Alice Zhou thank you

Dear friends, tomorrow June 10th, 2013 is the Anniversary of my father Gerry Wynia. Dad left his physical body at the young age of 60 years.  Since his crossing 18 years ago, both Dad and my cousin Robert have been instrumental and key catalysts in the WOMAN I AM today and the reason my heart is available to offer intuitive counsel to clients, friends and family at the very deepest level, guiding them to successfully steer their ship of heartfelt emotion.  I love you Dad, I love your Rob and my beloved spirit friends: Grandma Jean, Sister Corrine, Uncle John, Aunt Patricia, Grandpa & Grandma Wynia, Grandpa Russell, Nelleme, Shawn, Karl…

Alice Zhou has shared her appreciation and I am inspired to share her words….for it is the teachings of my beloved spirit friends that have INSPIRED (meaning “In-Spirit) me to make a difference!!

Thank you Colleen Wynia, you have the gift of encouragement, healing and connecting with the super natural. Each time on your massage table is a life altering experience. I feel my body and soul getting a real cleanse for the better. Though the experience is INTENSE, you were always there with a warm hand guiding me, and welcoming me into my future without the past baggage. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing you incredible gifts with me, I have never met anyone like you who offer this type of service to help me get unstuck, gain clarity and move forward with more empowerment and be 100% more confident. Thank you also for helping my friend Rohit Chokhani who has already experienced a huge shift with his first session with you. You’re AMAZING! Please keep sharing your gifts with a wider audience, as the world needs so much healing and clarity right now.