3 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Intuition (UNLOCK YOUR SUPER POWER)

To develop greater trust that you are being guided in divine timing for your Soul’s growth and to create a strong foundation to bring about manifestations beyond your wildest imagination, I filmed this video for you from atop The Squamish Chief in beautiful British Columbia.

My video message will help you recognize 3 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Intuition and how to UNLOCK YOUR SUPER POWER to manifest in greater flow and grow your business with more ease, trust and self love.

I’m curious…. to what degree do you TRUST your power within, your intuitive brilliance, to guide you in manifesting your dreams?

Be honest. 100% of the time? 80% of the time? 50% of the time?

To develop greater trust that you are being guided in divine timing for your Soul’s growth, to create a strong foundation for manifestations to come into fruition and to flourish beyond your mind’s imagination, I filmed this video for you from atop The Squamish Chief in beautiful British Columbia. My message will help you recognize 3 Signs that get in the way of allowing your birthright manifestations to flow with ease and grace.


3 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Intuition that blocks you from creating:

  1. Impatience
  2. Comparison
  3. Attachment to Form

Let’s break these down.

Being impatient shows up as discord in your body. Feeling impatient is a SIGN that you are out of healthy balance, and not trusting your faith or the Universe to support you.  Emotions like frustration, anger, anxiety, and sadness can easily show up.

In music, discord means “lack of harmony between notes.” Discord is when you are not in alignment with your natural way of being. Health problems are another SIGN of not being in harmony with yourself.

An innocent thought like “I SHOULD be seeing certain results by now, I SHOULD be doing something a certain way, or results SHOULD be happening faster (replace with your own SHOULD’s), you are essentially ignoring your present experience.

Ignoring equates to rejecting yourself, not allowing the divine to work through you, pushing away God and your Spiritual cheerleaders’ ability to magically orchestrate in ways you could not dream of yourself. In other words, you are in judgement and disqualifying the beauty of your growing pain, resulting in attachment to outcome (connected to the 3rd sign below).

Watch the video 3 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Intuition as I elaborate on why you can no longer “shelf” your body’s inner wisdom, ignore your own voice and put continuous pressure on yourself.


Comparing yourself to others and past disappointments doesn’t serve you and is a waste of energy. I’ve done this my whole life. I’m getting better and do it less and less, yet it’s a constant practice.

How does comparison take you down and throw you off center? Where is comparison making you feel bad about yourself? Do you go on social media and compare yourself to other people’s creations then feel depressed or less than?  Or do you compare your present moment to past results and disappointments and fear same will happen this time?

Ladies and gents, please STOP and take a chill pill, get re-aligned and relinquish the past that’s behind you. This takes repeat practice and skills based in Energy Principles, I know. Last weekend I fell hard and deep into this patterning, I got out of alignment with me, and I applied some Energy Principles to lovingly shake my habitual tendency so that I could return to the vibrant, healthy, loving, creative, playful me and show up in the world as others see me.


Attaching to form is really, really critical and can be unnecessarily crippling when you hold too tight to perceived outcome.

How often do you have something mapped out in the way that you want it to happen?  Take your dream vision board or journal for example, where you’ve written goals and commitments.

Let’s say one of them is you are going to be kind and loving to yourself by eating healthy clean, green, organic foods & supplements this week. In day 3 you slip, fall into a pattern of soothing through comfort food, and feel you messed up by overeating. When this happens, are you really giving yourself space and kindness to go through that experience to feel both sides of the coin to heal at the time that’s true for your Soul? Are you trusting this is part of the journey to living in more wholeness?

One of my greatest spiritual teachers and wise Soul sister Diane transitioned (died) one week before official covid hit. Diane would observe all the activities I squeezed into a single day (including 3 years of late-night hospital visits to see her). Diane would point out from her personal experience of pushing her own body hard for too many years, that if I continue to push my body out of alignment for long periods of time because I was endeavoring to keep up with what I think my life should look like, that I was distracting myself from myself and positioning myself for future health problems too. I didn’t want that.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, do that now. I share a few more tips to reduce the noise of distracting yourself from your deepest calling and true voice, with guidance to do a self love inventory to get better at navigating the crazy energies of the world so you thrive no matter what pandemic, loss, financial disrupt, heartbreak or confusion shows up.

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