Testimonials:  Bodywork & Massage | Intuitive Guidance & Transforming Grief/Loss

Bodywork & Massage


Trilby Jeeves’ personal experience of Colleen’s Quantum Energy Massage & healing hands immediately after her session. Watch to the end for a definition of Quantum Healing and its benefits to your Life!!!!

Barb Kirby wanted to Transform her Negative Stuck Energy & Trapped Emotion. We did exactly that! Barb’s transformational Breathing and Energy Bodywork promoted a breakthrough that made her feel AMAZING and like Gumby! “A little blissed out I’d say. Wish I could have come up with a few more descriptors but really it was ……. AMAZING?? Don’t know if you’re old enough or recall the cartoon Gumby? I felt like what he looked like. Like I was all bendy and I was leading with my hips. It was pretty cool and made me laugh. Thank you Colleen!!!”
Barb Kirby

Deb of The Land of Deborah shares her personal testimonial working with Colleen Wynia. Her breakthrough, launching more into her music career and easing joint and body discomforts. Colleen’s guidance has helped her reach new places within her soul’s journey. When you are ready!
~ Deborah Tyzio

Darian experienced his first-ever Massage and felt amazing. He eloquently shares, “The massage was incredibly relaxing like I was in another state of consciousness. Like I was asleep but totally aware of everything. It was amazing!” His lower back had been sore and felt a lot better. His body continued to sink deeper and deeper through his session.

Imagine feeling like a weight has lifted off your shoulders, melted off your back and you can breathe again. You feel amazing and have more clarity to move forward in your life. You feel a sense of FREEDOM in your heart. Imagine what you can do with that energy to fuel your Health, Business and Relationships. Rhonda did just that.

“Thank you for the most wonderful bodywork. You’re a gifted healer.
~ Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Contrarian Effect & The Think Big Manifesto

“I’ve had a lot of massages in my lifetime and I would say that my massage experience with Colleen Wynia was the best I’ve ever had! I was literally floating off her table when it was over. It was like a huge weight had been lifted literally right out of my low back where so much pain and heaviness had been residing for way so many years. My back problems mainly stem from a major car accident in 2002 and since then I tried everything including yoga, physio, pilates, chiro and a host of other massage therapists. Colleen intuitively knew how to get at the heart of the dull, aching pain that has plagued me for years and help clear the heavy energy that had been pulling me down.

She also surprised me by connecting with my father who had recently passed away. I felt his love and presence and through her received the reassurance and understanding of who he was and what I meant to him. When I sat up and looked in the mirror, I saw my father in me and that’s all I needed to feel at peace. It’s an experience I will never forget and I’m so thankful to Colleen for giving me such a great gift. Look no further if you looking to find an amazing health practitioner who truly cares and who will help you feel amazing!
~ Linda Mackie, Linda Mackie Photography   

Energy Healing and Breathwork Testimonial“Thank you Colleen for a wonderful Energy Massage and Breathwork session. I’ve never done breathwork before and the combination approach helped release a lot of tension and tightness in my body and heart. The activation breathwork really helped release negative energies I was holding. I experienced what felt like a cathartic release physically, emotionally and mentally. My aches and pains were essentially gone. I felt a warm sensation of relaxation, had a deep restful sleep and felt really good after. When I saw the chiropractor the next day the adjustments were easier because of the massage. Colleen was sensitive to my needs and her attentiveness made me feel really heard and cared for. Her intuitive ability to hone in and know what I needed was highly in sync.  Thanks so much Colleen!”
~ Shelly Leversage, Dental Hygienist & Fitness Bodybuilder

Colleen is an Angel worker. She took care of a knot in my shoulder in one session. Which was there for 9 months.

This is a transformational massage it is not just getting a massage. She incorporates breath and and other practices to make a truly memorable experience. I thoroughly recommend and have sent many people to her, and all have been happy!”

~ Charles Blair, Investor & Music Lover






Colleen is amazing! Anyone who is facing any issues with their body and/or mind should definitely contact her to see how she can help you. In just a few hours with her I feel like a whole new person, or should I say more like the person I used to be. Big thanks Colleen!
~ Mike Faux “Hippie Mike” Skateboarder,          


Colleen is Unbridled optimism! She inspires Clients to rise above life’s toughest challenges and has done that for me! I have experienced my own healing through her instinctive, deep tissue bodywork/massage. Though I am one of her most challenging cases facing nagging chronic sports related injuries, her approaches and techniques assist me greatly to better manage pain and discomfort.

