Achieve your goals NOW with Transformational Coaching. Have you wanted to pull off the brakes and get yourself moving FASTER and more “on track” with your Business and Life Dreams?

Excited for Doug Setter, an author and personal trainer, who is experiencing exactly that in our sessions together.  Meet Doug:

As spiritual beings in a human body, we are energy constantly vibrating at a certain frequency matching our beliefs. We send out energy signals every moment, a vibration of our FEELINGS, which attracts everything into our lives. All experiences and tangibles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I can help you get unstuck by dissolving what is holding you back, say farewell to emotional and body based pain and experience a massive upward shift in your physical and mental energy.

With an understanding of Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA) I’ll help you achieve your goals NOW with Transformational Coaching. Together we will establish dissolve old neuropathways (the messages you tell yourself) and replace them with new messages you tell your cells, so that you can create the life you truly want and have deeply desired. Think of it as an ENERGETIC LEAP or fast forward into your Soul’s next chapter in evolution.

I’m offering a Discovery Call to all who want to SHAKE OFF THE DUST !! And for some of us, that’s alot of dust!!

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