are witnessing an amazing “movement of an object” before their very eyes. Other times we feel a touch or movement about us. You are not crazy. I believe you Todd (is it Todd?). Many of these phenomena’s are Spirit Signs from loved ones who have died, transitioned. Over 20 years has passed since my father and cousin Rob died and yet it still continues. Our Spirit family and friends may be especially aligned with us following their death (they have not truly died) and come near us when we need support in our life the most. Spirits can related and assist us. The reasons are ENDLESS….. numerous and HIGHLY specific to your life situation. As a person who has lived it, and a professional Energy Healer/Life Coach and Spiritual teacher, I help clients pull the “nuggets”, make sense, and use this powerful Spiritual information to infuse your life with wisdom and improvement in the areas of Health, Relationships and Business.

            Visit Interpret Spirit Signs – they are asking you to listen up. There is more than meets the eye. My youtube videos may help: SPIRIT COMMUNICATION SIGNS. To be specific to your life experience we’d need to SCHEDULE a professional consult together by Phone/Skype. Email back. In the meantime, breathe.

        • My deceased mothers framed picture crashed on to the floor & came apart twice

          • My followers & readers very much appreciate you sharing. You Mother is “impressing” her strong personality upon you. Its a BIG energy, working hard for your attention, and I hear the phrase “coming apart at the seems”. Does that mean anything to you? something about if keep going in that direction you (her image too) going to break. More spirit signs messages and insights over on my YouTube Channel on the Spiritual Education Playlist: WATCH HERE

  2. I have dreams about my grandma, that passed away , very vivid dreams. I had a dream of her last night, haven’t dreamt of her for awhile before that. But today as I was sitting on my bed I was trying to remember the dream. I was thinking of her and wondering if she was OK. I also thought about my aunt that passed away recently. Well, after my thinking process I go to the bathroom and continued with my thought process of her. I get a text from my bf and set it back down on the table. Not even a minute passes I hear one loud thump. I look over and my phone is all the way over by my dresser. My phone was not on the edge….. I was a little freaked out at first but now I know it was either my grandma or aunt.

    • This is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Although there are countless ways our loved ones in Spirit can choose to communicate with us, dream visits are high on the popularity list. In part because we are rested, relaxed and in an open state in which we can receive our loved one’s presence. As well, Dreams are easily accepted in society as Natural. I love your sharing about the “thump of your phone”. This is absolutely real and my sense is its your grandma. Your aunt is close as well, but your thoughts and heart have weighted heavily with your Grandma and she wanted to confirm LOUDLY with a “thump” that she hears you! How’s that for fun? Your Grandma is a playful one…more so now!

  3. Hello, I’ve recently been noticing a specific toy figure turning from it’s original position at home, it happens from time to time, not too often but enough for me to think it’s not ‘normal’. If it’s a form of communication from a spirit, Have any idea what’s it trying to say through this behaviour? Thanks.

    • Ever since I moved into my new home Which it was built in 1960 it’s not actually new. I have been seeing lots of different things feeling lots of different things being touched. It’s very physical when he touches or she I’m not quite sure what it is or who it is. There’s always shadows in the windows and the curtains get drawn back. This doesn’t happen to nobody else but me and this home and I can sometimes get it on video. Things are very physical in this home and I’m not quite sure what it is I feel a presence that comes to me at night when I’m trying to sleep and night lays on top of me taking my breath my anxiety goes out the roof. My bed will start shaking rumbling and the whole upstairs bedroom where I can see all this activity real Rock like a boat. I’ll look outside and there’s no wind. I always hear a hissing sound like there’s wind though that will come from different directions. I’m later told that someone did die in this home. I’m really wanting to think this is spiritual because if it’s not then somebody playing a awful prank on me. In the past two years someone was playing a prank on me you would think I would see signs of it or have caught somebody by now I have 10 cameras around my home because I don’t know what it is or who it is this doing this.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience with us Chris. I believe its Spiritual, not a prank. Wanting to connect with you. It’s safe to trust your instinct. I have a suggestion. Rather than “trying” to figure out Who/What the spirit/entity is, what if you focused your attention on yourself, how you are feeling, and tune into what in your life you could use some extra spiritual support with? What’s really difficult right now – self-love, relationship, spiritual alignment, money, work….family? Ask the spiritual being to assist you and work together. Then through this conversation, you will diffuse any fears and in time feel for yourself who/what the being is and what their purpose might be showing up at this time in your life.

        Over the past 20+ years, in my experience of more than 12 loved ones who transitioned (died). They show themselves in many ways. They often move objects. I have felt physically touched by them too. Always for the purpose of wanting to be a friend, coach, helper. Moving Objects is huge in our family because we are fairly organized in our lifestyle and thinking. Our Spirit family also loves playing with electricity like lights off and on, radio frequencies, music, dreams, synchronicities and so much more. Video blog to help you:
        Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones
        My YouTube Spiritual playlist:

  4. Dear Stephen, have you had more experiences since April?

    Most definitely you are on track in your understanding. This is indeed the spirit of someone you knew well when they were living, wanting to connect with you to communicate. Each message is a beautiful expression of their love and quite often their playfulness. It was 19 years on June 10 since my father transitioned over and he still moves the frames and candle on my bedside table, or any other item I may have in “his” corner! It’s fabulous and he’s only ONE of my many loved ones doing so.

    Like you, I was skeptical or rather unsure at first. How you know is you FEEL YOUR WAY. Listen to your intuition and gut instincts. When it happens again and again, no longer doubts reigns.

    I ask you this “Who’s name comes to mind when you think of the toy figure being moved?” Stay with it and you will know. I teach that we can access our spirit messages ALL BY OURSELVES. With my clients I help them interpret what it means for their well being and alignment to live the life they desire.

    • I heard a noise going up my steps . I turned around and saw my angel in a frame . The passage next to the angel is: as you have faith in your right hand, and courage in the left hand you are not alone.

      It really blew me away. What do you make of this?


      • The angel was moving from left to right hanging on the wall.

      • Beautiful Steve, I love it! Are you the same Steve that commented a few years ago? You are clearly being provided a STRONG confirmation that you are divinely supported from those in the Spirit realm. My sense is you’ve been having a difficult time TRUSTING yourself, perhaps doubting your intuition and knowing. Your angel is your symbol and representing strong love to remind you that you are supported along your journey, what you are facing and expanding more each day. You are ready to HEAR yourself more, so trust your gut instinct as you are never alone. Did you have a loved one who died on your mind at that time? Check out my Interpret Spirit Signs post and schedule a session if you’d like a professional intuitive consult with my 100% attention. Would be wonderful to support you i gaining clarity and how to trust more. CONTACT ME

        • Hi, I just recently moved in a duplex with my daughter and we left for 2.5 hours the other night and when we came hoe noticed the refrigerator of all things had been moved forward and over a few inches and my daughters magazine collection had been moved, I really think somebody has a key and came in because the doors/ windows were locked, but nothing was taken and why only move those two things? My beloved dog was here and I’m afraid they scared or hurt her, any insight would be greatly appreciated!

          • I can well understand the shock and wow of items in your home being moving about when you or someone you know didn’t do it and there was no break in. Clients and visitors source me out because in my experience, the moving objects I’ve experienced during the past more than 20 years is most often my Loved Ones in Spirit (who have died) communicating messages to me. It was a surprise for me in the beginning and I didn’t believe it. Over time moving objects, lights flickering, clock radio volumes being turned up or stations changed and so on. At times it can be God or Source’s way of getting our attention to look inward, through angelic means. Inviting you to listen, love, and trust more along your path. Signs like this captured our attention as it has done to you. Have you lost someone in your life that you miss, or have been thinking about more lately? There are many reasons for Spirit to reach out to us, mine do very regularly. Animals like your dog are very tapped into the energies we cannot always see (though some people do). If your dog is not hurt, it may only have been a shocking surprise to have so much activity happening at once. I’d have to speak with you in a professional consult by phone or skype to educate you further.

            Have you read my blog or seen this video? It will help:
            Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones

  5. Hello, my friend and I are very interested in communicating with spiritual beings and I found this article because I’ve wanted to educate myself further in speaking with spirits and guardians. My friend and I use a Ouija board (mainly) to interact with the spirits in each of our homes. We ask them questions and they answer and it gives me chills every time honestly there have been mainly occurrences when a sport has closed a door and once even started playing music on my phone. We have met many spirits but mainly communicate with our guardians. I was wondering if it was possible to have guardians that were not related to you, and also, is it possible that you can have multiple spiritual guardians? Or maybe you have a few spiritual guardians and one angelic guardian? Sorry I have so many questions I want to try so many new things when it comes to speaking with other beings. Also, my grandfather passed away very recently, about 2 months ago and I was ALSO wondering if it took a while for a spirit to fully pass? I haven’t tried using the Ouija board or automatic writing to reach him yet but does it take a while for a spirit to fully pass through or does it vary? I’m so sorry for all the questions but thank you so much for writing this article and reading this possibly. Thanks again.

    • Dear Alice and friend. Wonderful to meet you and learn of your unique experiences with spirit communication. I am grateful you discovered my site and happy to address a few points.

      First, in my experience using a Ouija board or anything else for that matter is a “vehicle” or way to strengthen your ability to recognize spirits. I don’t work with one, but whatever tool you like to use as you are developing your ability to TRUST the messages that come to you will indeed be beneficial. Follow what feels true for you.

      Yes absolutely, we can have multiple spirit guardians or angelic beings. On my journey, many of my “helpers” have been people I know who have passed over. Others are ones I haven’t met or don’t believe I know consciously, though likely have met on several occassions in past iives etc. different spirit helpers we draw upon as well, depending on the support and lesson we are in currently.

      The loved ones I’ve known who have transitioned (as I like to call passing over) have done so immediately. Their Soul’s evolution continues to evolve and develop, as such they take with them “who they are” at the moment of their human death. Perhaps it takes time to “settle” into this new form, this way of being, but they are fully present and can connect with you immediately. That is up to “them” and up to “you”. We are always co-creating our experiences with permission from each other and intention. Talk to your Grandpa and look for signs of him acknowledging you.

      I’d be happy to support you further in a consultation if you like. I offer a free initial phone consult if that is of interest to you.

      Beautiful to have connected and I know you are on track. When I first started to notice spirit presences, the key was TRUSTING they were real and I was indeed not dreaming or making it up.

      Learn more by visiting my webpage on Intuitive Guidance and scroll down to Interpreting Spirit Signs:

      Blessings to you, Colleen

  6. Hello there, my mum died of Cancer 5months ago, i was her ehen she took her lay breath. Recently I’ve been very imotional and finding it difficult to get over her loss. I visited her grave today and sat talking to her,
    Crying and telling her how much I love and miss her. I asked her if she was close to me and hoped that she could see and hear me. I asked for a sign that she was with me. Just as I was leaving the grave, i turned to blow her a kiss when I noticed that the Christmas wreath I got her was turned on its side. There was no wind or I didn’t catch it on my foot! I do believe this was her sign to me, to reassure me that she is fine. What do you think? Please advise?

    • I appreciate your share Jackie and acknowledge the grief you are experiencing. personally I’ve lost many loved ones including my father almost 20 years ago now, so I do feel what you are going through at some level. Absolutely, you can trust yourself Jackie. I believe this is indeed your Mom. We know this because you are asking if it’s her (so she’s the one you think and sense), and also that you were the one who gifted her the Christmas wreath. This is “only the beginning” of many more beautiful spirit connections with your Mom. Depending on your way of noticing change, she may try several ways or choose 1 or 2 styles that speak most to you. My blog titled Interpreting Spirit Signs may help you. Click here:
      If you’d like further support to understand while coping with grief, we can schedule a consult by phone or skype.
      Much love my new friend.

  7. Hello, I was wondering if I would be able to get your opinion on something that happened to me last year. The first one happened while I was eating on morning. I had a plate on my lap and had just taken a bite of my sandwhich but while I was chewing I noticed it got harder to control my jaw and I felt really heavy. Almost like I had an extremely heavy blanket draped over me. I didn’t think anything of it until the plate started to slide off my lap and when I would fix it, it would just slide again as if it were being pulled. Seconds later if felt like the blanket was taken off and I was able to chew and swallow my food. The second time happened around the same time in the morning about a week later. I just woke up and was getting out of bed at the foot of bed and I remembered that I needed my phone which was up by my pillows. Before I could even turn around my phone hit me in the back. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t hard enough to leave a mark but it still scared me and I broke down and cried right there. I’m still tearing up and getting goosebumps just writing this. Sorry for the long explanation but it’s always in the back of my mind and I’m always worried it’s going to happen when I’m all by myself. I was wanting to see what you thought about it. I’m scared because I don’t know what it is. It didn’t feel negative and I’m not sure if maybe it was just trying to get my attention and realized it scare me so it backed off? Or maybe it was a loved one? Thank you, Chelsie.