Colleen is a naturally caring, empathetic listener who offers a great deal of compassion and is non-judgmental at all times. This trait is so important to me. I love Colleen’s variety of solutions and options she offers to deal with serious health issues. Thank you so much for being in my life. I consider Colleen a caring friend whom is completely open to assist her clients in overcoming physical and emotional pain by providing release and inner freedom. “For real !”
~ Brian Smith, ex Sport Athlete Extraordinaire


I’ve received massages from Colleen for the last three years and always look forward to her treatments. She has an intuitive understanding of what she needs to do to bring a person to a state of relaxation and healing.  She has just the right touch and I always leave her treatments with a better feeling of well-being.”   ~ Yi-Ren Lai

“I had two sessions with Colleen Wynia for tendonitis in my shoulder.  I had previously had a cortisone shot, but once it wore off, the pain returned.  In just two sessions, Colleen provided me with much-needed relief!  She seemed to know exactly where the pain was and how to treat it.  She even found sore spots that I was unaware I had!  Both of my sessions were relaxing and very soothing. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Colleen for the relief she has provided me.  Thank you!”
~Allison Benson, Human Resource Services

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be a client of Colleen’s for many years – her massage technique is truly divine, each time wishing the session would never end, and each time questioning why I don’t book more often! Colleen sets a calm and nurturing environment, where relaxation comes easily, and the knots are skillfully melted away. A massage from Colleen = Personal Rejuvenation!”
~ Lisa Ayton

“Colleen has a lovely energy, persona, and conducts her treatments in a professional manner. Being a fellow healer, I have been suffering with an injury in which I have seen many RMTs to get relief, but today I felt an actual shift in the area. Thank you, Colleen, for this amazing experience. She has great hands, and healing space, and great intuition! Highly recommend giving it a try.”
~ Diane Thielicke,

“I have never hurt so good as I have with Colleen. Her power to get deep into the muscle is matched by her power to bring you deep into peace. I finally feel like I have connected with a true healer; someone who can help. I’m a large man with severe muscle problems who has suffered long enough. Colleen’s approach to wellness within and without should inevitably give me the respite I have longed for.”
~ Patrick Simser, Raje

“Colleen’s gift is undoubtedly profoundly healing and powerful. Talk about “Good Vibrations”. Thanks again!”
~ Kali Robinson

“The first time I met Colleen, I was drawn by her warm vibrant energy. I felt comfortable and at ease right away. Colleen did bodywork on me as most of my tension is held in my back. She knew exactly where to go and really worked on releasing all the little nooks and crannies that were in knots.

I think this is the best massage I’ve ever had. Being intuitive and energetically sensitive myself, it is important for me to receive healing from people I feel are authentic and align. This is what I felt from Colleen. She is caring, compassionate, and radiates health and beauty. If you are looking for someone to support you in your growth and healthy lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact her. She’s a ‘go to’ person you must keep in your phone.
~ Amelie St-Pierre, Health Intuitive,

“I have gone to many massage therapists in my time over the last 12 years, always trying to relieve my pain from a wrestling accident that forever changed my health. I have never met a massage therapist that could do what Colleen has done for me.

She not only helped to relax and relieve my muscle tension and pain but also helped me to relax my mind as though I had meditated. I felt completely calm, rejuvenated and spiritually at peace. Thank you so much Colleen!!!!!”
~ Robert Madzej

“Thank you for an incredible session Colleen.  I feel like a new person.”
~ Manpreet Sokhi, Commercial & Personal Photographer

“Over the past few years I have been struggling with balance in my life – not only did I not put ‘me’ time on my to do list, I also ‘forgot’ the things that make me happy and fulfilled. I was focusing on the things I needed to change – my job, my home, for example – rather than the things inside me that I could work on to get to a ‘happier’ place with my whole life.

More than a massage, Colleen’s body work helps release the tension in my body, helps clear my mind of all the clutter and negative messaging, and refreshes my spirit, making it is easier to find the positive, happy place in my life that is allowing me to explore new ideas and new directions. Knowing this would be a year of change, working with Colleen has helped me to be overcome my own fears and self-imposed barriers, evaluate options, make decisions and move forward towards achieving my goals.”
Cathy Deluca, Business Analyst, TP Systems

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the finest massages ever……Colleen gives an above average massage which leaves one feeling relaxed and reconnected.

Since wellness and relaxation are ultimately connected to illness, it is highly recommended to give yourself the gift of massage for the utmost experience of relaxation. I would highly recommend Colleen.”
Dr. Marilyn Parkin, The College of Medical Intuition

“Colleen, thank you for the most amazing massage in the world. Being on the road & travelling a lot I am usually in need of a massage. Your healing hands & heart have made me feel magnificent. You truly have a magic touch. Thank you deeply.”
~ Wayne Lee, Speaker, Author, Hypnotist

“Thanks for the amazing bodywork yesterday Colleen! I can’t believe I actually passed out on your table. I feel amazing today and my body feels totally healed. Thanks again, needed that.”
Jaime Lynne Ward, Competitive Female Boxer & Athlete  

“Having been involved in various sports for close to 51 years I know the value of a great masseuse! Having just had a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely beneficial massage from Colleen I have no hesitation in recommending her. Not only is she very knowledgeable about what techniques to use, areas to cover, and pressure to apply but she is very easy to talk to and accepts feedback readily.

It felt like we were working as a team to help maximize my experience and to achieve the greatest benefit from it.  When the session ended I felt refreshed and re energized. My muscles felt supple and loose. Thanks Colleen for a great massage – I look forward to our next session!”
Steve M., Sports Enthusiast and Amateur Tournament Golfer 

“Customized. Attentive. Intuitive. Conscientious. Healing. Other massage therapists are often too light on the touch – it’s relaxing but doesn’t release muscle tension. Colleen asks you what you want and then connects intuitively to provide more than you expected. She can go very deep yet with tremendous sensitivity. She’s a rare gem among therapists!”
~ Catherine Sherlock, Communications & Sustainability Consultant

“Reconnecting with Colleen was truly a blessing in disguise.  I had been suffering with muscle discomfort for a long time when I decided to give Colleen a try.  She gave me a wonderful 1.5 hour massage and worked intuitively to relieve pain symptoms that I had been carrying around for months.

