3 Ways Loved Ones Who Died Communicate with Us [Video] was created to ask the BIG question “Is it possible for our deceased loved ones to communicate after they died?” If so, in what ways do they speak to us and show their presence?

3 ways Loved Ones Who Died Communicate with Us is about exploring the possibility of bringing more peace into your life, easing some of the pain connected to your loss, and addressing both your curiosities and doubts about the Afterlife through these spiritual happenings you cannot always make sense of.

In my more than 20 years of experience with the loss of my spiritual family and tapping into the spirits of people who reach out to me, there are many ways to recognize your loved ones died.

My blog Interpreting Spirit Signs lists 8 of the most popular ways. In today’s video blog I highlight the Top 3 ways most experienced in my life and those of my clients:

Moving Objects
Electricity Occurrences

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, have you ever awoken from a dream, startled, and felt a deep sense they are here with you?

Do you sometimes smell their favourite fragrance or food?

Do you notice objects moved out of place?

Do you notice lights flickering or their their favourite song come on the radio at the moment you think of them?

Has it been 20 years since they died and you still feel their presence?

These are just some of the questions I receive weekly on my Afterlife blog posts. Check out the miraculous stories on signs of loved ones by visiting my most popular blog and leave your own comment:

Spirit Communication, Moving Objects

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I’m a Vibrational Energy Coach, Spiritual Intuitive and Holistic Health Educator who has lost a large number of people I’ve loved dearly. This has resulted in my mission to teach dis-ease Prevention solutions through healthy living and quality natural supplementation while helping those folks in grief and pain move beyond the loss of a loved one into acceptance. By recognizing signs of their loved one(s) in Spirit the healing of the heart unfolds more organically and in many cases much faster.

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