    • Dear Chelsie, thanks for having the courage to share your experience and for reaching out. I’ll share a few things to support you in this blog, then I’ll invite you to private message me via email if you’d like further insights. Most importantly, the very fact that the “energies” or experience didn’t feel negative to you is your answer. You have nothing to fear, as fear is self-imposed limitation when something “new” and particularly a “strange” occurrence that that we’ve never experienced before and cannot “humanly” explain. A week has passed since you wrote your note to me. Please check in to see if you feel more relaxed about things, less frightened? I want you to know this is common for Spirits, our loved ones who have transitioned and other loving souls in Spirit to capture our attention. You are safe and when you are ready to experience communication alone, by yourself, you will. Rather than me “tell you” who I sense is present, I invite you to “tune in” to the character, the personality, the FEELING of the Spirit’s energy presented through these actions you experienced. Does that make sense? It is someone who loves you very much and truly wants you to open to them, and the knowing that life continues in a new form. Watch my impromptu youtube video about my sister moving object: and then email me. We can work together if you’d like to learn more and expand your intuitive abilities. Know that you are not alone and nothing to fear, many blessings to you, Colleen

  8. For months now we have had many objects move, mobile phones fly off tables, pictures swing side to side on wall, bursts of wind moving curtains but no doors open etc.. glass ornaments flying off tables.. the list goes on.. should we have a guide visit us to ease our minds..? My housemate’s ex partner passed nearly 3 yrs ago, we feel it may be her, pls enlighten us on what we should do.. regards Lisa

    • Dear Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Is this the first time you have experienced such activity…at anytime in your life? I invite you to “trust” yourself and your housemate’s senses, you can rest in knowing that what you sense is likely very much your housemate’s ex partner who transitioned (passed). I work a little different than most psychic mediums, meaning my primary intention is to help my client’s develop both their level of belief through education about Spirit Signs and their ability to TRUST their intuition and knowings. The first step is to dispel the paranormal many feel this activity to be. I’ve personally been experiencing objects moving for 20 years now since my father transitioned and 19 years since my cousin Rob. If you’d like to ease your mind, strengthen your belief, and begin to interpret the messages being communicated through this beautiful and very active spirit – I’d be delighted to schedule a session with you by phone or skype. Please email: or call/text 778-288-6202 and we’ll coordinate. In the meantime, review this blog: Interpreting Spirit Signs

  9. My dad died last September, recently I have experienced items in my home being turned round and knowing I did not touch them and was not in the room at the time but upon re entering the room they had moved. One item is a wooden chair that he made at a early age. I am of sound mind and I have this feeling that it’s a communication from somewhere or someone. I have always had this feeling that there is more after someone passes away.

    • Thank you Diana for sharing your beautiful experience. Yes, I do feel this is your dad who transitioned. My father passed 20 years ago this past June and he continues to communicate with me regularly…all these years. Therefore I know his Spirit continues on, he’s assisted me through many challenging times. I encourage you to TRUST yourself. You are of sound mind. Please connect with me for a free initial 15 minute consultation if you’d like support by phone/skype, and review my blog on Interpreting Spirit Signs as I know it will bring value to you:

  10. Hi there I am going through a very hard time in my life right now and I have always been very sensitive and am able to know when someone is around I had a ornament at the head of my bed suddenly start vigorously rocking last night and right before it started I am sure that I heard a few voices talking this ornament belongs to my grad mother and I had to turn it on its side I am wondering if this was someone trying to help me get through my darkest time in my life I mean I am going through a very different time right now and am questioning weather or not I want to be here anymore please help I need to know if someone from the side cares about me to try and contact me before it’s too late.

    • My dearest Pamela, first I am sending you so much love for the beautiful soul and women that you are. Your internal vision has been deeply clouded. The truth is you have much to offer yourself and other beings “living on the planet” and “those in spirit” – even if you cannot see this right now. Your loved ones in spirit who you are hearing know the truth. Many of them have lived the struggle of being a spiritual being in a human form and all that goes along with life. Yes, more than one being is wanting you to hear their love message. I encourage you rather than to “give up” on yourself, to relax into the deepest callings of your soul and endeavor to hear what the voices are saying to you. Again, you have a purpose hear and this extremely difficult and painful time for you, a questioning time, is part of your creation to hit “pay dirt” with yourself to love yourself or not. Each moment we choose life, we choose our thoughts, we choose our health, we choose….. if you want some help my dear then let’s schedule a time together by phone or skype… always a free introduction call. CONTACT ME

  11. Pamela, my husband passed almost 5 yrs. ago and he was the love of my life,my entire world, I have had some things happen but the other night topped them all. I was sleeping and when I awoke my wedding ring was on my right hand, I was a little shook up. Have you ever heard of this happening before? I know it was not me.

    • Dear Sherry, I think you mean to be writing to myself – Colleen ! I am the intuitive coach and owner of this website. Sherry, your husband was indeed a beautiful man. He is smiling brightly and by your side. That is quite the experience. Yes, I can understand being shaken up but yes this was your husband’s powerful way of capturing your attention. Yes, I have heard of this happening and it does so in my world. My first experience of Spirit Signs was almost 20 years ago and I’ve been experiencing them ever since from my long list of Spirit Family members. I have a few videos you will benefit from viewing. The first two are very impromptu when I realized the power of my Mother’s story about her disappearing and reappearing wrist watch. This is the playlist on my YouTube Channel:
      If you’d like a Spirit Signs guidance coaching call with me, please contact me to set-up. I support my clients in transformation in the most important areas of their life and business. Much love & blessings, Colleen

  12. Hi just wondering if u can help my daughter has been very depressed since her grandfather died 4 years ago also cant sleep at night last night felt a clold breeze on her back could this be his spirit x

    • Dear Julie, so appreciate you reaching out. Your love for your daughter shines brightly. I can help your daughter if she desires this, and is open. How old is she and would she be willing to talk or meet on skype? Please private message me at I’ve supported clients of all ages work through the emotional grief of losing a loved one, and helped them interpret signals they may be sensing of their loved one around them. If you yourself sense the “cold breeze” on her back as her grandfather’s spirit – please TRUST this. My best work and expertise is helping people awaken their intuition and ability to trust themselves – to hear the messages of their loved ones. Just today I had the coolest “object movement” of the car rear view mirror from my cousin Rob, which he hasn’t moved same in 18-19 years! It was a warming gift of connection. Please visit my Intuitive Guidance testimonials to see client successes. We can book a brief telephone or Skype discovery call to see that you and I or your daughter and I are match to working together – then we do a scheduled appointment session and get to work 🙂
      Client Success Stories – click on Intuitive Guidance and Transforming Grief/Loss

  13. A month before my dad died very unexpectedly, he encouraged me to pursue cultivating my mediumship abilities based on some very remarkable messages I had received and other experiences I had that defied explanation within what we know of the physical world. Shortly after he died, a medium, who knew nothing about my dad or this conversation, told me that my dad wanted me to know that I had strong mediumship abilities and that he wanted to help me learn to develop them. And my dad began doing many things to get my attention. One night, as witnessed by my mom, he started setting off my nephew’s battery operated toys. The more my mom and I talked about him, the more the toys went off one by one. Some of the toys would make sounds that I could not otherwise get them to make. The toys went on every time I came home to visit my mom and only when I was home. Several also went off after I removed the batteries. This was just over a year ago. But my dad hasn’t made his presence known recently. Then two days ago, I was feeling very upset about the murder of the French priest and what seems like never-ending terrorist attacks. The more I have attempted to cultivated my otherwise unpredictable mediumship abilities and focused on spiritual pursuits, the more empathic I have become. So I reached out to my dad for spiritual guidance and asked if he was still near me. I asked him to give me a sign and then placed a small button on my dresser and asked him to move it. Several hours later, while reading about faith and prayer, the button jumped several inches into the air. I saw it bounce and I heard it land. And it has brought me such comfort and peace. A few people I told people have said something to the effect of “Why hasn’t this happened to me?” And I have said, “Well, have you ever asked for it to happen?” And now I wonder, when someone asks for a departed love one to show them a sign or move an object, do they commonly receive a response? Do many people just not think to ask? Because, despite the abilities I do have, I don’t take any credit for my dad being able to move an object. Also, do you have a sense of how difficult it is for spirits to move things? I kept it easy with a small button as opposed to something heavy. I am curious as to your thoughts. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Stephanie for your wonderful detailed share of your spirit communications. This is incredibly special, as are you. Trust yourself more and more each day, that is the key my dear. Sharpen your tool kit of listening and “accepting” your inner wisdom. The answers are already there, as you’ve come to know.

      I love the battery operated toys story. Same happens to me, particularly with my cousin Rob as he shines his “electrical” vibrant personality through when he speaks. You’ll love this video about my cousin’s playfulness:

      Ask and you shall receive. I like your realization. In my experience these past 21 years since my dad and cousin Rob transitioned, they’ve shown me that it was not difficult to communicate. They did so almost immediately. It was ME who had to open and trust and not panic I was losing my mind and making this up. Our beloved ones in Spirit are who they are when they died, their soul teaching continues. That is what I’ve been shown and we all have free will to make a choice.

      Consider scheduling a Discovery Call and I can offer you personal insights!

  14. Hi Colleen,

    Since my partner passed away from cancer this year I often dream of talking to her and then the next day i often find a small safety pin left in my room when it wasn’t there before. Do you think this could be a sign from Allison? Wondering what the significance of the pin could be?

    • Dear Anthony, appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience of Allison’s communication with you. Many blessings as you continue to process the deeper aspects of loss and the discovery of knowing your partner continues to be available and communicating with you, albeit in a new form. Absolutely, yes! This is Allison. Search your heart and you will realize you already know this. The re-appearance of the safety pin that wasn’t there before is the first visual sign. Allison is guiding me to invite you to look up the “definition of safety pin.” When you google, you’ll read this: “a pin with a point that is bent back to the head and is held in a guard when closed.” She is holding your LOVE & HEART guarded close to hers. Upon further research you’ll discover the word “safety pin” symbolizes Unity and connectedness. When you google you may also see talk about BREXIT and wearing the pin as a unity symbol. I’m also being shown a symbolic meaning behind “being pinned” at the old fashioned graduation proms when the boy “pins” the girl with a corsage and/or gets pinned like going steady. If you choose yes, I’ll invite you to a free initial intro Discovery call with me. Send an email to: ~ love & blessings, Colleen

  15. Hi Colleen
    My daughter and I have recently moved into an old house and all has been fine. But a few weeks ago a china pot ornament was found smashed away from the pot. A few weeks later some garden lights I have on the fence were found down the bottom of the garden. (no way wind could have done this). Last week a candle holder was found upside down under the table and yesterday another candle was moved to another table and the tea light removed. My daughter and I are quite tuned in to these things but wonder why this is happening as no one has passed recently. Last night the TV aerial of the house opposite completely lit up in an orange glow then faded after 2 mins. Can you help??

    • I believe I can shed some light. What I do best is help people “tap into” the meaning of these messages connected to object movement. A person who passed years ago can choose to make their presence known to you at any time. You also have a choice to welcome the activity or not. For example, my grandma Jean (Mom’s mom) passed 12 years ago this October and she was a quiet lady who lead a quiet life later in her years. Of all my spirit family who “actively” communicating with me through spirit signs, object movement being their #1 way to speak with me, has now jumped on the bandwagon and shown herself to me on the day of her passing October 12th. It was amazing and welcoming to my heart. Grandma re-positioned a treasured pewter angel on my bedroom side table that was hers. I offer a complimentary initial phone or skype call.

      I suggest we schedule a time together so I may answer some of your questions and share how a session with me to further learn the meaning of the messages to enhance areas in your life you are being challenged with or looking for clarity in, will benefit you and your daughter. Please write me at to schedule a call together. Blessings to you and your daughter. Your spirit family is very active.