After my treatment, I felt a million times better and was able to move comfortably and sleep well again.  I highly recommend Colleen to anyone wishing to work with a therapist who listens to your body and relieves tension.”
Karen Biffi, Royal LePage North Shore Realtor 

“I’ve received massages from Colleen for the last three years and always look forward to her treatments.  She has an intuitive understanding of what she needs to do to bring a person to a state of relaxation and healing.  She has just the right touch and I always leave her treatments with a better feeling of well-being.”
~ Yi-Ren Lai

“Colleen was referred to me by a friend who has been seeing her for years. From our first interaction Colleen was professional and accommodating. Her studio is warm and welcoming and I was able to slow down after a hectic work day. Colleen ensured she understood my health history and asked the important question – what do you want to get out of this session?

When she started the session she guided me through breath work which enabled me to go deeper into relaxation. She was intuitively drawn to areas I didn’t even know needed attention! I left feeling a sense of calm yet my body was energized from the release of tension. Colleen is a master!”
~ Joan Stobbs, Executive Assistant, Vancouver Canucks

“Colleen – a few words about my treatment: I sensed your intuition, powerful yet soft – as you helped my body communicate more freely within itself, finding the areas that needed release. I felt my energy pulsing more freely, becoming balanced.”
Karyn Davies, Expressive Arts Therapist & Reg. Clinical Counsellor 

“Today I had the best massage of my life. Colleen creates a personal, emotional and sensual experience that I’ve never found elsewhere. She took the time to really understand every area – literally mind, body and soul – that needed attention, and it made me feel fantastic for the rest of the day. It was full of such genuine care, and I’m so impressed that Colleen’s passion to help people is matched by her skills as a massage and energy bodyworker. Thank you Colleen!”
Mike Gillman 

“I have gone to Colleen for a number of body work treatments and she does a great job.  She is very effective at addressing my major issues, and she is really in tune with what a body needs to relax.  Her personal connection with her clients brings a very personal touch to all her treatments.  She definitely helped me with my stress.  Thank you Colleen!”
– Blair P., Active Horizons Fitness & Coaching

“Immediately after my energy Massage session with Colleen I felt Fantastic! I was deeply relaxed, dazed even, and it took me a moment to return to reality. I scheduled the session with Colleen because my back muscles were tensed up, knotted, and very uncomfortable. It had been a few years since I was first treated by Colleen. In one session, the spot that was the sorest is no longer as sensitive and I feel as though my back is ‘Back in Place’ where it’s supposed to be. Thank you so much Colleen!”
Nathan Witte, Actor

“I wish to tell you how much I do appreciate your massage. Due to a likely whip lash, I have suffered for month from tingling in my left arm. Every time you have massaged my neck, shoulder and arm I have had immediate relief. Very soothing for me.

I was also very amazed once when you were working on my left upper arm and elbow when it felt like my lower arm and hand became weightless and started moving upwards in the thin air! Absolute healing magic in action. I am looking so much forward to my next massage.”
Mikael Lund, Owner World Living Water Systems 

“I’ve had many a wonderful massage in my life, but none more powerful than Colleen’s. Not long after the start of the session, I felt the most amazing warmth, vibrating energy and healing going on … I choose relaxing massage coupled with acupressure and it was outstanding!!”
– Lee Chamberland, Health and Wellness Coach

“My appointment with Colleen was (specifically) to ease my back full of knots. With her natural instinct and expertise, Colleen soothed them. All the while gently helping me adjust my shallow breathing with her own restorative deep breathing technique, Rebirthing. A wonderful healing experience and I feel Great!”
~ Florence (Biddy) Fresen

“I went to see Colleen for a massage and it was fantastic.  I play a lot of sports and she was really able to loosen up my neck and upper back.  I would definitely go back for more treatments.”
Hailee Turpin, co-Founder

“I didn’t know what to expect before my session with Colleen as I hadn’t really had much bodywork done.  Colleen was very gentle and soothing and afterwards I felt relaxed and rejuvenated!”
~ Erin Higgins

“With an intuitive touch and a generous share of her positive energy, I received ninety minutes of pure bliss!”
~ Marty Hart, Landscape Designer

“Colleen’s massage helped me to relax and made for a more restful sleep which is exactly what I needed then.”
~ Peter O’Fallon, Director for Film & Television

“Speaking of miracles, I have experienced first hand what miraculous healing Colleen is capable of. Two weeks ago I lifted over 50 boxes in a matter of two days. I woke up the next day and couldn’t turn my neck left or right. Every time I moved I would scream in pain. Honestly it felt like my neck was broken. I was contemplating going to a chiropractor, but I thought I would just let it heal on its own. It never went away.

