Reset Your Vibe. Become a healthier, happier You!

Colleen will guide you to Tap into Your Intuitive Brilliance to Elevate Your Vibration and Live a Life You Truly Love!  

Based in Energy Healing, Colleen is an Expert in Massage & Bodywork, Transformational Coaching, Spirit Communication and Nutrition & Wellness. 

I will help you Align your Body & Spirit to become a Magnet to your lifestyle goals and dreams. We’ll combine Quantum Healing with these approaches:

Massage & Bodywork

Massage and Bodywork are a natural, proven approach to stress management, relaxation and healing. I offer a number of different practices to align with your needs.

Transformational Coaching

I can help you release what is holding you back, say farewell to pain and experience a massive upward shift in your energy. You will literally Reset Your Vibration by relinquishing past emotion and cellular memory, opening yourself to attract your vision and dreams faster to you.

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing messages, insights & feelings from loved ones who died. Through Quantum Energy Awareness I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic, so you may receive guidance from your beloved Spirits.

Nutrition & Wellness

I can counsel you in good nutrition and wellness, and anti-aging supplementation. I will help you make positive healthy changes that will stick. Ultimately, improving the quality of your life with more energy & zest, a happier mood state, less stress & anxiety, an ideal body weight, and a happier you inside and out.

About Colleen Wynia

Quantum Energy facilitator, Visionary, Speaker, Spiritual Intuitive, Grief Healer, Massage Bodyworker & Wellness educator…. mountain goat, outdoor enthusiast, sun worshipper… energy bunny, health crazed, athlete… leader, mentor, friend.

Professionally, I am a Reset Your Vibe Energy Coach in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m passionate about living and teaching the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics and its relationship to the Universal Law of Attraction.

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs sending out energy signals that attract everything into our lives – all experiences and tangibles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Reset Your Vibe Energy Coach
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