  16. Hi one day watching the secret law of attraction on Netflix i have a vision board in front of my tv stand when it got to the part where the guy explaining about he pull out one of vision boards after moving for 5 year his dream home was on the board he was living it and hadn’t realized it i had my head down filing paper at the time he was talking i heard a something crashing i raised my head up look to my surprise a can of spray had come from somewhere knock down my vision board flat on the floor curious was it a spirit trying to give me a message

    • YES! Absolutely Dennis. I remember that part in the Secret movie. Myself recently had an amazing message of “clarity” come to me that also involved my vision board. Each of our journey is unique to us, whether its a loved one in Spirit who has passed or a another universal presence. What’s most important is “tapping” into the energy of HOW YOU FEEL during this moment in time. Exactly what is going on for you. My Spirit Family of which I’ve had many transition from their physical body, are moving object, playing with electricity, downloading in my mind their voice, many many ways. So what is the question you most were looking for clarity on? was this surrounded by doubt or belief? You getting the answer for you is MOST IMPORTANT. I can help you you’d like my expertise in an intuitive guidance session for clarity and belief alignment. Email me for an initial phone/skype chat at and we’ll take it from there.

  17. Hello, Last week I had someone very close to me pass. The day before I found a quarter on the ground, picked it up and it was my birth year. I thought that was odd. Next day, I find out they have passed. I then find a butterfly wings on the ground with no body attached. I thought it was odd and kept it anyways. Today I went in my bathroom and I have two pictures of my grandmother and I sitting on a ledge and they were both knocked over, faced down. I don’t know if any of these mean anything, but I would like your thoughts on these please. Thank you…

    • Dear Stacy
      I am happy you reached out. I am passionate about helping people become more comfortable with spirit signs and unexpected messages from those who have passed. I’ve lost about 12 family members over the years and each of them show me their presence different ways, depending on their personality and my ability to recognize/interpret the message. From moving or temporarily disappearing objects in my home, coins appearing, playing with electricity, hearing their voice or a thought suddenly downloads in my mind, scents and need co-incidences (that never are!) and many more. This will help you: Interpet Spirit Signs
      Does the loved one close to you who passed know your Grandma well – or is her? You getting the answer for yourself is MOST IMPORTANT. I can help if you’d like my expertise in an intuitive guidance session for clarity and belief alignment. Email me for an initial phone/skype chat at and we’ll take it from there.

  18. Hello, On December 3rd 2016.My Daughter and I had two separate conversations with her Grandfather and my Dad about a woodpecker in the wooded are behind their house .He spent the time trying to show us where to look and asked if we could see it.Neither one of us seen it ..and as he walk back towards the house he said keep looking you will see it.On December 6th 2016 he came in the house from work and wasn’t even home for three minutes collapsed in kitchen and dies suddenly from a aneurysm. Now everyday from the window that looks out back into wooded area there is a woodpecker near the house in the tree …Also this is all freshly new to accept the pain of his passing …other strange things have been happening electrical thing not working or dying out such as vacuum dying out , to battery operated candle not working ,coffee machine , then after awhile they will work . a lighter found on a desk where we knew there would never be one in that area….radio in cars turning on by themselves high beams that have not working properly worked on the night the Grandaughter drove back up to house in dark and fog the night of grandpa passing .We have never lost a loved one this close within the family and experiencing this is really freaking us out …Its got to be a spirit energy right? How long will this happen for?

    • Dear Shelly
      Sending you so much love and blessings for the passing of your beloved dad and your daughter’s grandfather. WOW, I love your story and without a doubt this is your dad’s way of communicating with you. He is well and now you are seeing his Woodpecker he so much wanted you to meet.

      I am happy you reached out. I am passionate about helping people become more comfortable with spirit signs and unexpected messages from those who have passed. I’ve lost about 12 family members over the years and each of them show me their presence in varying ways and they continue to, even 21 years since my father’s passing. He continues to communicate and expect you will notice same with your dad. How our loved ones communicate to us from the dimension they reside in, depends largely on their personality and my ability to recognize/interpret the message. From moving objects to temporarily disappearing objects in my home, playing with electricity (in home and street lamps, radio stations louder and stations changed, hearing their voice or a thought suddenly downloads in my mind, scents and what seems like a co-incidences (that never are!) and many more.

      This will help you: INTERPRET SPIRIT SIGNS
      Check out my YouTube: SPIRIT SIGNS

      I am a Spiritual and Grief/Loss counsel so can help you in many ways. Send me an email at: and ask to book an initial Discovery skype/phone call. If you want help with your loss and understanding the signs, we can work together in a professional session. Much love xo

  19. Hi Colleen.

    I realize this may sound and be far fetched, but I would love some insight. Let me start off by saying that I fully believe that loved ones that have passed still come to visit and watch over those that are still living. I have heard that babies and young children are more likely to see those spirits and I find that to be a comforting feeling because I always wanted my grandparents to meet my children, but that unfortunately did not happen. I am writing today, because a week or so ago I had a rather strange experience. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and just had a second daughter in October of this year. I am very particular about her bottles, how much she has had, putting them in the refrigerator if she doesn’t finish them all, etc. One night I had given her a bottle which she ate all of. She was still fussy so I made her a little more bottle, but she didn’t take it and instead fell asleep. I put the bottle in the fridge. That was between 11:00 P.M. and midnight. Around 4:00 A.M. she wakes up again for a bottle. I made a new one with more in it. She didn’t take all of that one so my husband who was home now, but not when I gave her the previous bottle, put that one in the fridge as well. Around 8:00 A.M. she wakes up again so I decide to combine the two bottles in the fridge to give to her. I go to get them and the one my husband had put in was there, but the other one was gone. I looked all over the place for it and could not find it anywhere. I go back into the bedroom and look under the bed. As I am looking down I see that bottle, which had milk in it before, under the baby’s bassinet empty. I asked my husband if he had given it to her and he said no, but that he had knocked something down early in the morning when he got home and that must have been it. So, that means either I slept walked to the kitchen and back and fed the baby with no recollection of it, or we had an angel that decided to help out that night. First of all, can something like that happen? Could a family member that has passed away do something like that? I have never slept walked that I am aware of and I have never fed either of my children and not realized it. I feel like I am crazy and losing my mind and would love some clarity. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Megan
      I am happy you reached out. I am passionate about helping people become more comfortable with spirit signs and unexpected messages from those who have passed. I’ve lost about 12 family members over the years and each of them show me their presence in varying ways, depending on their personality and my ability to recognize/interpret the message. From moving objects to temporarily disappearing objects in my home, playing with electricity, hearing their voice or a thought suddenly downloads in my mind, scents and need co-incidences (that never are!) and many more. This will help you: Interpet Spirit Signs

      I want to ease your mind that you are not in any way going crazy. In my experience and those of my clients and my alive family members, this happens frequently to us. Our loved one who transitioned endeavoring to connect with us. Particularly at times of confusion or distress in life. My loved ones are often more active as we near the holiday season or a special anniversary or birthday. Megan, I can help if you’d like my expertise in an intuitive guidance session for clarity and belief alignment. Email me for an initial phone/skype chat at and we’ll take it from there.

  20. My father passed on December 31st.
    I ha e been helping my elderly mother with cleaning his room and donating my father’s clothing etc. which we donated to the Vietnam veterans. While near the closet – a specific cushion fell from the closet on two occasions. Before this, a similar cushion fell off another closet.
    Today, I finished cleaning my father’s closet floor and while standing there the cushion fell and hangers swayed back n forth. Although, the cushion was at a lower shelf than the higher shelf with empty hangers (empty hangers swayed back n forth) and it was not caused by the cushion as the cushion was on a lower shelf. My instinct is that it is my father is with me . Is there a particular explanation for the object – it is not a small object after all- his funeral svc and burial was yesterday
    Wondering if there is a specific message for a cushion if any sort?

    • You have my heart. Much love to you and your Mother as you go through the after stages of your father’s transition.

      I absolutely LOVE these stories. They occur in my life and my clients, all the time. Yes, this is clearly your father connecting with you. Because you are ‘ASKING ME’ if this is your father, this is WHY you can be assured it is. Trust your intuition and feelings Marisa, you will always tell yourself the truth.

      As far as Interpreting the Meaning of the cushion, our loved ones will a) repeat object movement until we become believers and b) often times communicate their presence with a sign you will feel its connected to their personality or who they are, or a meaning for yourself.

      I hear your dad saying “Take a load off !” You ‘ve worked so hard to support your Mother and much to coordinate for the service. Did you also support him before his transition? You work hard and he’s showing you he’s learning to “relax” now and encourages you to. That’s one message I hear clearly.

      Reach out to me with an email to: if you’d like to set-up a time to help you further. I offer a FREE intro Discovery call to see if we are a match to what you most desire to get clarity in. For stories on video, visit my YouTube Spiritual Stories page: WATCH HERE

  21. Hello Colleen, I found your blog this morning after 3 AM as I can’t sleep normally like I did before my mom passed away last June 9, 2016. I’ve been having a difficult time losing my mom. We lived together for almost 14 years and the last 2 years before she passed, I became her full time caregiver. We used to do everything together and she was my BFF and partner in crime. I’ve been seeing a private bereavement counselor for about 4 months.

    That being said, about 2 weeks ago I heard as clear as day, my mom’s recliner recline. It was her favorite place to sit plus it was a gift from me. I was asleep and had gotten up prior to use the bathroom and looked at the time and it was 3:10 AM. So I had got back into bed and heard the recliner and quickly looked at the time and it was 3:15 AM on the dot. This happened on a Monday and continued for 3 nights in a row between 3 to 3:15 AM. I’m a light sleeper and my bedroom is pretty far from the living room where the recliner is located.

    On Thursday early morning my friend invited me to play an early morning session of bingo. So I went and afterwards had lunch together and I brought this up. She said after het mom passed over 15 years ago, her dad kept hearing footsteps and he knew it was his wife’s spirit.

    Anyway, she suggested to buy a flame less candle and also to sleep on the couch near her recliner and so I did.
    Just like clock work, at 3:15 AM, the recliner made the same noise as if it was moving. I got up and sat down in her recliner and reached out my arms and started a chat with her out loud. Telling het I missed her terribly and how much I love her and also to let her know I’m hanging in there. Told her thank you so much for leaving her condo for me to live in and just chatted. I talked to her for 15 minutes and went back to sleep on the couch and slept for 5 hours which is rare for me since she died.

    Colleen, my question to you is can my mom’s spirit actually move the recliner back enough to make a noise? Thank you and blessings always!

    • Blessings my dear and sending you so much love & warmth in your heart! I am “vibrating” and feel good reading your message. You and your Mom are so connected and she is pouring her love all over you right now! She is there to offer guidance and her support. By your Mom repeatedly rocking/moving her reclining chair is her powerful way to say “See Me, I’m still here Honey. Haven’t gone anywhere!” Us humans are a little slow (ha ha) to catch on sometimes so the repeat is appropriately divine until we are like “Ah, I get it… I am believing”.

      These kind of happenings been occurring in my life for about 20 years now. Particularly since my Dad Gerry and cousin Rob passed within months of each other 19-20 years ago.

      So to answer your question, in my humble experience and medium style work, the answer is a loud resounding “Yes.”

      To better understand the many ways Spirits may connect with us, here are a few ways they have communicated their presence to me, read my Blog:

      Enjoy watching my YouTube video on how cousin Rob demonstrates his presence (repeatedly) often through electricity. Turning the clock radio louder and louder, then changing stations. You may also view more Spirit Signs video on right margin:
      Life After Death, Electricity Signs From Loved Ones

      Theresa, I offer a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call if you want more guidance and understanding. I offer a beautiful blend of modalities in my Reset Your Vibe Coaching … to help people feel connected and peaceful again. Including drawing from Spiritual Guidance & Spirit Communication, Grief/loss counsel, Transformational Healing for Magnifying Your Relationship & Success Dreams, plus Health & Anti-aging solutions !!

      If you are interested in getting on a Discovery call with me, please email me to schedule. Let me know if you’d like my help, Blessings Colleen

  22. My mother-in-law passed away a few months ago. We recently moved her old China hutch into our dining room. This morning we returned home from having breakfast and found the bottom two drawers pulled open exactly the same. We were just talking last night about how it still does not feel real that she is gone. Do you think this is a sign?