I was desperate when I came to Colleen, intuitively feeling she would find what was wrong. Next day I was on her massage table, she found something in the bottom of my foot on the left side, where she performed very deep acupressure, then she found another spot on the left side of my back and upper neck and performed the same deep acupressure. The next day I was actually able to turn my head around and back out my car, and look in the rear view mirrors and pick up things off the floor without feeling like my neck was broken. I am feeling fantastic and will be able to do these 24 hour days on my computer to get this article out. THANK YOU SO MUCH COLLEEN……Your a miracle!!”
~ Kimberly Easterbrook,  Published Writer/Longevity Researcher

“Colleen’s massage session was an escape from the daily challenges of fatigue, anxiety and stress. Her comforting and heartfelt environment was a positive turn to the day. After the session I was not only relaxed and in a better mood, but my thoughts were more clear and focused. Colleen’s healing touch leaves an impression on me.”
Steve Best, Associate Producer for Television

Colleen Wynia’s stress-relieving massage sessions have been both profoundly relaxing and have impressed me in her fine professional technique and the intuitive nature of her work. Colleen wins my appreciation as a talented bodyworker whose efforts have helped me with periodic stress-related back tensions on several occasions.”
– Fred Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist, Integrated CranialSacral & Voice Physiotherapy

“Deeply relaxed…at peace…connected with self…rejuvenated. Colleen’s deep tissue massage is the best I have had in many years of having massage treatment. Colleen has a way of knowing exactly where you need the release and works with your body. I felt treated by Colleen compared to worked on by traditional massage specialists. This is definitely more the type of therapy my body/mind/spirit has needed. I’ve been re-awakened.”
~ Jen Plaza, Employee Benefits Specialist & Fitness Consultant

“Colleen’s got magic fingers. Since I had my heart attack 3 years ago with the complications of renal failure and respiratory problems I get a lot of pain in my back, shoulders and neck. After a session with Colleen I feel so relaxed and out of pain that I usually doze off to sleep. Colleen’s my niece and I love her like a daughter. Her mobile service is great for me as I can’t travel far.

I find I can deal with stress, better able to deal with everyday problems in a more positive way. When I’m feeling out of sorts I put on one of my relaxation tapes and visualize a warm sandy beach. I owe Colleen for giving me these gifts.”
~ Patricia Nelles

“Before working with Colleen, I was unable to move my head without pain in my neck and throat. This had largely been from tension from work and my mother’s passing. After just one session, I was able to release so much tension that I could move my head freely again without pain. I also had more energy for meetings throughout the day. I liked Colleen’s to-the-point assessments and solutions. Thanks again Colleen.”
– Doug Setter, Personal Trainer & Author

“Colleen gives an amazing massage… there’s something spiritual about what she does, that I can’t put into words. All I can tell you is that after a morning massage, I went on to enjoy a simply stellar day. Thanks, Colleen!”
~ Warren Walker

“With Colleen’s unique combinations of body work you get the ‘whole meal deal’…. She gets to the core of the matter and heals from the inside out…..with the most loving, nurturing way and follows through with support and great insights…I fully recommend her work as a body/mind coach!”
– Lilly Page

“I always enjoy my sessions with Colleen. The combination of massage and energy work is wonderful. She creates a safe, nurturing and relaxing environment to open up and let go of physical and emotional stress. She has a wonderful gift. I would highly recommend her work.”
~ Monica Alfreds, Owner & Designer of Drama Queen Designs

“I met with Colleen in a very stressful time in my life. Work was extremely busy and I felt as though I couldn’t keep up. My body had aches and pains all over and I’m sure the work stress didn’t help. I was looking for a way to lower my stress levels and to release some tension in my joints, hopefully getting rid of my aches. Thankfully I met Colleen.

I booked a session with her and it was fabulous. It was a time for me to leave the workplace mentally and physically and simply relax. It felt great and it relieved the stress in my joints and that night I slept exceptionally well. My stress levels declined and I felt as though I could work more efficiently. I would recommend anyone who wants to relax, get in tune with their body, and reduce their stress levels to experience Colleen’s work.”
~ Bryn Hamilton, Investors Group Financial Services

“I had a severe pain under my right shoulder Blade due to an intense mountain bike ride I had a week earlier. I tried hot showers, ice packs, but to no avail. I had seen Colleen’s web site and all the glowing reviews and decided that I would be proactive in this rehabilitation and booked a 90min session with her.

Upon being greeted, I felt welcomed and listened to as far as my concerns with my back and what else was going on in my Life. The massage session allowed me to be in the moment and not have any of life’s challenges distract me. I felt at total peace with her as being the conduit to my inner most feelings.

I have total belief in massage therapy and have been to many massage therapists, but being in the Presence of a wonderful massage therapist and medium was the total relaxing package all massages should be. Both body and mind were at peace. Thank you, Colleen.”
~ Robert Ferguson

“I wanted to thank you very much for the lovely massage the other day! I was impressed with how well you were able to loosen my tight upper back/ neck muscles while keeping the massage extremely relaxing.  By the end of the massage, my muscles felt much better and I felt at ease. Thank you:) ”
~ Alicia Cherneski, Sun Life Financial Advisor

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Intuitive Guidance & Transforming Grief/Loss

RESET YOUR VIBE AND FEEL EXCITED, MOTIVATED, LIGHTER AND MORE INNER PEACE. In this video Marsha describes her positive experience in Colleen’s Reset Your Vibe series of Spiritual Coaching and Transformational Energy Healing. Drawing from my magical tool kit of intuitive guidance, a powerful breathing technique called REBIRTHING, Massage & Bodywork, and vibrational quantum energy healing we were able to bring peace to her emotional state while re-wiring her neuropathways. Our Reset Your  Vibe series is transforming her low energy, lethargy, lack of motivation and excitement into renewed excitement, lightness, inner peace and clarity to re-energize her vibe for her family, personal journey and business.

