Practitioner Training & Experience

Quantum Healing for Body & Mind is based primarily in Colleen’s personal Life Experience by understanding and connecting with the body’s internal wisdom. Combining over 10 years “hands-on” practice in Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, and Breath work, with Intuitive Guidance and Transforming Grief & Loss, Colleen specializes in matters of the Heart.

Colleen’s approach will inspire and ignite a client’s potential for self-healing by educating that ALL knowledge begins within. Each individual’s transformation is co-created from an awareness we are whole, healthy and complete ‘As Is’, that self-change comes from acceptance first, intention second.

Colleen teaches how all answers and clarity come from within, as does the source of wisdom for the extension of our natural talent and passions expressed through our work.

Colleen’s intuitive style and heart-centered approach is a unique expression of her innate talent. At a young age, Colleen voluntarily provided Massage and Intuitive Guidance to friends and family who asked for her ‘healing hands’ or counsel.

Fast forward to her Practitioner training that combined Western philosophy with Eastern traditions, Colleen studied with the “Fantastic Five” teachers and mentors who played an essential role in her professional and personal life:

Philip (Teertha) Mistlberger, Transpersonal Facilitator, Writer & Workshop Leader. During 1996 to 2000, Colleen completed three 6-month long programs and participated & supported numerous weekend workshops. Colleen became a Certified Rebirther and educated in Emotional Body Healing, Transpersonal Counselling, Communication & Relationship Skills, various styles of Breath Work and Leadership Development.

Ron Pankrantz, Authorized Teacher & Practitioner of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure™.  In completing Jin Shin Do Level One in December 2002 and an Introduction to Bodymind Counselling in May 2004, Colleen deepened her awareness of chi (energy) through the study of meridian systems, chakras, acu-points, and the emotional body.

Philip Clement, Professional Bodyworker, Body-Mind Counsellor & Dance Therapist, has more than 30 years in private practice and leads workshops in Germany. Inspired by Philip’s results oriented skills, loving approach and passion for integrated wellness, Colleen was mentored by Philip in various degrees of postural integration, deep tissue massage, stretching techniques, pain resolution, and the bodymind relationship.

Diane Raphael, ESM Facilitator & Psychological/Medical Intuitive with more than 25 years experience, assisted Colleen to recognize her innate ability to connect and live in harmony with the universal laws of ESM. Colleen sharpened her intuitive & physic abilities as a loving conduit for clients who have lost loved ones through death. Colleen incorporates the paradigm of ESM (Energetic Self Manifestation) into each session to uncover the root cause of pain or cellular memory, while awakening to our beauty and wholeness. In April 2005 and May 2005, Diane Raphael co-facilitated HeartLink transformational workshops with Colleen.

Kelly Tobey, Transpersonal Facilitator. Graduating from two 4-day intensive workshops, Finding Peace in the Midst of Loss, Change, or Death in June 2004 and Enrich Your Life by Clearing Unhealthy Patterns Formed in Childhood in October 2004, Colleen was inspired to facilitate HeartLink workshops commencing January 2005.

Colleen continues to evolve and develop her inner wisdom, compassion, and ability to BE present for her clients through the combination of her unique training and spiritual growth. Based in unconditional love, Colleen recognizes the innate wholeness that we already are. Nothing we do or don’t do will ever change that!