    • Dear Amanda, without question, YES I do! First because my intuitive feels it. Yet what is pretty cool is your mother-in-law got your attention with the TWO DRAWERS. If one drawer was out you likely would have questioned and wondered “hhmm, did I or someone leave the drawer out” but the fact there were TWO side by side at exactly the same is like a double strength latte.. now you can really feel its not your doing. Trust your intuition and your gut instinct. If it “feels” like your mother-in-law, know that it is. Over the past 21-22 years since my father Gerry and cousin Rob passed over, I’ve experienced countless occurrences of moving objects, electrical happenings, powerful dreams and sensations, movements on my bed with their presence, and many more. Take a moment to visit a few blogs on Spirit Signs and my YouTube channel I’ve posted a few spirit signs videos: Spiritual Guidance YouTube Videos

  23. The other day, my daughter and I were watching our tropical fish talking, it was quite a nice moment, when all of a sudden several small stones skipped across the floor. My daughter actually explained it rather well she said, “the stones walked” and further explained it in that perfect innocent way children do, as “like a radio controlled car” When it happened my daughter and I both turned around, it was very pronounced and stark. It sounded as though the stones were being dragged, getting faster and louder.
    It was strange also to note, that there were several stones at least 4, it sounded like.

    Now since this has happened I have reflected on what and why this occurred. My wife and I are going through a difficult time, and I have since thought that the nice moment my daughter were having, triggered this weird event. I have a strong feeling some relative, my grandparents, are looking over us, happy when things are nice. I don’t know. There must be a reason but I am at a loss what it is.

    • Stephen, this is a beautiful story and treasured moment between you and your daughter. I love her innocence and authentic acceptance of what’s happening! She’s precious. This is the stuff the makes life worthwhile and the unsettling challenges less so. The stories coming into me globally are quite amazing. Blended with my own dance of ways my Spirit family have comically communicated their presence to me the past 21 years, my heart is filled and so strong in knowing the AfterLife is a very busy place! (BIG Smile) My dad has been moving stones and objects on my bedside table for the past 20+ years. I encourage you to TRUST your intuition, your first “hit” shall we say. Grandparents or grandparent energy ~ absolutely! Wanting to remind you of the stepping stones of life, the ups and downs to all things beautiful. Not to “drag around the heaviness of your load” and certainly not give up but lighten up! Live in your courage and strength like stones, granite to withstand and “skipping through life” on a lighter note….dancing…! You have so much angelic support around the challenges with your wife and care from your loved ones in Spirit. I support my clients in interpeting the spiritual occurrences, transforming their life into more joy, I counsel in relationships/grief/career changes, and I’d be happy to connect with you further over a Discover Call/Skype. I’ll share some free guidance and I will share the benefits of working with me: Communicate with Your Loved Ones
      Send me an email to schedule:

  24. Hi Colleen-
    My mom died April 13, 2016. In addition to many electrical communications (garage door opener; 2 TVs; cell phone; recessed lights; a ceiling light that has not worked for over a decade, we were standing under it talking about her and it went on and has now worked ever since…many many more). Then something I am not familiar with happened, my husband and I started finding glass marbles in our house and specifically around our parrot’s cage whom she adored but our parrot never took to her. We found a total of 8. They are glass, round and somewhat different sizes. Someone told us to hide them so she does not take them back (lol). Then, this past Monday in my very neatly organized bracelet drawer, a silver charm bracelet was there just laying over all my other bracelets which are all in individual bags. I have nor my sister has ever seen this bracelet (it is not very attractive and some of the charms you cannot even make out what they are). It is coming up on a year. She was my best friend, great sense of humor and I sense her all the time. She believed in spirits and communicating with the deceased (her doorbell used to always ring!).I have heard of the electrical, finding pennies or feathers but never marbles or objects like a strange bracelet – is there a connection? By the way, I found the bracelet Monday morning while getting ready for work and I have worn the ugly thing everyday since thinking it is a sign of some sort – I swear I heard her giggle this afternoon while I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for a client trying to cover it up with the sleeve of my blouse (lol)

    • Dear Lisa, I am deeply touched by your message. I receive many comments, emails, online reaching out and my clients and absolutely love your Mom’s humor. She’s a riot and your relationship is beautiful. Your Mom is inviting you to “stretch” above the usual Spirit Signs and expand your mind even more… like she has had to do. A couple things. Your parrot loves your Mom now! In terms of ways for our loved ones to communicate, read my blog with a list of some ways: Interpreting Spirit Signs. Every week I’m receiving messages form people around the world telling of their “objects” disappearing and many of them reappearing. Like the marbles and charm bracelet. This is happening globally Lisa! My Mom had her wrist watch disappear for 2 months and reappear suddenly in the kitchen sink sitting on the stainless steel drain board !!! Part 2 of a YouTube video we did back then: Reappearance of Disappearing Objects
      The bracelet feels old, a blood line attached to it perhaps. As it was special to your Mom like it was hers or a relative of hers… if you’d like to go further with your exploration, I offer a Discovery Call/Skype for an initial connect with me and to schedule an intuitive guidance session. I’ll help you understand more and open yourself to new ways for Spirits to communicate with you! Blessings to you and please message me at:

  25. I woke this morning to my basket full of plastic easter eggs being half empty… 4 bunny ones were carefully placed together with 5 others on the table around them. a single yellow egg was on the ground split in 2 on either side of my table. 10 eggs remained in the basket and i finally located the last egg (which contained some candy and shouldnt have) under my couch which was hard to get to as the coffee table was left close to the couch last night. this all happened in the 3 hours i was sleeping… the cats werent able to get to that room and the dogs were sleeping in my room with me. any ideas? i am a little creeped out but amused at the same time.

    • Dear Jennifer, It’s beautiful how our Spirit family and friends grab our attention and do it so “playfully”. Stay in the amusement Jennifer. Nothing to fear although can strange when this happens. I have been witnessing these types of occurrences in varying degrees for the past 20 years since my father and cousin Rob first died. My clients and people who are opening more and more to the spirit realm of possibilities are recognizing the moving, disappearing and reappearing objects more and more around the world. Often its our loved ones passed aiming to get our attention and support us or confirm we are on track or …. there are endless reasons specific to your life Jennifer. My Mom recently had something on her dresser suddenly appear under the bed and a very wild experience of her wrist watch go missing and reappear in 2 months. Watch her expression of the reappearance of the watch in the video on my YouTube channel: Mom’s daughter, my sister Corrine, is HUGELY active in objects movement because all 3 of us ladies are quite organized and have a place for things. Hence we’ll recognize moving objects while a messy person may not. I have some ideas… yes… more suitable to a phone or skype call. Schedule a FREE Discovery call to learn about my intuitive coaching and I’ll offer some guidance for you during our time. Send me an email request!

  26. Hi Jill, my mother recently passed and yesterday I noticed that things have been slipping from my hands and things breaking or falling. I would like to know what this could mean, I know it’s my mother trying to tell me something but I don’t know how to interpret what it is she’s trying to tell me. Yesterday as I brushed my teeth before going to bed a decorative framed that was on to of the bathroom counter moved forward as I closed a drawer a flower vase close to it prevented it from falling flat. Then as walked through the kitchen and passed by a stool I moved the newspaper from the stool to the kitchen table and as soon as I turned the stool broke in half. I fixed moved it aside and carried on. I then noticed some one left the sodas out of the refrigerator and when I opened the refrigerator to put them in, the refrigerator door the shelf fell out. As I was putting things away they would slip out of my hands. May you help me interpret what my mother is trying to tell me.

    • I meant to say Dear Colleen.

    • Dear Gracie, First thing I’m sad for your loss. It’s not easy losing a loved one, especially a parent. My dad transitioned in 1995 and it was an over-the-top emotional rough ride at first. You are spot on. This is indeed your mother communicating. There are many messages from her coiled together your Mom wants to unveil to you through these occurrences. I can help, but more appropriately in a Discovery Call together. Your Mom is showing you how she felt inside, in her body, in her emotions before she died. She was in much emotion turmoil that was suppressed for years (the deeper aspects) and this breaking, falling, slipping away is how her soul felt. As does yours at times.

      My own Mom (physically with us) had a wild experience of her wrist watch going missing and reappearing in 2 months. It was her daughter (my sister) communicating. Watch her expression of the reappearance of the watch on the video: Reappearance of Disappearing watch

      I can help you gain perspective and greater wisdom to interpret Spirit messages. Please write me at Contact Me or email: and let’s schedule a Discovery Call together.

  27. My boyfriends mom passed away in November last year. Since then he’s had some strange things happen. End of march this year he was getting ready to move in with me. He had his wallet on the end of his bed. I saw it there a few hours earlier. He texted me later asking if I’d moved it. I hadn’t. It just disappeared. There wasn’t much left in his house and he searched everywhere. Emptied boxes and nothing. We still haven’t found it. At work he was talking about his mom and the microwave turned on by itself. Then yesterday he got a new phone case, put it on the table but when he went back for it, it was gone. We searched everywhere. Even went through the garbage. Then he looked for some paper work in a drawer and it was gone. I had seen the paper work there a few days before. Then before bed he turned out the lamp in our spare bedroom but when he came out of the bathroom it was on and our cat was sitting there staring at it.
    Could this be his Mom? Could she be taking his stuff? This has never happened to him before. Or is it something to do with me? It seems to have started after he staring packing to move in with me and after he moved in. I have been told I’m very intuitive and have had experiences of my own in the past. Not missing objects but spirit experiences.
    I feel like it’s his mom but I’ve been told I have many people around me protecting and guiding me.

    • Dear Amy, well it certainly appears you have graduated from “purely” spiritual experiences and now becoming ready for Moving, Disappearing & Reappearing Objects course 101. My #1 guidance is to Trust your feeling. This is indeed your boyfriend’s Mom connecting with you both. She’s very active in creating contact and sharing herself through messages. She’s getting your attention in a bigger way because she knows you are “tapped in,” hence reaching out to me. Yes, we have many Spirits guiding & supporting us (some have transitioned from the physical, others long time in Spirit form).

      I offer first time clients a Free Discovery Call to learn what I offer to help my clients understand what’s happening, who that transitions may be involved, what’s the meaning, and grow your ability to sense things more… without fear creeping in. I’ll give you some free insights in a short 15-20 minutes then we can discuss if working together more is a match for you. Until we connect, my YouTube page has terrific video of my Mom feeling surprised at the reappearance of her wrist watch after 2 months disappeared: Disappearance of Objects ~ Enjoy, and email me for your Discovery call.

  28. Hi Colleen, Whilst sleeping the other night I was awoken with something hitting the back of my head. I woke up and to my surprise it was a bouquet of flowers that had been on a shelve at the other side of the room. No windows were open and there was nobody else awake in my house. Can you tell me what this could be a sign of please? This has shaken me up. Nobody has died recently in the family but my gran has been in hospital and actually got out on Monday. This happened on Monday evening going into Tuesday morning. Any advice you could give on this would be appreciated

    • Liam we so appreciate your share. All my visitors to this page value other people’s experiences like yours so they feel they are not alone. Trust your FIRST instinct Liam, always. When you say nobody has recently died recently, its not always about a recent passing. There are past family members overlooking you and your gran in hospital, her Spirit which is always alive, whether we are in our physical or spiritual form, can communicate with you. These is a little insight shared for you and I’d be happy to speak further on meanings and how you can best interpret signs over a Discovery call with me, and more through a professional paid consult. Please message me at with subject Book a Discovery Call, then provide your city, time zone and best contact number. We will phone, skype or zoom. To read more on Interpreting Spirit Signs read my blog CLICK HERE

  29. Hi Colleen: The other night I was in my upstairs bathroom where I have a linen closet. In the closet I keep a bag of cat food. As I was standing there, all of a sudden the bag started to move. This is not the first time that something has moved in my home, but this is the first time I actually saw it moving. About 11 years ago, I lost my soulmate to cancer. Could it have been him trying to tell me something? He used to own cats and I thought that maybe this was his way of communicating with me? I was not scared and was almost comforted by this occurrence if it was indeed him. Thank you.

    • Blessings Hillary, that is a FIRST for you. Always sacred when we have a new, or ‘first’ experience of actually seeing an object move. More and more I’m receiving messages from people around the world about them also seeing. Absolutely, I sense it could be him. How you can know is by trusting the “first” instinct you have that downloads into your awareness through your mind/thoughts, or a sensation that reminds of a loved oned passed, the moving object has a meaning to the loved one past (which cats was a HUGE passion for your soulmate, loved animals, especially cats!). This is exactly how it works. So simple, so easy. I help teach my clients deeper ways to connect and recognize signs from loved ones. Have you read my short blog: Interpret Spirit Signs
      If you’d like a private consult with me, phone or skype, write me at:
      Beautiful share, Colleen xo

  30. Hi Colleen, good day to you.

    I was sat down one night recently reading reading paranormal stories on my computer all while thinking suicidal, while i was doing this i noticed something, it made enough noise to make me turn and look at it. Basically it was a piece of cutlery on top of my dinner dish i had used earlier, the knife suddenly moved on its own, the knife just flipped over. The fact this happened while I was reading “paranormal” topics especially while i was feeling suicidal made me really think. I have had weird things happen in my house before but not cutlery.