“Usually I am cynical regarding unexplained therapies. After the passing of my mother and then later, the slow passing of my terminally ill sister, I found myself constantly tired and ill.  For months, I had a tightness in my throat and chest.  After our second session, it felt like an elephant had stepped off of my chest.  After the third session, I felt more relaxed and slept like a rock at home.  My work, training and home life drastically improved. I have been involved with health and fitness for decades, but I could not find a solution on my own. Thank you, Colleen.
~ Doug Setter, former U.N. Peacekeeper, personal trainer, author

When Cathy first came for her initial session she was anxious and upset about news on her medical condition and angry about her ex husband. Through drawing from my magical tool kit of channeled guidance, a powerful breathing technique called REBIRTHING, Acupressure massage & bodywork, Spiritual Communication and vibrational quantum energy healing we were able to bring peace to her emotional state while re-wiring her neuropathways – the story she tells herself. She’s giggling after a couple hours as if she consumed 2 glasses of wine!! Days later she called to share how amazingly she’s dopped her deep seated “Anger” towards her ex husband.
~ Cathy Mofazeli, Realtor

I have known Colleen for several years and had experienced successful healing support from her on previous occasions; so naturally when I was experiencing distress in my emotional well-being I sought her support again.

I had been weathering some emotional tumult after a difficult separation from a long-term partner, and was noticing many physical symptoms that were indicating much deeper pain, and unresolved issues – both mental and physical.

In attending several sessions of Colleen’s Reset Your Vibe consult series, she worked with me through breath work, deep tissue massage, and holistic release methods.  In expertly navigating me through this process Colleen was professional, compassionate, and effective.  She supported me to create an even stronger connection between my mind and body; as well as a keener sense of awareness as to how my present well-being had been informed and affected by my past.

With Colleen’s guidance I released a lot of pain housed in my body; and re-learned how to feel my way through some points of my past without holding onto them.  I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to let go of past trauma; and to raise their mind-body connection.
~ Tanya Vipond, BA Psych RPC, Mental Health Counsellor and Employment Specialist 

Jayme Knox shares her testimonial, her perspective of Colleen’s Quantum Mind Bodywork & Holistic Spiritual counsel. Rebirthing assisted Jayme to remove the constricted & suffocating feeling in her chest and throat, allowing her to more freely communicate her own needs with others, ultimately improving her relationships.

My beautiful client Raveet shares her life changing testimonial. When she looked in the mirror she saw a completely new person, never felt so calm and comfortable in her skin! Watch closely for the moving “ORB” when she says “I don’t know” prior to saying the word GRACE. So amazing the Spiritual support we have with us – ALWAYS!! I am honoured. I feel very blessed to witness this young woman’s transition!!


Rohit Chokhani, theatre/film producer & director, gives his story of Colleen’s Career Coaching, Personal Counseling, Energy Healing & Rebirthing sessions. Rohit shares well-being improvements he’s experienced personally and financially.


Shane Eradus’ perspective of Colleen Wynia’s unique approach in Quantum Mind Bodywork & Holistic Spiritual counsel. Shane expresses how Colleen has been a conduit to form a good breakthrough to meet and move beyond barriers ailing the body, mind or spirit. “If you are kind, compassionate and loving to yourself, the rest will TAKE OFF like a Rocket!!!”


Have you wanted to pull off the brakes and get yourself moving FASTER and more “on track” with your Business and Life Dreams? Excited for Doug Setter, an author and personal trainer, who is experiencing exactly that in our sessions together.  I’m offering a Discovery Call to all who want to SHAKE OFF THE DUST !!
Meet Doug:

Ruby Banga Breathwork ClientColleen was able to help me work through some stress from recent events and helped me to become clear on what my intention for the session was. I wasn’t sure how this was going to feel (if it would be any different) but I put in the work with her and came out of the session feeling much “lighter” which is what i had wanted, and felt like the stress had melted away. Immediate results. I really enjoyed this session and our talk prior to the breath work, as she made me feel very comfortable, validated and safe. I look forward to another session with Colleen in the near future. Thanks Colleen!           ~ Ruby Banga, Realtor with Heart


Energy Bodywork Intuitive Coaching North Vancouver BCI’m highly intuitive and trust my journey immensely so when I met Colleen and later worked with her professionally, it felt like a continued breath of fresh air. Our Co creative collaboration validated both the direction I was going in, as well as I gained valuable understanding of the beliefs I held about myself and how they impacted my personal relationships with a loving partner. Colleen’s intuitive insights coupled with energy bodywork and some breathwork allowed me to transform and relinquish another layer I was holding onto.
~ Vicky Perrin, Hospitality Industry



