Meet Colleen


Vibrational quantum energy facilitator, visionary, spiritual intuitive, grief/loss counsellor, massage bodyworker and nutritional health educator…. mountain goat, outdoor enthusiast, sun worshipper… energy bunny, health crazed, athlete…  leader, presenter, networker, student, friend.

Professionally, I am a Reset Your Vibe Energy Coach in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m passionate about living and teaching the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics and its relation to the Universal Laws of

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs sending out energy signals that attract everything into our lives – all experiences and tangibles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Want to Attract more Good?

Enhance Health? Lower Stress? Feel Happier? Heal Grief? Loving Relationships? Connect with Spirit? Improve Finances? Grow your business? Whatever good means to you, changing the energy frequency at which you vibrate is paramount. I can help!


Reset Your Vibe

Colleen coined the term Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA). We integrate QEA into each unique service: Massage & Bodywork, Spirit Communication and Transforming Grief/Loss, helping you dissolve ancient programming, illusions & beliefs that no longer contribute to your best life. Together we’ll establish new neuropathways inspiring positive growth for your Soul’s next chapter in its evolution.

Suppressed emotions, thoughts, experiences, and denied dreams directly impact the body’s state of wellness. Through Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA) you will uncover buried beliefs, overcome self-doubt and develop greater trust in your heart’s intelligence – Align your Body & Spirit – attracting in more Good!


Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Colleen first became aware of her intuitive abilities as a young girl when she provided massage and hands-on touch to her family and friends. Her dad Gerry was her biggest fan!

No stranger to loss, Colleen can intimately relate to the grief experienced by many. In a 9 month time frame, Colleen grieved the passing of two beloved men, her father Gerry and cousin Robert (like-a-brother), followed by the physical death of many loved ones annually for 8 years. The emotion was overwhelming and the tears kept rolling.

Dad and Rob were the first of her loved ones to capture her attention with Spirit Communication by demonstrating Spirit Signs. Hilarious and playful signs that ignited laughter and demonstrated proof the soul lives on.

On top of the loss of her family and friends, Colleen endured relationship separation, financial bankruptcy, physical disability, near death experiences, job loss and the challenges that come with career transition and the soul’s awakening to one’s life work.

Seek out trusted mentors

The grief and loss that Colleen experienced led her to a variety of holistic counsellors, practitioners, and eastern philosophy teachings. Over time, her involvement in group workshops and courses, with her self-honored wisdom, helped dissolve and transform the emotional pain and distress held in her body. This prepared her in guiding others to heal the grief that comes from loss, while educating on recognizing and interpreting Spirit Signs.

Primarily self-taught, Colleen draws upon her self-guided Deep Tissue Massage skills and innate connection with Spirit. Later she studied with holistic teachers: Rebirthing with Teertha Mistlberger, Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure with Ron Pankranz, new Bodywork techniques with Philip Clement, and ESM with co-founder Diane Raphael.

In recent years, Colleen’s enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle has piqued her interest in eating organic foods and supplementing with quality plant-based nutritionals like mangosteen juice to nourish the body and mind, and slow the aging process.

Whatever freedom from the past you desire, Colleen will guide you to dissolve those ancient, outdated beliefs so you can shift gears, change your frequency from surviving to Thriving for good!! Let’s share a conversation to explore the Best Fit for You!

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