    Some part of my intuition is saying “someone wanted to get your attention” that evening to bring peace to me or something and to tell me not to give up despite the pain.

    At first I put this down to the heating system being on and the metal contracting and expanding and thus moving, with it being a cold day and the house heating up this is the only thing i could come up with, i am not trying to explain this away but really gain clarity on whether a piece of cutlery would move on its own just because the heating is switched on in the house after a cold day aha. I would love to hear your thoughts on this 🙂 Peace

    • Dear Jay! You are meant to BE HERE my friend! I appreciate you greatly for reaching out, sharing a deeply personal story at a stage of vulnerability that was “so close….” to moving from your physical to spiritual body… if you did take your life. BUT, you didn’t. Let me tell you, this is EXACTLY the kind of powerfu, loving encouragement to ‘Keep Going On’ that our loved ones in Spirit consistently support us in. Like you, I did the EXACT same in the beginning. So many moving objects, electricity occurrences (music stations, volumes up and down, lamp posts and lights on & off and flickering) and more that each time I ran through all the logical reasons how these moving objects shifted. If you would believe, one day my family arrived for the afternoon and after discussing an event of an object that moved in my bedroom, my auntie suggested that perhaps the house/condo was slanted and the item slid /tipped…. we smiled. She couldn’t comprehend.

      Yes Jay, that is also my take. Please don’t give up, you are on the “cusp” of turning. there is much pain to address & dissolve but highly possible. I’d be honored to share more of what i’m getting in a private phone consultation because the metal (cutlery movement, your sense to explain it away as metal contracting/expanding… there is meaning in in the metal and emotion). We could cover a lot of ground together. I’ve helped many of my clients move from suicidal tendencies and attempts – walking in front of vehicles, cutting and more – and you don’t have to go this way.

      One thing you must know, from the loss of many loved ones I’ve had, including my two cousins taking their life and my sister died of alcoholism, that you TAKE YOURSELF when you transition. Don’t think you can escape the pain. You go with much of it….

      Message me and we’ll set-up a consultation for you Jay, it’s time:

      PS. Visit here: Transforming Grief & Sense of Self Loss

  31. Hi Colleen, I had something very different happen to me exactly nine days ago. We have an upright piano and old fashioned electric metronome sitting on top. Exactly nine days ago the metronome went off at around 3:30 AM. It woke me out of bed and i turned it off. I was immediately hit with a sense of loss. That’s because, this is the first time this has happened to me and the first thing that came to mind was that someone I love had passed. A few days went by and no bad news came my way so I let it go. Today I spoke to my Mom and told me that a dear friend had passed exactly nine days ago. I had not seen my friend in over twenty years. She passed exactly nine days ago. Nine days ago was exactly when the metronome went off in the middle of the night. I feel privileged that an old childhood friend who I have not seen in more than twenty years said goodbye to me. I feel so undeserving… Any advice.

    • Dear Frank, my First instinct of advice is to invite you to CELEBRATE ! Celebrate your magnificent awakening to a new awareness of spirit communication, celebrate the exposure of the thin veil between souls alive on the earth plane and souls who are living in spirit (who shed their skin, sorta speaking) and most of all CELEBRATE you and your Mom’s dear friend who reached out to you during her transition. I feel she did so for many reasons, which some will be revealed to you in due time. She said good-bye to life as she remembers it, in her human form, but we don’t go. More will be shown to you so my first advice is to relax in the strangeness of this all, be curious and choose to be open. I feel she has something more to communicate with you. My dad died, or rather transitioned, because he is not dead in the traditional sense. He passed 22 years ago and my cousin ‘like a brother’ Rob 21 years ago. Both show me their presence through magical ways often. There are numerous ways we communicate with loved ones in spirit. Check out my blog for just a few: Interpreting Spirit Signs and my youtube page:
      Spirit Signs Videos. Then for more advice book a Discovery Call with me: ~ many blessings!

  32. My daughter went on vacation. She had bought a new bag. When she arrived at her hotel she did not open the bag till the next day. She had other stuff in her carrying on. Well when she opened her bag laying on top of her clothes was a St. Christopher medallion that’s in a key shape. It’s rather old. Story is her grandmother gave it to her when she was 12. Grandma passed away 7 years ago. My daughter is now 28. She had not seen the medallion in a few years. Mind you she said she pulled her clothes out of a new dresser and of course does not wear the same clothes. I told her her grandma is watching over her. She was quite freaked out about it. What is your take?

    • Yes, your daughter’s Grandma is overlooking your daughter and available to guide and extend her support. If you look up the deeper meaning of St. Christopher’s beautiful medallion you’ll discover Saint Christopher was known for his travels which is like grandma’s way to say she is offering loving protection during the vacation travels. Also a correlation to your daughter carrying the ‘weight of the world’ on her back. Perhaps bring this message to her and she’ll understand. For myself and my clients, it’s the “repeated” moving objects and spirit signs that happen again and again, when a person eventually begins to believe for themselves. Its natural for her to be freaked out at first. Do check out my blog Interpret Spirit Signs as this will help.

  33. Hello, my name is yaz, I’m 19 years old and I’ve recently had a few questions pop up, as I’ve recently had things happen. I lost my mom when I was a sophomore in high school, before then in 2009 I lost my uncle who I was very close to. And a year after my mom passed my grandpa passed. We weren’t that close but he still was a grandfather figure for me and I wish I could’ve got the chance to know him better. But that’s besides the point. I only say that cause I don’t think he would move objects trying to reach out to me. You never know but I’m not so sure about that. I started having things move out of place really when my mom passed, I’d see doors slowly shut in front of my eyes, while I rather got this warm chill throughout my whole body. I’ve always been freaked out by paranormal activity, just cause you never know what’s contacting you. Good or bad. I fear negativity of that side. Although I haven’t had anything negative happen to me, the thought of objects moving when nobody apparent has physically moved it, freaks me out. I understand who it is, usually things happen when I talk to someone who’s passed. Recently as of an hour or so ago, I was walking to the shades to get my cousins hamper away from the window, it had pushed them open and made out house visible to the outside, I went to move her away. An air freshener spray can was on the tv that I walked past, and when I got really close to the spray can. It fell down in front of me. Close enough to where I could feel it slightly against my toe. Usually when things move I’m alone. But this time my aunt was there and she saw the whole thing. She told me to pick it up and put it back, but I never touch what falls over because (like my fear, caused by watching too many scary movies) I fear if I pick it up, it will just get knocked over again. Should I put these things back? Should I leave it be? This was the first time something has ever fallen over directly in front of me, so suddenly, as I was walking by.

    • Thanks for reaching out with your experiences Yaz. You lost so many at a young age. In sharing your fears of the paranormal you are meeting you fears. In my over 20+ years of experience of signs (moving objects, electricity, unless ways our loved ones show their presence to us) I have always been safe and you are too. You are meeting your fears as this is new territory unfolding with moving objects happening before your eyes. I’m receiving so many incredible stories from others’ lately. If you are wondering “which loved one” is moving objects, tune in to your gut instinct, your heart’s knowing. It’s like a computer download, an “Ah Ha!” As to when to move it back, do that when you want to. I often leave the object in the “new postion” for awhile. For example, my sister Corrine has an anniversary of her passing coming up on January 14th and TODAY she unhooked one of my shower curtain hooks (I had not moved the curtain). If you’d like a professional consult to help you emotionally dissolve the fear, please email me. I’m a wellness coach and spiritual counsellor here to help. You may want to subscribe to my YouTube and watch these videos: Spiritual Signs Education

  34. Hi Colleen, l just found you after googling “moving of objects when someone passes” Just this morning my sister rang and told me that our 80 year old father had passed. l am here in Sydney Australia with my 2 sons (18 and 15) on holidays while my older son plays in the Australian Chess championships. The reason l am emailing you is that last night thursday the 11th l could not find the olive oil bottle to cook dinner. We are staying in a lovely small unit and l am very organised and knew exactly where l had put the Olive oil and it was not there. l searched the kitchen over and thought that maybe my sons were playing a joke on me but they assured me that they had not touched it. l kept looking everywhere because l could not believe that it could disappear into thin air like that. Well l found it in the bathroom, on the floor up against the bathtub and covered by the bath towel that was hanging up above it. My sons promised me that they had not touched it. My conclusion was that someone had come in and done that while we were not there, but my younger son had not left the Unit, and had been sleeping. Nothing else had been taken or moved and it did not make sense as to why touch and only move the olive oil. l got worried not knowing who had been able to get into the unit especially while my son was there, so l rang the person of the unit and told him what had happened and asked who else had a key. He told me that only the landlord and real-estate agent had a key but why would they do that? It did not make sense. My father had been ill with Prostate Cancer and getting worse after he had a seizure in Hospital that caused blood on the brain 5 days earlier. My sisters rang me on the Wednesday night from Hospital saying that he was on Morphin could not see, talk, eat, walk and was very restless. The Doctors could not say how long he had. My Sister suggested l talk to him over the phone and she would hold his hand as though it was me there talking to him, because she thought that maybe he was holding on until we got back to Melbourne. l told my father that l loved him and not to hold on because he was going to a lovely place and that he would always be around but just in a different way. l told him not to be scared (because l knew that he was afraid of dying) and that the place he was going to was beautiful and that he would not be in pain and that we would never forget him and l knew he would still be close to us, so not to hold on and that it was ok to go and that we loved him. My sister said that he settled after that and for the first time was peacefully sleeping. She was exhausted, so because he was sleeping and not in any pain went home and got a phone call from the hospital a hour later saying that he had passed on. l had made a salad after l spoke to him on the phone and l always only ever use Pure Virgin Olive Oil for everything and my father also swore by Olive oil. My question is that the 1Lt nearly full bottle is very heavy yet alone taking it to another room, and its different to just knocking something over, Is it possible that my father did that to show me that he was ok, and was also once again strong which had been very important to him ? l knew where he was going because l have experienced it and know that he is there and l am so grateful to my sister for having the idea of speaking to him on the phone.

    • I am deeply touched by your story Helena. It brought tears to my eyes. Your experience reminded me of not only my clients’ stories, but incredibly similar to the experience and feelings I had when my own Dad transitioned more than 20 years ago. I’m reading your message in full when it’s the anniversary of my sister Corrine’s passing 12 years ago TODAY. Corrine has played tricks galore on me and our Mom. Brought so much laughter to us. I understand the “uncertainty” and the efforts we go to at figuring out “how did the olive oil bottle get moved.” I’ve been through this countless times, as have the clients. I’ve worked with to help them interpret spirit signs and take these messages into life coaching and healing to thrive in their own life, relationships and health. You made a tremendous impact talking with him, easing his fear of transition, helping him let go of his physical body and his physical interaction of his family. Yes, you father played an energetic role in moving the bottle. This is very clear because it was a mutual love you shared for pure virgin olive oil which in turn symbolizes the love he has for you, and you for him!! That how our spirit loved ones capture our attention. Moving objects we will notice, that mean something to us, that may represent their personality or likes, and many more symbolic reasons so we KNOW in our hearts which loved one passed over is showing up. Have a peek at my blog: Interpret Spirit Signs for more ways of communicating. Write me personally if I can be of service to you, many blessings Colleen xo

  35. Hello, I lost my husband unexpectedly 4 months ago and have been having a really hard time. I have witnessed a few weird things throughout my life but have always been a skeptic by nature, but this has shaken me, spiritually especially, and I have never felt such a need to figure out what happens after. And to make sure he’s okay. I have had a few occurrences- certain songs coming on, random volume changes, and lights flickering, that make me think it could be him trying to communicate. I’m just not sure if he’s there for sure. I’m trying to hard to be open and aware, and I’ve been asking for signs. What else can I do? Is it maybe too soon?

    • My heartfelt blessings to you Karen for the sudden loss of your husband. This is very painful. This is indeed your husband. He’s more than ok, he’s good and letting you know. It began like this for me too, I was absolutely unfamiliar with communication from loved ones in spirit. How we truly know is because you have been ASKING for signs from your husband and he’s DELIVERING….

      Your husband reminds me of my cousin Rob who was a high energy kinda person, and he especially loves communicating since his transition over 20 years, primarily through ELECTRCITIY. A reflection of personality being expressed through street lights flicker, memorable songs, objects moving.