Colleen was instrumental in helping me navigate a particularly difficult time. She is open, non-judgemental, and never rushes. She allows the process to unfold in its own time, while also providing guidance using her extensive experience and intuition. Healing hands, big heart and kindness. She creates a safe space. I recommend her highly.
~ The Land of Deborah, Deb Tyzio Singer/Songerwriter, Musician




I felt instantly at ease with Colleen when we spoke over the phone before our first session. I was made to feel heard and in a safe zone to share my thoughts and feelings. I had done lots of healing work before but not breath work (it’s pretty incredible!) and Colleen talked me through the whole process and made me feel comfortable to let go and release. I had so many breakthroughs and although at times it was tough I felt amazing afterwards and instantly felt better than when I walked in for my appointment. I’ve had two sessions so far and Colleen has been a wonderful help while I’m transitioning into a new life. She sends me away with tools to set myself up for success in between my appointments. I would highly recommend booking in a session with her! Thank you Colleen!
~ Karen Sayers, Network Marketer Extraordinaire



My three hour one on one session was life changing for me! To begin I /we had three struggles happen. Immediately prior to our session, my bank machine went out of order, there was a second machine luckily. Number two, I couldn’t find the parking behind colleens building (eventually I did) and number three, as we were beginning Colleen’s nose started bleeding uncontrollably!  She had to lie down and begin guiding me through my breathing technique from a distance. Colleen said this never happened before over her 18+ years in practice! The energy I was giving off was incredible!!! I found these 3 bumps in the road added to my experience.

Midway through our session, I couldn’t stop smiling and my body felt high vibrations. At one point a recently passed family member gave colleen a message for me! My intention was too free myself from anxiety and worry, which I’ve suffered from my entire life up too now age 44.

Immediately after our session, I noticed my eyes were open wider than usual and my eye contact was perfect for conversing. Normally I look away a lot feeling embarrassed to make eye contact. My husband noticed immediately when I got home that I looked different. My eyes were focused on him when I spoke and I was calm as calm can be! It’s been a few weeks now and I’m continuing the eye contact and my anxiety levels are super low! I recommend anyone needing spiritual assistance in their journey, too not hesitate and contact Colleen Wynia ASAP! Forever grateful!
~ Corrie Aker, Health Care Extraordinaire

“A wonderfully condensed recap of the mindful steps I should be taking in everyday life.  As humans we often lose our path and direction. Utilizing these 8 steps quickly brought me back on track to living my best and happiest journey.

The most important piece for me has been around relationships. I have grasped a stronger connection and become more mindful of my authentic self. In continuing to work with Colleen, I am clearing past and present issues surrounding all my relationships. My emotional and physical vibe is gradually increasing daily. Thank you Colleen for your love and guidance”. Sarah Valoma



Despair to Hope, Peace, Joy - Testimonial“My biggest take away from Colleen’s ‘Reset Your Vibe’ session series was moving from a feeling of total despair and gloom to renewed hope and at peace. I met Colleen during an event where I experienced her massage, which felt amazing! She explained how she helps inspire her clients through Life Transitions and I wondered if she could possibly help me? I was suffering from my relationship breakup feeling overwhelmed, distraught, and empty inside. I felt stripped of myself and that I would never feel good again.

Colleen has a spiritual, compassionate way that allowed me to accept my emotions and know its OK to feel this way. Going through her Reset Your Vibe series the despair began to lift and I felt lighter, hopeful and more at peace. The breathing sessions with spiritual guidance really helped me lock in an understanding. It took time, and I know things will still come up, but I’ll never go back to that level of lost self again. I loved the blending of massage which always leaves me feeling amazing and rejuvenated. Thank you so much Colleen for helping pave a path of self-acceptance and inner strength.” ~ Sabrina Geracitano


Transformational Coaching

I received this inspiring message from my beautiful client & friend Ashley Rose, reflecting on the transformational coaching we are co-creating together! I am so touched. All things are possible Ashley, we are Limitless!! You reminded me of my summer hike atop Crown Mountain following a knee rehab.

“Thanks for the session today Colleen. I’m grateful to have your faith and gifted guidance in my life. Thank you too for your commitment to yourself. The mountains I’m climbing are made easier by your inner work and insights and I bow to that in you! Xo”
~ Ashley Rose

When I started to work with Colleen I wasn’t committed to an expectation.  I partnered with her on more of a hunch and a calling, really unsure of what my return on investment was going to be. Working with Colleen has been transformative for me.  These 8 Steps has brought me proven results. I came to Colleen in a time in my life where I was feeling stuck.  I needed change, but was unsure the root of this desire, where it could lead or what was possible.  I also came to the table lacking confidence in my ability to make a decision as it would lead to change.  All of this had manifested itself in a feeling of frustration and physical fatigue.  I wasn’t just stuck mentally; it was impacting my physical being too.

