Ageless Vitality and Massage in North Vancouver is one of my secrets for living a life of vitality and vigor at any age. Anti-aging supplements like Xalo Ageless combined with Massage, Bodywork & Holistic Energy Healing produces a winning combination of synergies at play!

Do you ever experience poor sleep, sore muscles & joints, less flexibility, reduced muscle tone & strength, belly fat, fatigue, age spots, wrinkles, or eyesight challenges? Aging is a natural process. Starting at birth, we are all aging. That’s a given. But how we age is up to us.

Regardless of what the statistics say, the doctors say, the other folks say, you can choose to look and feel younger. You can enjoy Ageless vitality at any age!

There are Lifestyle choices that age us FASTER and choices that age us SLOWER. All educated people understand it’s a combination of keeping stress low, daily exercise, getting enough sleep, good nutrition preferably with organic food, and quality supplementation.

What are you doing to live a long, healthy life?

Myself, I reap the benefits of Energy Healing and Massage. As well, I include a Mangosteen based supplement called XALO Ageless into my health regime.

XALO Ageless is a unique blend of 9 potent botanicals working synergistically, based in the science of Mangosteen, Shilajit and Lychee. Learn more: Xalo Ageless Video

XALO Ageless is unique for cellular regeneration, circulation, energy, recovery and feeling great. I was blown away by how quickly I felt positive changes in my body. This is what I’ve noticed in the first 4 weeks:

  • Deeper sleep, more rested
  • Skin tags on neck vanished
  • Dark spot on arm shrunk, faded & almost gone
  • softer, more hydrated skin
  • Right hip increased range of movement (after 5 years)
  • Shockingly can bend knee back into quad stretch after 2+ years restricted
  • Overall feeling of confidence and well-being

Ask me about my story and the awesome stuff that happened  in only the FIRST 3 weeks!  Contact Me

Xalo Ageless AntiagingThe synchronicity shared between Ageless with Mangosteen, Lychee and Shilajit when compared with Massage and Energy Healing is profound. Not only do they share a common thread, when used together each helps the other work synergistically together for greater results, addressing virtually every organ and body system. Potential health benefits may include:

  • Ease muscle and joint pain
  • Promote tissue & cell regeneration
  • Heal an injury; reduce inflammation overall
  • Improve blood flow & circulation for cardiovascular health
  • Reduce stress & promote relaxation
  • Deeper quality sleep
  • Increase mental focus & clarity
  • Increase energy & feel happier 

Why do people get a Massage? For many of the same reasons they consume 3 or more daily servings of Mangosteen juice. The most important reason being PREVENTION.

Another key reason is to reduce inflammation in the body, thereby easing muscle and joint pain for example. The scientific community can now explain how Inflammation that becomes chronic may lead to health issues such as Heart, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. In February 2004 Times Magazine published one of the first lengthy media articles about the correlation between inflammation and disease. Ask me to email you the article.

In every Massage session, I incorporate Quantum Energy. Why is that important? Quantum Energy is the vital life force energy that flows through everything and everyone, including the Mangosteen Fruit.  Read what happy clients say: Massage Testimonials

The ingredients in the Xalo Ageless blend and Massage have years (in some cases centuries) of folklore use and documented scientific health benefits. When combined, they provide natural healing and cell rejuvenation capabilities which give the body the appropriate nutrients to repair and rebuild itself quickly.

I’ve had so many friends feeling TERRIFIC in a wide spectrum of aging concerns that I wanted to share my personal experience with you. Ask me to send you a XALO sample if you’d like to research and see if it’s something for you or someone you love.

Blessings always,
Colleen 🙂