      Have you seen my video blog? Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones or this story of my father: Spirit Communication: Moving Objects
      Karen, if you want to schedule a consult together, I can help you get answers/insights that will move you forward in your life, in all areas.

  36. Our family has had many visits from our deceased loved ones. They come around with distinctive scents, tv turning off or changing channels randomly, the sound of windchimes, songs, etc. My father in law’s birthday was on St. Patrick’s day and the next day, a green happy birthday balloon mysteriously appeared in our garage. Now my toddler son’s juice cups disappear into thin air and reappear in places he doesn’t go or where we looked high and low. He’s picked up mannerisms that deceased relatives had. Our teenager had experiences with “people” in the middle of the night that have sent him to our room and he has said some things that sound insanely like people he would’ve been too young to remember. So many things that we know who it is! I don’t necessarily want it all to stop, but I’d like it to be less scary for our kids and, occasionally, less startling for my husband and myself, and to ensure that we don’t somehow become magnets for something less than friendly.

    • My heartfelt blessings to you Marla the loss of many loved ones. In terms of the initial loss, I know the heart’s pain well. Thank you for sharing the many ways your spirit family has been showing themselves to you. The smells, sounds, moving objects and taking on personality traits are so common and clear signals that bring joy to my heart. At first, however, some people feel a bit (or a lot) unsettled about this “communication” activity. I invite you to “have repeated conversations with yourself” that interactions are friendly, natural, and only to the degree you ask. Being you are some unsettled demonstrates you know Spirit Communication is real, but you don’t yet full believe it at the cellular level. There is nothing to fear, only that which you create in your mindful thoughts. My video blog will help: Life After Death: Moving Objects

      Remember the Law of Attraction. If you choose fear, that’s what you get. If you choose Love, that’s what comes back to you. It’s like this always in whatever we do or think. In my 20 plus years experienced I can attest to the normalcy of this, and a learning ground for you to grow and strengthen inside. Spirits always get our attention in ways that give us what we need. I offer professional guidance much more than only helping her clients understand about the afterlife and spirit communication, I am a transformational coach, holistic healer & massage therapist, and show people ways to prolong a quality life through quality health supplements.

  37. Hi,
    On April 25th,2015 my sister was killed by a earthquake and a subsequent avalanche.
    We were very close.
    Her house has been sold,and I was headed there for a final time to retrieve the last of some of her personal items.
    I opened a drawer at my house to get my car keys as I have done thousands of times 0ver the last 30 years.
    On this very stable table rests a miniature grandfather clock.It was a couple inches from the edge,in no risk of falling.
    As I opened the drawer the clock literally jumped off the table onto the kitchen floor.
    It is absolutely impossible that it just fell.
    Any ideas?

    • That must have been (and may still be) devastating to you. Never easy to lose someone so close to us, especially so suddenly. I adore this story, thanks so much for sharing Randy. My heartfelt blessings to you. I’ve lost a significant number of loved ones over the years who began over time communicating with me through signs. Yes, I have an idea. My sense is the mini-grandfather clock “jumping” off the table is your sister’s personal way of grabbing your attention to communicate with you to give you some comfort. I know this too because you landed here today. I had another visit from my cousin Rob with my wall clock “jumping” off the wall while I stood there. Your sister’s personality feels electric and full of movement, hence the way she transitioned (died). The clock represents electricity and falling is like the avalanche. Watch my video describing this here: Moving Objects and Spirit Signs of Loved Ones Who Died

      Also reading my blog or watching the video may help: Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones

  38. Hi, please can you help. I have just lost my mother on 24/03/2018 not even three weeks ago. I’m really struggling coming to terms with this as our relationship was not the greatest these last few years. I am heartbroken that I missed her passing by 3 minutes and never go to tell her everything I wanted to say until she had passed. She gave me her engagement ring a few years ago and I have always kept it in the same place with other valuables. I went to get it to wear the day of her funeral and it was missing. I’m totally devastated and have searched the house from top to bottom but cannot find it. My sister thinks she may have removed it, is that possible. I’m desperate to get it back.
    Thank you.

    • My heartfelt blessings to you Julie with the very recent loss of your mother, especially with the rocky relationship you experienced. I feel you and have been there myself so many times. I hope what I say provides you some comfort. I absolutely agree with your sister and feel your mother showing her spiritual presence to you through her “playful” borrowing of the engagement ring. To get your attention, which this most certainly has. Please breath and know it is around, but may not appear right away to you. Allow this time to become curious about connecting with you mother and placing more attention on the “love” she is feeling for you now versus the disconnect you felt when she was alive. My very first video on Spirit Signs was inspired by the Disappearing and Reappearing of my own Mother’s watch. This was and is my sister’s humor. As my older smart phone at the time wasn’t so smart, I had to film the video in two parts.

      Part 1: Disappearance of Objects
      Part 2: Reappearance of Disappearing Objects

      Also read my blog and watch this video, it may help provide you some comfort:
      Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones – You may want to book a personalized consult by phone/skype. Blessings xo

  39. I’ve always felt connected to another dimension or something. Being a computer engineer I am also in tormoil because of my logical mind. Many years ago when I felt scared and was alone and need comfort I feel tingling warning sensations all over my body. Several years ago I had a car accident in which I could have been killed I walked away without a scratch. As I crashed I felt I was wrapped in a blanket of love and safe. I seem to know when things happen. When I took my mother to church in hospital I felt it would be the last time. It was. When I said bye to my dad leaving his house I felt it would be the last time seeing him at the door waving bye to us –
    It was. He passed 14 April 2018. When I heard his voice on the phone I knew I wouldn’t hear him again – I didn’t. I didn’t make it back to the hospital for his final breath but he probably preferred that being a private noble man. Now the tingles are intense. I feel them every few hours. Sometimes like my whole body is vibrating. I have no medical problems and blood pressure is fine etc. As I said I always feel a connection to spiritual world but my logical brain debates it with me. Can anyone relate to what I am saying and assure me I’m not going mad. If I got a definite sign from my dad I’d be at ease. Know there is a spiritual world and he is still with me. Look forward to any comments.

    • Chris, I really appreciate your share and opening up to seek understanding about this “vibration” you are experiencing and sharing all the ways you have known what was going to happen without knowing how. I may be able to help. This is my website and blog you posted on.

      I work with energies we “feel” in the body and help my clients not only expand their ability to sense FEELING/vibes but also for many to open to recognize signs from loved ones who have died. As well, I’m an educator on prevention with health & fitness supplements because what better way to enjoy our life than to actually ENJOY IT for years to come?

      You are clearly very intuitive and tapped in Chris. As you stay in curiosity versus fear, more will be shown to you. If you are experiencing something, it’s true for you. no matter what you have been conditioned to. That’s how I see it and what’s happened to me. Your Dad may be showing himself to you but you’ve not yet recognized the signs yet, can be subtle. The veil of our connected worlds and energies are diminishing and more of us are opening to “things we cannot always see” but that we can sense and feel. Your whole energy body is expanding and the frequency you “resonate” or “vibrate” at is to. If you want assistance, schedule a consult CONTACT ME – these links may help you.
      Spiritual Education Videos
      How to Raise and Reset your Vibration

  40. I lost my sister August 7th , 2017 and it was very tragic accident and still hard to believe.. lately I have been experiencing objects completely disappear and cannot find them no where or are moved . I recently went to a medium and she validated a few things that only my sister would know and what I have been feeling and how badly I wanted to hear my sisters voice to talk to her on the phone like we always did every day morning , night etc .Also I had a very deep eye opening dream a woman’s voice told me I had a spirit call and to pick up the phone a spirits calling and i thought I was just dreaming but when I heard my sisters voice come through clearly she said a few words to me then faded out quickly like she had a time limit or something is what it felt like but I was so extremely happy that it happened and it was mind blowing tbh and made me smile just to hear her voice . Could this be real ??

    • Dear Leslie

      I really appreciate your share and opening up to seek understanding about your “disappearing Objects” and the incredible Dream with your sister’s voice. I may be able to help. Yes indeed, I sense it’s your sister reaching out to you. How you know this is because 1) you are asking if its here? 2) you’ve invited signs and she’s moved an object(s) and 3. The Dream voice experience is icing on the cake! Breath that in !!

      One of my first videos is my spontaneous filming of my Mother’s, over the moon about her missing wrist watch. It was gone for over 2 months and reappeared: Part 2 Reappearing Missing Watch and Spiritual Education Videos – email or call if you’d like a consult to better understand what’s happening and will continue to for you. Blessings, Colleen

  41. Well I was mourning the death of a very young man that I didn’t know personally, but he lived in my town he was 20 years old when his life was tragically taken by a drunk drive this past April 6 2018, but my daughter knew him. I attended his viewing paid my respects. It was so tragic it shook many to the core. But shortly after this all happen I lit a white candle on Hus behalf in my home, and took candles to the site where the crash occurred. Many of his family and friends did and people that didn’t know him like myself as well. Well about a week later it was about 10:30 pm, and I was preparing for bed picking up stuff in my living room where I had been watching TV, and remember its trash night and had to run outside to move my trash can to the curb side. Following that I headed back upstairs and realize I missed something and took it down to the trash. Well my living room door I had left wide open so when I approached the doorway I sensed something and it stopped me in my tracks. I scanned my living room and notice my sage, lighter and feather all had been moved. The sage stick was in a shell I use to burn it in. That was placed to the other side of the table. It was in a circle all 3 items. To the right was the lighter, bottom was the sage stick and above that was my feather. In a circle. And I turned around and spotted a dime on my carpet that wasn’t there when I walked in. So I don’t know if it was my loved on or the young man acknowledging my heart felt sympathy for his passing?

    • Lena, I really appreciate your share and opening up to seek understanding about the lighter, sage and feather moved into the form of a circle and appearance of the dime. Love it! I believe this message is inspired from BOTH your past loved one and this very young gentleman who you are deeply impacted by. Have you lit the sage and cleansed your space and yourself yet? You are being invited to heal past grief and welcome new, prosperous ways of living (hence the dime). Dimes are money and in my experience (and that of many clients) a dime appearing is often an indicator of our loved ones passed saying hello and confirming their love for us. Who is doing which can be interpreted by yourself with some insightful direction.

      This video of my sister Corrine may help: Moving Objects Video. Interview on The Dream Receiver Show: WATCH HERE

      Our loved ones passed commonly capture our attention through moving objects, disappearing and reappearing objects, electricity of lights and channel frequencies, lucid dreams, sensations, scents, pictures, symbols and more. I offer Professional consults by phone/skype/zoom. Please reach out if you’d like more teaching on how to recognize and interpret signs and for transformational guidance in your life. Blessings xo

      • Oh wow! I knew it was my late husband, and the young man. I find it to be amazing how someone I didn’t know in life, and he is now deceased and acknowledge my prayers for him in death. It mad me happy to hear that from you. And yes I sage my house and myself as soon as I seen that but I do it on a daily basis. With sage and Palo Santo together. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Xo

        • Yes, its AMAZING the connection us souls share even when we haven’t met. One of my long time counseling/healing clients who was being deeply battling with her depression and alcoholism would get repeated visits from my sister Corrine who transitioned just over 12 years ago. My client was tapped into these energies and yet so excited when she’d call me up and she KNEW in her heart, without a doubt, my sister Corrine was died as a result of her depression, internal pain and alcoholism was involved in the recent object movement or other clear signal. I absolutely loved it. My Video NEVER GIVE UP HOPE ON YOUR DREAMS was inspired by both my client and sister. perhaps there is a gift for you too. I’m pleased my info helped. Let’s stay connected and reach out anytime you’d like a personal consultation. We could phone or skype/zoom. I love helping my clients transform their lives with spiritual understandings, life and career transitions, internal conflict and of course loss. Love to you xo

          • Thanks Colleen for validating what I knew. That the coin was left by my love one actually he was the father of my children and we knew each other for over half our lives, and the young man my 17 year knew who tragically died by a drunk driver. I thought I saw him too the evening of his viewing standing in the room next to my living room while I sat on my couch. But I just figure it was grief and I really didn’t see him but it sure looked like him. My daughters were like this as well where the can see those that past. But as they got older they blocked it especially my older daughter she could hear and see and just didn’t feel comfortable with that. But thanks again. I want to Skype but I don’t have access to that. So I’ll continue to stay in contact via email or blog

          • You are most welcome Lena! Messages can come in so many forms ~ from loved ones passed and those with us alive in their physical. My sense is “YES!” you saw a Vision of the Spirit of the 17 year old young man who sadly died by the drunk driver. Its time to trust yourself my dear. Children are often very open when young and this awareness is present. Then as they grow into adolesecence and become teenagers, some shut down. Mainly so they can face what they need to most. Your daughter’s awareness of the spiritual presence may well return and do so unexpectedly over the years. Yes please keep in contact. You don’t need to skype for a private consult. There is always old fashioned telephone and email or my blog as you say 🙂

  42. Corrected spelling

  43. Hello colleen my name is Nathan from Pontiac Illinois i have a question for you! A few weeks back in February my uncle passed away and i was wondering if balancing shoes is a sign!??!?!?!?!?!? i am very curious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Nathan, thank for commenting and my heartfelt blessings to you regarding the passing (transition) of your uncle. Always some sadness for the loved ones here. Will you please elaborate what you mean by “balancing shoes”. Describe your experience more…balancing shoes on something that seems impossible to the human mind, moving shoes, runners or hikers or ? You can email me a photo at if that helps you explain more. In all the years I have learned there are UNLIMITED and endless ways our spirit family & friends communicate messages & signs to us. So many varying stories. Often times the sign, symbol, way the message comes through and so on will be unique to your relationship with your loved one passed or match their personality and so on. This is where YOU get to develop your trust factor, all-knowing, all senses inside of you. I help people learn how to recognize signs and interpret them via consults. My video may help you: Life After Death, Moving Objects

  44. Hi

    I have a unique story that I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts or comment on.