I am absolutely floored by what I have been able to accomplish with Colleen leading me.  She has helped to shed light on parts of my past that I hadn’t linked to my stuckness.  We not only were able to initiate action and mobility but we found out the root cause.  By identifying this root cause, I know that I will not get hung-up on that same stuck again.
~ Jody Shakespeare

“I just wanted to give a shout out to this woman and the amazing work she does. Working with Colleen, is literally changing my life. In a good way! It is giving more of myself back to me. It’s not easy work, but it’s definitely transformational. I can’t recommend her, and the work she does, enough.”
~ Cindy Bernicot, Massage Practitioner

“I went in to see Colleen for some energy work and found her to be amazing to work with. She made me feel safe and comfortable. My dad had recently passed away and she was able to access his energy to communicate with me. His presence was VERY strong and I knew and felt him there. She taught me how to trust more that he is guiding me and how to connect with him better to feel that his love for me is still there. She is truly gifted at connecting with the spirit world. Thank you!”
~ Anne DunnettInklings Design

“I went to see Colleen after I got into a major car accident. I found her site online and I knew we needed to meet. Colleen was able to help me release the trauma from the accident and all the emotions that came with it. As a surprise to me, during the guided breath work and with her intuition to help guide the process we tapped into my subconscious to bring up unresolved issues that had nothing to do with my accident and everything to do with why certain things were the way they were in my life. I highly recommend a session with Colleen. This can be considered a lesser known style of health care, but it’s one that digs deep into the health and well-being of your mind, body and soul to transform you from the inside out.”
Julia, a very Happy client

“Thank you Colleen Wynia, you have the gift of encouragement, healing and connecting with the super natural. Each time on your massage table is a life altering experience. I feel my body and soul getting a real cleanse for the better. Though the experience is INTENSE, you were always there with a warm hand guiding me, and welcoming me into my future without the past baggage.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing you incredible gifts with me, I have never met anyone like you who offer this type of service to help me get unstuck, gain clarity and move forward with more empowerment and be 100% more confident. Thank you also for helping my friend Rohit Chokhani who has already experienced a huge shift with his first session with you. You’re AMAZING! Please keep sharing your gifts with a wider audience, as the world needs so much healing and clarity right now.”
~ Alice Zhou, Gracious Host

“Another great session today with Colleen Wynia. Using the rebirthing breathing techniques has done wonders in getting me centered and calm, to the point of immense relaxation. She has been the first person EVER that I have been able to relax enough around to allow for my back to be deeply massaged without being in intense pain. I think I have almost fell asleep a couple times and that NEVER happens! Working through the energy healing and emotional release is doing wonders on my muscles and body as a whole! Thank you Colleen!!”
Sheila Sutherland

“I’ve had a lot of massages in my lifetime and I would say that my massage experience with Colleen Wynia was the best I’ve ever had! I was literally floating off her table when it was over. Colleen intuitively knew how to get at the heart of the dull, aching pain that has plagued me for years and help clear the heavy energy that had been pulling me down.

She also surprised me by connecting with my father who had recently passed away. I felt his love and presence and through her received the reassurance and understanding of who he was and what I meant to him. When I sat up and looked in the mirror, I saw my father in me and that’s all I needed to feel at peace. It’s an experience I will never forget and I’m so thankful to Colleen for giving me such a great gift. Look no further if you looking to find an amazing health practitioner who truly cares and who will help you feel amazing!
~ Linda Mackie, Linda Mackie Photography

“Colleen really knows what she’s doing.  She incorporates the emotional and spiritual aspect with the much-needed physical relaxation. Every time I see her I feel fabulous after my session, she just knows what to do.  A perfect example is when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and just felt gross all over.

Nothing I did seemed to allow me to feel better, but after my session with Colleen I was left feeling wonderful and felt so clear, light and relaxed all over for the first time in two months! It was heaven!  Colleen is so accommodating to my every need; she has such magical and intuitive hands!”
~ Daniella Najda

“My Bodywork and Rebirthing sessions with Colleen were like no other I have ever experienced before. On my first visit and there after I felt a sense of deep relaxation and healing during and after the sessions. Having gone through my mothers’ death in January 2007, I was so lost and confused. After working with Colleen for over a period of 2 months has changed my life.

I was able to connect with my mothers’ spirit and make peace with her and now know that she is in a better place. I am so grateful to have met Colleen and to have worked with her because she gave me the tools to be able to connect to myself as well and move forward to a happier life. She is truly gifted in this work and her fingers are amazing! I thank you and bless you Colleen for all your guidance and nurturing.”
– Julie Pederson

“I have known Colleen for a couple years and gotten to know what a gifted woman she is: professionally, socially and spiritually.  And now, having most recently experienced her healing touch integrative bodywork and massage, I now know what a gifted healer she is.

I came to Colleen suffering from “stuck energy:” I was experiencing anxiety attacks and associated nausea. During my session with Colleen she intuitively and physically shifted my wellbeing through muscle work and supportive massage. And through breath work and insightful guidance, she was able integrate my mental energies to be more in tune with my body. I left the session more in tune with my body and mind, more in control, and with some tools to use.

Colleen is a unique and creative professional who uses her powers for good; I highly recommend her services in Bodywork and Massage to any who is in need.
~ Tanya Vipond of Creative Umbrella Solutions, Mental Health Counsellor

“Colleen, I wanted to write a couple words to thank you for what you have done for me over the past year.

After experiencing a separation that I wasn’t ready for Colleen was there for me all ears and hands.  She was able to help me understand and pin point what I was off course in my life and then let the spirits guide me to where I should be focusing.  My business has bloomed and I know it has almost all to do with where Colleen has guided me to see.  90 minutes under Colleen’s care is well worth the time as she is always there for me.

