3 Signs to Trust Your Intuition is Working in your Favour

In this video Colleen shares 3 signs to learn how to trust your intuition and messages of guidance from your body speaking to you everyday. Learning how to trust your gut, your intuitive guidance, and recognizing signs and signals from your body will deepen your spiritual practice and grow your intuition.

It’s all about YOU and tapping into your intuitive brilliance to take your health, relationships and business to a next level of spiritual consciousness that aligns your Dreams with the energies of the universal shifts.

Learning to trust your intuition and deepening your practice will help you overcome self-doubt and uncertainty during important decisions and stuck moments that can eat away your mental energy and physical aliveneness.

Trusting your intuition is often thought of as the ability to RECOGNIZE positive, happy signs like visits from your loved ones who transitioned (passed over), angel messages, seeing repeat numbers and animal signs, finding feathers, coins, and more.


Trusting Signs that your intuition is working in your favor, can equally show up in ways you FEEL, sense or perceive as less positive, negative and unhappy moments.

Moments like when self doubt strikes, fear rises or a health concern hits you hard and delays your “Plans” like it did for me health-wise this past November and continual delays and frustrations moving into December right up to the holiday season.

Can you relate to feeling held back, feeling anxious, fearful or stuck? (you are not alone)

Watch this video I made for you on the 3 signs you can trust your intuition is working in your favour.


I cover 3 signs related to Health, Doubt and Fear and how to use the signs and feelings to guide you to your next best step to bring Clarity, Confidence and Creativity to heal your heart and re-ignite your soul’s mission.

I hope you enjoy this and see the power in your intuition like one of the members of Crystallize Your Vision program.

“Thank you so much for your guidance Colleen. I have been doing some therapy sessions and I swear I get more out of our group calls then I do from my one on one sessions with my therapist. I am so thankful our souls were brought together.”

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ARE YOU READY to trust your intuition to crystallize your vision with greater clarity, confidence and creative connection and interpret the Spiritual Signs your loved ones died are communicating to you to open your connection with the afterlife, heal your heart’s suffering, awaken your soul and inspire greater compassion for yourself?

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In Vibrant Health & Harmony,

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Love Colleen xx