3 Ways to Raise Your HEALTH Vibration is the first video of my RADIATE LOVE series. February is LOVE month! Naturally we think of loving other people, yet truth is love begins inside of us.

To RADIATE LOVE we must FEEL GOOD on the inside.  It’s been my experience the #1 Law of Attraction principle is to focus each day on Feeling Good, or feeling better than you did.

The first video in my series offers 3 Ways to Raise Your HEALTH Vibration in BODY, MIND and HEART so you can have more of what you want in life as you create from love energy.

I’m a Reset Your Vibe Success Coach helping you radiate love and create from the inside out. Imagine feeling more Vibrant Health, more Love, more Money and more Magic?

To Raise Your Health Vibration there are limitless possibilities and it’s not always easy, but it’s absolutely possible when we make a decision and commitment.


3 Ways to Raise Your HEALTH Vibration begins in your body. How does your body feel? Do you have a headache? Are you exhausted? Sleeping well? Depressed? Having trouble losing weight?

Practice checking in. Sharpen your ability to listen closely. Tune into how you are feeling. Ask yourself right now before you do your next phone call, see your next client or make your next sale, “How do I FEEL?” It’s a body feeling, not a mind thought.

If we are not passionately alive and healthy in the physical form, where we’ve chosen to create from during this human experience, we don’t have a healthy foundation to build our Dreams upon.

Lowering stress with cortisol balancing and calming supplements to support a healthy mood state, is paramount for long term disease prevention and daily increase of your joy factor. Two favourites of mine:

ELEVIV is a scientifically studied blend of four proven ingredients Eurycoma longifolia, citrus peel extract, green tea extract, and pharmaceutical-grade L-Theanine formulated to restore your body’s natural balance, helping you feel cheerful, alert, resilient, vigorous and youthful.

PiiX Calm is a highly effective blend of herbs specifically designed to help ease stress levels by supporting the body’s nervous system as it facilitates feelings of calm and serenity, rest and relaxation. Based on traditional studies and centuries of use, the PiiX Calm formulation includes the the highest quality of carefully selected herbs like lavender, ashwagandha, passion flower and lemon balm for astonishing results.

Contact Me to for specific information about nature’s supplements.

If you are in a business of Health and Wellness like I am, or helping people succeed in any industry (hmm, now that’s everyone!) what are you doing to love you? Feeling good, however you choose to shift this is loving yourself.

Your love vibration RADIATES out and acts like a powerful magnet drawing toward you a matching vibration, or higher vibe. When you raise your health vibration to a high enough frequency for a long enough period of time, then take action of (allowing or doing), you’ll attract more of what you want into your life. I promise!!


3 Ways to Raise Your HEALTH Vibration next takes our mind into consider. What are you doing to fuel your mind? Do you have healthy thoughts? Are you being kind to yourself or do you have negative background chatter going on? “I’m not good enough, I’m doubting, and I can’t do this.”

As a transformational Reset Your Vibe Success Coach I help people align, relinquish the ancient neuropathways (deeply negative messages we tell ourselves, stories we bought into handed down from generations upon generations past) so you can dream again.

Do you read self-empowerment books? Do you read books that are in your professional industry? Do you listen to audio books from your favourite health & spiritual educators? Are you fuelling your heart’s dreams towards manifesting your life desires? Ask yourself these questions and note the answers that come back.

I highly recommend a book recently gifted to me to fuel a healthy business mind. It’s titled Mastering Network Marketing by Master Distributor, Dwayne Dyer. Dwayne has taken his 28 years of industry experience and provided chapter after chapter of proven tips and business strategies for achieving success in creating residual income. In my opinion, the powerful information contained in this book is specific to growing a network marketing business, and it can be carried over to any industry.


3 Ways to Raise Your HEALTH Vibration always include the Heart. February is love month. To radiate love you must LISTEN TO YOUR OWN HEART. Not only what others tell you, even successful and wealthy folks. You must check in for yourself.  You need to know that what you are saying “Yes!” to, is in alignment with you.

Are you listening to your heart? Following your gut instinct?  Listening and taking action on your intuition?

Practice saying “No” when you feel this. Say “yes” when you feel yes. Or are you saying “no” cause you are fearful? You want to love yourself on the tough days.

Do you accept yourself? Do you embrace where you are at in this moment?

To raise your health vibration, body, mind and heart, decide to love yourself by checking in daily. Notice how you are feeling in a given moment. Take a deep breath in.

Take 5-10 deep breaths in through your mouth, hold for 1-2 seconds at the top of your breath (upper chest), then relax with a BIG “aaahhhh” exhaling through your mouth. Place your hand on your Heart and ask if “XYZ” feels right for you, is true for you, or what is your next action step? When you FEEL a “Yes”, trust it! When you FEEL a “No”, trust it. Your heart always knows the truth, even when you ignore it and later it bites you in the butt.


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Together we can help you re-align through to improve how you feel, bring you higher on the frequency scale so you feel good. When you feel good, or better than you did before, you’ll immediately attract all kinds of amazing experiences towards you with less resistance, more ease and grace. Wouldn’t that be Awesome?

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