Thanks a million Colleen. I will continue to see you until you have fixed me totally, lol”
Glen Convey, President Tidbits Canada

“Colleen is not only an amazing bodyworker (she has magical fingers!) but her ability to connect with the energy of others, both here and past, is on the same powerful level as James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne. I’ve never met someone so intent on helping others heal their pain, whether physical, emotional or ethereal. Keep up the amazing work Colleen. You are desperately needed in this world!”
~ Bobbi Van Riet

“Dear Colleen, I have to thank you twice for your counselling and massage therapy. Usually, I am cynical regarding unexplained therapies. When I first visited you after my mother’s passing, I was surprised to find my energy and focus improved. After the slow passing of my terminally ill sister, I was constantly tired, irritable and often at odds with my wife. I also had this tightness in my throat and chest as if I had muscle cramps.

After my second session with you, my chest and throat felt more open. It was like someone had just taken their knee off of my chest. After my third session, I was more relaxed and slept like a rock when at home. I have been involved with health and fitness most of my life, and as a former U.N. peacekeeper, seen some tragic events. Your sessions were well worth the time and money. I find work, training and living much easier since our last session. Thanks again.”
Doug Setter, Bsc., Author,

“I have to express that the time I spent with you has brought clarity, accessibility and faith back to myself and my work as an artist. I have become open, vulnerable, strong, and fearless and I have no doubt in my mind I can achieve anything I strive for. Thank you, thank you so much. Your sense of understanding, personal growth and faith in others is truly a gift. I can still feel your presence with me, and it is wonderful we were able to connect.”
~ Joel Sturrock, Theatre Performer, Actor & Dancer

“In my experience, Colleen has a remarkable gift of tapping into a safe, unifying, healing, and comforting space that allows the energy to flow unimpeded.

What occurred was a natural process that took me into the depths of my being where I re-connected with and recognized long-forgotten truths of my life’s passages, that resulted afterwards in an immediate feeling of liberation and oneness with myself. This feeling continues to grow and expand and I feel much more anchored in who I am.”
~ Helena Prentice, Film Industry

“My therapeutic work with Colleen helped grow my emotional capacity tremendously. Her coaching was heartfelt and focused and took my self-acceptance and inner understanding to the next level. Her intuition and ability to connect is truly a gift.”
Peter Winnett, Artist & Designer

“Colleen was the answer to a prayer – honestly! One lunchtime, I prayed to God to send me someone to help me and I met Colleen that same night. Wow, the power of prayer!!

Colleen has given me the tools to move through, past and towards a much fuller and happier life. I now feel like a well-rounded person and extremely confident of my future, my abilities and my feelings. Her holistic approach, which was natural, wholesome and loving, was exactly what I needed. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Colleen to anyone who I see struggling with their life. I am very blessed to have met her and thank her every chance I get. Bless you, Colleen.”
~ Sharon Lisette, Executive Assistant

“Colleen is deeply intuitive. During conversations that seemed like a visit with a friend she has made comments that have changed my life. During bodywork sessions I felt my father’s presence and knew he was with me. Knowing my father is at peace has brought me great peace. I feel no guilt. I feel profound appreciation for his lessons. I now walk by his picture and blow him a kiss. By going through the grief work with you and feeling his presence, I came to working through my sadness much more quickly than I would have on my own. I still miss his voice and his teasing but I am content that he is in a better place. I can’t imagine getting through the last several months without her. Love you, Colleen!”
~ Connie Jorsvik

“Several times I have called upon Colleen for help during difficult times, emotionally, and physically. Each time she has provided me a safe place where I am permitted to let go, awaken my own energy, and get to the root of my challenges. Each time I am surprised at the journey and always feel more connected, grounded and relaxed afterwards. My physical pain has also been alleviated by Colleen’s strong, energetic touch, which seems to act as a conduit for all the other energies. I recommend her for anyone who wants to address deeper issues within, and anyone who is seeking relief from the physical symptoms of the deeper issues!
~ Trilby Jeeves, Actress, Writer, Buffoonery Workshops

“I wanted to express to you how grateful I am that we met. I believe the Rebirthing sessions I experienced with you are an integral part of my change in attitude and outlook upon life. Thank you so much.”
~ John Starrett, Sales Consultant

“My experience at Colleen’s seminar was an emotional release. I was surprised that her gentle suggestions and techniques could surface such freedom. I felt rejuvenated and at peace after her 3 hour session.”
~ JoAnne Ward, Author, Educator

“My sessions with Colleen produced a strong understanding of how my body is so connected to my life. I felt that I was getting treatment on many levels. With Colleen’s help, it seemed that I was able to release a lot of accumulated stress. The sessions helped me move forward by having a better conscious awareness of some of the problems. Colleen helped me to feel perfectly comfortable and accepting of everything I noticed. I found Colleen’s approach to be very gentle and supportive, very intuitive as well. Thanks Colleen!”
~ Gillian Farnsworth

“Colleen you are a very intuitive practitioner, all of the work and study on life you have done to date seems to have put you into the perfect position for this life path that you are on now. Thank you for the great session you gave me at your place, I left a great bundle of tension behind!”
~ Tess Lawson, Founder and VP Sales – The Bailey Capital Fund

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