Our Vision

“My vision is to inspire and guide individuals in connecting with their own heart’s guidance, to hear the internal messages from self and loved ones in Spirit, while activating innate healing for personal transformation on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.”
Colleen Wynia

Colleen Wynia of HeartLink Consulting is an Intuitive Coach and Massage practitioner with extensive experience guiding individuals in developing their intuition, understanding the body/mind connection, and embracing their emotional truth.

Colleen’s clients have experienced physical rejuvenation, mental clarity, emotional freedom, and spiritual expansion for enjoying a vibrant, purposeful life.


Our Unique Approach to Spiritual Success

Intuitive Guidance with Energy Bodywork is a dynamic combination for awakening to your emotional truth, healing grief associated with loss, and encouraging renewal for the whole body. This unique approach is so powerful it may positively change an individual’s life in one session.

One method of Intuitive Guidance is Spiritual Mediumship. Mediumship is a form of direct communication with loved ones crossed over. Colleen may receive heart-felt messages from your loved ones in Spirit, while supporting you to interpret Spirit signs yourself.

Based in ESM (Energetic Self Manifestation), Intuitive Guidance combined with various forms of Energy Bodywork including Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure and Breath Work encourages transformational changes at the cellular level. Changes may be subtle or impactful, reconnecting you to your body’s natural state of well being.

The key is FEELING the emotion that arises, EMBRACING any noticeable sensations and REMEMBERING that you hold inside yourself the ability to assist your body in its return to a healthy condition.

This compassionate process heals the heart, the vital source of one’s being and center of love, by connecting with your body’s natural healing abilities and guiding you in accessing your intuitive abilities for creating the life you truly desire.

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