11 Birthday Secrets to Longevity for a Lifetime of Health and Happiness is my GIFT to you. It’s my Birthday, January 17th. In gratitude for you in my life, I’m excited to share 11 Secrets to Longevity!

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#1 Appreciation is paramount to success. The heart thrives on gratitude so be appreciative first of yourself and god/source, the incredible steps you’ve taken to get here. Appreciate everyone and everything that shows up in your life. You’ll feel amazing and happier and more inspired.  Appreciation fuels a healthy body, secrets to longevity.

#2 Persistence rules Success. Decide to NEVER GIVE UP no matter how tough, unless you are clearly being guided in a new direction. Hold onto your Dreams and decide you will continue to pursue them, even if the path changes directions some (or a lot), but you won’t stop pursuing.  When you do, you will not feel satisfied or feel you have a reason to live.

#3 Allow Magic to Show Up. Practice relaxing, being supported by Source/God and other people who show up. Especially when you don’t have an answer or clear path to run on, this is opportune time to slow down, listen inside, give “space” and “time” for source to work the magic and you time to allow in more love and support.

#4 Trust your Intuition. Everyone is blessed with an innate knowing, your own GPS guidance system. It’s your job to get good at listening and hearing the subtle (and screamingly loud) messages.

#5 Practice Emotional Freedom. Free yourself from fear. Emotion is in the past and most always a result of a past experience or cellular memory, something in the past that happened to you or around you that shook you up at the time, and you are holding on for dear life in the now. This doesn’t benefit you’re your well-being.

In most cases, painful emotion and paralysis feelings that hold you back is actually FEAR manifested into form. Choose to feel your yucky emotions, allow the feeling to move through and out of your body, let it release the hold on you. When your body feels freedom, your cells are happier and respond like a biologically younger person, giving you added energy and faster healing.

#6 Fuel your body with good nutrition and quality supplements. Eat clean food that is GMO-free and organic as much as possible. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, fibre and good protein. Choose to wisely supplement with all natural powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. With today’s toxic environment combined with our internal stresses placed upon the body, lowering inflammation and lowering stress through balancing cortisol encourages optimal health and longevity. My favourite multi-functional health beverage is the whole fruit Mangosteen juice. Hands down, the over 14 years of global consumption and the wide-ranging health benefits of the fruit’s powerful phytonutrients called XANTHONES is second to know. Learn why Mangosteen rocks!: Mangosteen Juice

#7 Move your body – exercise, dance, jiggle, pump weights, hot yoga, climb mountains! This is a must in my books. Exercise has so many biological benefits as well as mental & emotional health. If you are not already enjoying regular exercise, spend time discovering something new that you’ll be able to do weekly and love it.

#8 Practice deep breathing.  Breathing deeply is one of the most simple, yet powerful effective methods for purifying the body, mind and spirit. In my practice when I combine basic breathing exercises with a more powerful technique called Rebirthing, clients truly tap into their unconscious to access what is ready to be transformed.

#9 Read or listen to books and teachings from the Masters of the Ages.  This can be in your favourite industry or a favourite subject. If you are on a Health kick, read books that teach you how to enhance your nutritional health. If you want healthier, happier relationships with your partner or family, read books Spiritual books that teach you how it begins with you. If you are growing a business of your own, invest time and learning and being inspired by masters of your profession. Fuel your mind in the direction you most feel compelled. TRUST!!!

#10 SMILE MORE & Laugh at yourself.  Life often feels serious enough. When you feel down, troubled, confused, overwhelmed a fast way to uplift your energy vibration is to place a smile on your face. Smile at others more, share your heart’s love, breathe in the beauty when you look into another person’s eyes. You will feel lighter, you will feel more optimistic, you will change the past emotion of feeling down or depressed when you bring your smile and laughter in the now.

#11 PLAY OUTDOORS!!! In whatever capacities soothes your soul and instills joy. For me, it’s hiking up mountains under the trees and allowing my body to feel absolutely embraced by nature.  For you, it could be running on the beach, dancing on the grass, sailing, golfing, river rafting, playing Frisbee in the park, walking your dog, or sitting and enjoying a miraculous sunset as it caresses the beauty of your surroundings.

These are my Top 11 Secrets to Longevity. I encourage you to choose 3 of your favourite secrets and integrate them into your life.


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