    A few months back, my 3 year old son tragically drowned in my parents pond in the backyard. It was gated and still unknown what transpired FYI. I am still grieving and dealing with forgiveness.

    A month after, My ex wife and I decided to visit a Buddhist monk (I am catholic) that is highly respected in the community and had strings pulled to have a reading done as he doesn’t offer his services for the public.

    The whole month after his passing, I’ve sat in the yard, sometimes hours at a time sensing his presence and looking for signs. As it turns out, the monk believes that my sons spirit is still in our yard. He mentioned that there’s bad spirits of an older couple that won’t allow him inside. Which I believe because I’ve encountered them back in my teenage years.

    When I arrived to the house and rushed to the back yard, I called for my son. I asked him To show me a sign that he’s here. I begged him. For the record, I’m not crazy but the fence that separated the pond from the backyard shook like an earthquake hit. It lasted 3 seconds and startled me as my hand was resting on it. Not a single leaf moved in formation with the fence and it could be in my head but I thought I heard a grunting sound like all the energy was being exhausted showing me this sign.

    I immediately blessed the whole back yard with holy water and prayed for all spirits to find their way. We also had a service where our priest blessed our home as well a week after. But After that day, I haven’t felt him there. His presence is night and day from that incident.

    I wanted to hear your thoughts on the event that occurred in regards of me asking for a sign and what transpired after. Most importantly your thoughts on his presence being completely gone and what does that mean and is he safe?

    Thank you for reading.

    • This is devastating news, my heartfelt prayers and blessings to you and your family for your son’s transition. Never easy to lose a child and so young. I do love your unique story and thank you for posting on my website. I educate, share and comment based on my personal experiences and those of my clients and loved ones. You are not “crazy” and the fence that shook so strongly like an earthquake was indeed your son and his way of grabbing your attention to give you a clear sign he is nearby. You’ve felt him already but also doubted, so it’s very common for our loved ones to pull all their energies and give us a BAM, a bigger sign as we are in doubt. So please embrace this one with love and respect and know how much he is there for you and will continue to be.

      In my experience of more than 12 loved ones passing (transitioning) the past 20+ years is that our soul is an immutable consciousness and never dies. They show themselves to me in so many ways. Sometimes quiet for a while, then boom very clearly present. Moving Objects is huge in our family as well as playing with electricity (lights, radio frequencies..). Choose no fear as you are being blessed. Check out my blog and watch the video: Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones and watch YouTube spiritual playlist: CLICK HERE. Book a consult with me if you’d like more insight personalized to you. I work with everyone of all faiths and grief/loss counsel is a huge part of my services. many blessings xo

  45. Hi Colleen I was looking for information on moving objects and found your site. Today I was at work alone and I went out for a couple of minutes after dropping my crystals on my desk, haphazardly. when I came back they were aligned in two rows of three, not in a particular order. I would not have made that myself since I always “play” with my crystals, turning them into my hand then dropping them. There’s nobody else at work and I can see from outside if someone is coming in. I was really stunned. I’m trying to raise my vibration and found your book online by the way, thanks.

    • Sandrine, thank you for sharing your amazing story with all of us. Love it! You are indeed Raising Your Vibration to now be recognizing the movements. Your crystals lined up in two rows of three. So meticulous wouldn’t you agree? Who in your life that has transitioned, was meticulous, structured and orderly? (This individual could also be in their physical body and alive today). I keep seeing the image of an army sergeant instructing the troops what to do.

      I was stunned the first 50 times I noticed objects moved. Truly amazing, yet messages from our loved ones (and the Divine) reach us by way of energy frequencies. Over the past 20+ years, in my experience of more than 12 loved ones who transitioned (died), our soul is an immutable consciousness and never dies. They show themselves in many ways. Moving Objects is huge in our family because we are fairly organized in our lifestyle and thinking. Our Spirit family also loves playing with electricity like lights off and on, radio frequencies, music, dreams, synchronicity and so much more.
      Check out my blog and watch the video: Life After Death, Signs from Loved Ones
      My YouTube Spiritual playlist:

  46. Hi there. I recently lost my ex fiancé, we were together for nearly 8 years and been apart for only about a year and a half. I rushed across state lines to be with “our” family and I was cleaning and organizing his things in his room. His brother (who I’ve watched grow up) and I were just hanging out in the room reminiscing and laughing, his brother standing in the doorway. We had just made ourselves a whiskey drink to honor our loss and I had no other place to set it down except for on a tiny little decorative table right outside the room, next to where his brother was standing the whole time. I kept coming and going to take a sip of my drink and one time, I went to take a sip and I immediately freaked out because there was a little decorative glass bottle sitting right on top of the ice of my drink. I showed it to his brother, who also freaked out. And we investigated where it came from. It was sitting on a decorative shelf with other little glass bottles that hadn’t budged. It had somehow carefully fallen into my drink without a splash or a noise, and it didn’t sink. It literally looked as if it was carefully placed directly in my drink without anyone noticing. We both concluded it had to be him, there was no other explanation. I have never experienced communication like that before but I knew in my gut, this was him. He knew I’d come back for him, he needed me to know he was with us. I’ve been researching ever since so I can stop second guessing myself, and then I came across this site. It’s been reassuring. Thank you.

    • Dear Jenn, my readers, clients and I very much appreciate you sharing your experience. Heartfelt wishes to you for the transition of your fiance. You shared a special bond indeed. Never surprised, yet always LOVE each and every story. Our Loved Ones are becoming more and more creative to “capture” our attention and break the barriers of frequencies that “appear” to separate us. We are not and they know it. We are believing to. Stay open to more signs. When a little decorative glass bottle is sitting right on top almost like Magic, clearly we know. Your fiance has joined in the Celebration Toast of You and his brother. Your fiance was one who didn’t want to be left out of the party!!! If you’d like to explore more, check out YouTube videos on Spirit Signs, click here: SPIRITUAL EDUCATION
      I offer Spiritual consultations and education on how to Interpret Spirit Signs to enhance and uplevel your life in the areas of Health prevention, relationships, and business vision. Much love xo

  47. Hiya we are currently losing my nan to cancer but when we come home the photos are all turned around, I’m not scared but I think it may be my grampy who died 4 Yeats ago what is he trying to tell us please x

    • HI Leeann, my readers and I are grateful for sharing the story of your Gramps moving the photos around. The same has happened to me for over 20 years, especially by my father who died 23 years ago this month (June). He loves to capture my attention. I too sense this is your Gramps letting you and your Nana know he is nearby and ready to greet her with open arms, while supporting the family. I don’t do intuitive readings on my blog, but please write me at: or through CONTACT ME if you’d like to schedule a professional consult for a more personal insight and help you adjust to what’s happening. In the meantime, please accept my eGuide 8 Best Steps to Raise Your Vibration. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW ~ it will help you open your senses to receive/hear more messages. You may enjoy my Interview Spirit Signs Your Loved Ones are Visiting CLICK HERE

  48. What dose it mean if a spirit say you moved her

    • The comment “moved her” can be defined in more than one way. What I’m sensing is “you moved her” meaning emotionally touched her heart. you made an impact, an imprint on her, and she wants you to know. If you’d like a more meaningful definition you’ll want to schedule a professional spiritual consult by phone or skype/zoom with me. Please email your request along with your city, country and time zone to: – in the meantime, enjoy spiritual signs teachings videos on my YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE for new ones. Also Like and Follow Me here:

  49. I purchased a painting for my grandmother that she really wanted and about a year later she passed away. I decided to keep the painting as it had so much sentimental value because it was the first time as an adult I was truly able to give her something she wanted. I keep the painting on display in my upstairs loft area right above a hall table and I never move it. (Ever) it also has some what of a shrine/alter around it, Angels, Spirit candles, incenses. I am getting a new roof on my home and as a result things are being shaken a bit or pictures are tilting from the impact but when I went to my home yesterday – the painting was placed in a room adjacent to the loft area and laid against a pile of clothes in an angle. Additionally a hall light in my home was turned to an angle creating a heart shaped spot light. The distance from the loft to room is a couple of feet and the painting is not small. I am questioning if I was sleep walking which I doubt it seems far to move.

    • Candace, my sense is you are NOT sleep walking. You are instead accessing the loving signs from your grandmother through moving objects and symbolism. Our spirit friends passed are very much alive. At least they have been for me. I feel it’s the same for you. We all have our own unique experiences. The universal spirit signs of moving objects, electricity, sensations, dreams and more are ways our loved ones who died show they are still very present in your life. Considering following me on my YouTube channel for new video experiences and to check out the playlist on Spiritual Education: – if you’d like a personal consult to explore this new territory please write me at

  50. Hi my dad passed suddenly last December and then my mom not long after in April. I can not shake the feeling my father is trying to tell me something either I need to know or how he died but something. Things move songs randomly play I hear strange noises signs all over the place dreams and everything I wish I knew they were both ok and what he was trying to tell me

    • Dear Lori, I sense your dad who passed a bit before your mom is indeed working to share his thoughts through symbolism. Particularly through the words/meaning of the songs and also what you are seeing/remembering in the dreams. YES, it’s your dad. That’s how you know. He has much to share with you, especially now that your mom has also passed. He feels he left a BIG load on your shoulders and heart and feels sad for your heavy sorrow.

      One of the ways our loved ones who die show they are still very present in our life is through moving objects. Depending on their personality as well as your openness to recognize and accept a sign of their presence, they may show up in any number of ways including electricity (lights & electrical devices), body sensations like a touch or tingling, in your dreams and more. Here a video of my Mom’s missing and reappearing: VIEW VIDEO HERE. Can you remember what he’s say in your Dreams and the words in the songs? If you’d like support in further understanding, let’s setup up a phone or skype guidance coaching session.

  51. Hi, ive had a few objects move in the past couple days and it’s really spooked my partner out. Ive had a box in the toilet room that has my sanitary profucts in it move at least 30cm over without us jearing anything, my partner was the one that found it after it moved and he had only left the bathroom for about 2 minutes. We also found (or more to the point…didn’t find) a lolly snake that i had left on my desk in front of a photo of my deceased grandfather who passed away around 5 years ago. Neither me or my boyfriend touched eitjer of these items and there is noone else living in the apartment. The girl that used to live in it says it was haunted when she was living there and that it has made things move and locked boys in the bathroom before. Im just wondering if this is something i should worry about or if its harmless.

    • Dear Olivia, appreciate you sharing so much in depth about your personal spiritual experiences. The amazing stories I receive from people around the world always fills my heart knowing there is so much happening that we cannot always see with our own eyes. I am a teacher of learning to trust your intuition and get really good at following your own heart’s messages, to develop trust for greater decision making and attracting in more of what you want out of life.

      Our spirit friends passed are very much alive. At least they have been for me. I feel it’s the same for you starting.

      This “lolly snake” you mention it has meaning, a connection or reminder to your deceased grandfather did it? I believe he is being active and through his essence, his spirit, letting you know he is around and here to help. Not harmful, but super playful.

