Spirit Signs through Moving Objects – Corrine moves picture frames

In Spirit, loved ones who have transitioned (passed over) may communicate with us through Spirit Signs. With countless methods they will choose the way that captures your attention most. My sister Corrine shows her presence through “Moving Objects” by re-positioning picture frames on the office desk.

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  1. Last year Trina wrote me this after watching the video, and I’m feeling compelled to share. Her partner Clint was not a believer, but after this he was. Timing for expansion within ourselves is always in divine timing. Enjoy her post….

    Disappearing and Reappearing Objects from our Loved Ones in Spirit

    I love this post, and it’s very comforting to me to understand these little gestures from past loved ones, I too have a story to share. It started this summer.

    Clint gave me a beautiful antique amber ring when we first met. I never used to take it off and he’d lecture me for the possibility of damaging it. So I took it off and so I recall putting it in a band aid case in my car glove box.

    We were so busy this Summer with work I kept forgetting to put it back on. Time came when I finally remembered to put it back on. It was no where to be found. I looked everywhere, even my jewelry box. Well months went by and I was now sad.

    Well you posted a video of your mom and the watch. Clint and I watched the video, he made a comment of being a skeptic! About a week after we watched the video….

    Only recently, Clint and I were in the bedroom looking for something else, I opened my jewelry box…as I had a few times already… closed it again quick, told Clint to look, I opened the box again, and right there in the center was my antique amber ring.

    He doesn’t second guess our past love ones anymore. He also knows now for sure his little sister checks in on him too.

    Xo love you

    ~Trina Hoff, Dec 26 2014


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