      One of the ways our loved ones who die show they are still very present in our life is through moving objects. Depending on their personality as well as your openness to recognize and accept a sign of their presence, they may show up in any number of ways including electricity (lights & electrical devices), body sensations like a touch or tingling, in your dreams and more. My Blog expands: Interpreting Spirit Signs
      Here a video of my Mom’s missing and reappearing watch: Reappearing Wrist Watch. If you’d like support in further understanding, let’s setup up a phone or skype guidance coaching session. Many blessings, Colleen

  52. My daughter passed away recently and i been having strange experience first one was the lights going off, than it turned into just feeling her presence in the house. I have had dreams of her smiling and us hugging and her holding me while I’m morning her. In the dream there was a lady with her i was wondering if She was a guide an angle not really sure. She have came to several of my family members she’s been in good spirits. I went in her room tonight and a plant fell and a butterfly that was on a vace fell off right after that scared me a little. I talk to her all the time we were very close i miss her so much.

  53. Hello Colleen,. I have experienced seeing seeing white garment like figures float by me on different days after my daughter’s other grandmother past. Just lay night I was sitting in a chair looking at dinner papers and I noticed out the side of my eye a plastic Army water bottle rock back and forth. We have had this walk complete full of mirrors for over 25 years. After I got off the phone with one of my dad’s former basketball players telling them that I wanted to do something in memory of my dad and to recognize his former players….one mirror fell and crashed. Then another, then another. My daughter when she was about three used to have visions of my father and my grandmother… She had never seen either if them itor a picture of them and described then perfectly. She is 12 now would she possibly have the gift of “vision”?

    • Dear Della, we appreciate you sharing your experience seeing the moving objects and repeated crashing mirrors. Your Dad certainly heard your “reflection” thoughts. One meaning of mirrors symbolize reflection so this lovely repeated crashing and breaking of the mirrors shows you he clearly heard and is in deep appreciation for your loving intended gesture you will put forward to honour the former players. There is more I am picking up as to the meaning of the mirrors for you/your Dad but this is the first bit. Yes, at 12 years your daughter can indeed see even if not met or seen pictures. I’m emailing you some ideas to consider and invite you to check these out to assist you on your path of understanding that aligns most with you. Always trust your first instinct. Read Blog: Interpret Spirit Signs and join me over on my YouTube: Subscribe to Colleen’s Channel

  54. Hey Friends and Followers! I had the coolest experience of a visit from my Dad recently. He moved a beautiful glass vase filled with rocks and moved about some quartz crystals sitting on my bedside table. I’d love you to enjoy this blog by visiting here:
    Vase and Crystals Moved by Dad
    Much Love Colleen xo

  55. this year back in january i was woken up to a strong smell of august one night i was woken by a thud, the next morning i found my mobile phone had come off a unit a good few feet from my bed..last month i was again woken up during the night to s strong smell of cigarette smoke..the strangest one of all, is i leave my work boots on a box in my living room each night..3 times now in the last month when i have put my left boot on in a morning, i have found a peanut or 2 in my left boot…today i got home after a day at work and found 3 peanuts in my left slipper, i just cant explain the things that have happened this year

    • Kevin, thank you for sharing the bewildering experiences you are having. So who loved peanuts so much? or feeding peanuts to animals? Peanuts for example have been recognized by some as abundance and living a prosperous life. As well symbolizing an authentic, truthful nature about something unfolding in your life. My first instinct is to invite you to ask yourself “Who do I know that died where these occurrences remind me of their personality, their actions, a favourite object or food item, etc?” What I do best as a spiritual coach and healer is assist my clients to develop their own powerful awareness, expand their intuition and ability to tap into their internal GPS system (sorts speaking) to recognize and possibly interpret signs from loved ones who died.

      In my life experience, hearing voices/name calling and observe moving objects when my loved one who transitioned (passed away) are communicating through signs to capture my attention. Wanting me to recognize their presence and loving support (or otherwise their feelings). Other times it can be another soul. You may wish to read this short blog Interpret Spirit Signs or subscribe to my YouTube Channel with special review of Spiritual Education playlist. Message me at if you’d like a personalized guidance session.

  56. Hi Colleen
    Today my daughter and I were in our kitchen and a tool box came flying off a shelf it struck my daughter and nearly hit me I’m worried we recently were told by a gypsy lady we were earth angels and things like this have have happened before we can even see shadows and outlines and sometimes feel their touch we don’t know what to do or who to talk to my dad passed over a year ago and my husband passed last year can you help us

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing about your story about the flying/moving objects and passing of your dad and husband. Bless you and your daughter for your loss. I know this can feel scary and weird, but you have nothing to fear. Videos on my Spiritual Education YouTube channel will help you – begin by watching this video: Moving Objects, Spirit Signs from Loved Ones. What I do best as a spiritual coach and grief/loss intuitive offer guidance in helping people through the grief state and also teach my clients how to recognize spirit signs on their own so you can begin to accept and interpret communications and messages from loved ones who have crossed over. You can book a private consult if you choose. Blessings xo

  57. Hi Colleen.
    My name is Ted. My father Paul went home to heaven in February. I moved in with mom to help her with things. My dad was on hospice and passed away in his sleep. His last words to Mom and I were “going home”. He barely had his eyes open when he said it. It was reassuring that he said that to us.
    Since his passing…..We’re finding change all over, mostly pennies and dimes.
    Just this morning my mom called me from home and said she lost her teeth. She always puts them in a container by the sink every night. I was at work when she called and I pondered where she might’ve left them. I helped clean up after dinner last night, but couldnt recall seeing her teeth.
    While I was thinking about where they could be, In my mind I saw a kitchen drawer and the words “the drawer” kept appearing in my head as she was telling me all the places she had looked already. I didn’t say anything to her at first because I thought it was a silly place to even look for her teeth. Why would they be in a drawer? Why would i think that?
    We were thinking we threw them in the trash when we wiped the plates off after dinner, or we set the plates down on the floor for the dogs to clean and one of the dogs grabbed them.
    After she told me all the places she looked much to her dismay, I finally mentioned to her that she might want to look in the drawers in the kitchen. She thought to herself what a strange place to look. However, after looking everywhere else she could think of, she opened one of the kitchen drawers and there they were. She recalled at was 11am exactly.
    I’m not sure how they got there and I’m really not sure why I had that mental picture in my head and saw those words repeatedly “the drawer”.
    Is it safe to assume that’s my dad letting us know that he’s around to help us if we need him? My mom said if it was my dad, she’s not very happy with him because that really stressed her out trying to find her teeth!
    Id like to mention this also. I have a cross that hangs from a mirror in my car and twice in the last three years, I got in my car to find the cord flipped up and over my mirror and cross hanging on the other side. Now, there’s no possible way to explain that. Its very heavy and the car was always parked.
    I’d like to think that these are little signs that let us know that we’re not alone and that God is always by our side. All we need to do is look inward and ask and he will always be there for us.
    Bless all of you out there, strive to be honest,humble,compassionate, loving, and be at peace knowing we are always in his loving arms. Ted

    • Dear Ted

      Wonderful to meet you Ted. Appreciate your sharing your story with us and thanks for visiting my website blog. My gosh, I love your story about your Mom’s “missing teeth” – what a jokester your Dad is being/been. Reminds me of when my sister Corrine was involved in my mother’s disappearing and reappearing wrist watch. It took a couple months to pop back up and in the wildest of places. I can affirm that is your dad, bless him and your whole family. Good for you to trust your intuition to locate.

      In my early days of filming my own Mom’s experience is split into 2 videos:
      Part 1: Disappearance of Moving Objects
      Part 2: Reappearance of Disappearing Object

      Yes, the cross flipped up are another beautiful memory. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

  58. Hi my name is Maureen, I have had this strange thing happen for years, at Grocery stores, across the country… as I walk down an aisle, where I am alone, something falls, just after I have passed it. Except for once when it actually fell right into my hand as I reached up to take it. I honestly can’t figure it out.

    • Maureen, thanks for sharing on the blog for my clients and followers. We love to explore unique spirit signs and messages that surprise us. As a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Grief/Loss counselor I’ve experienced many signs like falling objects, electricity occurences, moving objects, disappearing and reappearing objects and many more from our loved ones who died. So I turn the table…. is there a special person in your life who recently (or years ago) that is on your heart and mind? someone that keeps popping into your thoughts or whom you may even be worried about? Could it perhaps be them communicating spiritually through moving objects. check out these couple videos and blogs to see if they many help you:
      Life After Death Moving Objects
      Moving Objects & Spirit Signs

      • Yes, my Step-Father died in my arms when I was 17 yrs old. He endured a long Cancer battle. He was a mentor, a friend and a surrogate father figure to me. I truly loved him. I had a spiritual moment before his death where I stepped away from his side that I had sat by for 2 weeks for a bite, and stood up in a restaurant a half hour later and started screaming to be taken back, I barely made it back in the nick of time to say goodbye. I was the only one with him at the time of his death. I mourned deeply, and still do actually. 40 years later. I talk to him, I remember him, I keep him alive to a degree. (I had a very mean mother and he was kind to me, he cared). I can see how he would communicate, I guess I just never thought of him because of the grocery stores, I don’t get the connection.

        • Dear Maureen, now THIS is love. You and your step father’s connection is proof of the power of the human spirit and heart. thank you dear soul for sharing. Yes, this is your communicator, what a lovely man. He is very much by your side in life, more so than before or rather more so BECAUSE you are more open. That’s usually how it works – mutual openness. The item that falls off the grocery shelf, what is it? have you paid attention to the “item” itself? something your step father would enjoy? a favourite food? or perhaps an item he wants you to begin including in your day? one of the tips I teach my clients is to match up the thing that is happening with the personality or interest of the person endeavouring to connect with you. My cousin Rob who transitioned 23 years ago next month (March) connects with me all these years. A very special cousin who truly was ‘like my brother’ – very close – and he was electric, high energy and therefore presents himself to me often through electricity signals, music and money teachings. Enjoy a recent experience and teaching of my cousin Rob during my trip to Mexico to celebrate our mutual 50th birthdays: Spirit Signs in Mexico

  59. Hello again everyone. I just wrote a here yesterday and today something strange happened. I’ve not been feeling too well and I wasn’t sure if I took my blood pressure medicine yesterday. I looked down this morning and found my pill on the floor
    .I asked myself did I take it yesterday or is this just one that dropped out of my bottle that I may not have noticed notice? Normally I would catch something like that so I’m ruling that one out. Either way I was very confused at the position it was in. It wasn’t flat on the floor. It was on its side like a wheel. I asked myself how is this possible when something this small falls to land in that position? Colleen I’m wondering if you could shed some light on this for me. The first thing I thought was somebody she reminded me that I didn’t take it because I still don’t know or remember if I did or is somebody warning me because of the position of it not keep taking it? I know that’s not a good thing right now for me not to take it because of the way my heart reacts when I don’t take it for a day or two. I wish they never put me on these things but Dad had hypertension supposingly. I’m not sure about all that in the past but I picked it up somewhere with telling everyone that my dad had high blood pressure and one day I ended up in the emergency room with cheeks as red as a rose and that’s when they put me on them when I was 49 years old. I’m 60 now. I would think it to be dangerous for me to stop but I know these things are just a Band-Aid. Without getting in all medical issues, what are your thoughts on my situation Colleen? Thank you

    • Dear Mary, thank you so much for openly sharing on my blog page. Many people benefit from all of us sharing our stories of things we cannot always understand. My teachings for years since my loved ones have transitioned (passed over) have been related to matters of healing the heart, the body, recovery and learning about how our loved ones in Spirit tend to continue over years to communicate with us, show their presence in many ways. I’ll tell you Mary, that exactly what happened to you with the the pill on its side (like a wheel) in this very ‘unusual position’ is exactly the kind of happenings my clients and I have seen for many years. Rather than act as a direct medium for telling you who is communicating with you, I love teaching my clients how to learn to recognize their loved ones and people interpret the meaning of spirit signs through such things as moving objects, sensations, electricity, dreams, synchronicity, senses, and more. So who is connecting…. playing with the pill on side… I see your Dad. What an incredible man who loves you and wants more for you. Now in terms of your health being on high blood pressure pills for 11 years since the young age of 49 years, I can tell you that absolutely it is possible to lower your blood pressure and moderate it through balanced nutrition, food, supplements. I believe I can help as have been an educator on powerful nutritional supplements and wise food choices that many people I know and have worked with have improved their health naturally. Let’s move this discussion over to an email and possible phone consultation. Please message me directly at: and we’ll help you move beyond the Band-Aid action… as continued meds only may not generate as many years of quality living relying if relying on medications that are shown to have possible side effects when medications are generally known to possibly cause harm over time to your organs. Bless you for reaching out, let’s connect xo


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