Do you align yourself with Successful People who are living a Lifestyle you value?

Said another way, if you want to….

  • Grow your financial portfolio, do you seek counsel from individuals who are broke?

Be in top physical fitness, do you train with someone overweight and out of shape?

Feed yourself quality nutrition, do you buy preserved foods and never read the label?

Enjoy a loving relationship, do you date someone who is disrespectful to you?

The common sense answer is “Of course not.” Yet, we all have our blind spots and outdated impressions locked in from the voices of our family, friends and community that may interfere with what we ultimately know to be true for ourselves.

We all want to be loved & accepted, yet when we allow our broke neighbour or relative to advise us how to invest our money, and our broke friend has never made a significant dime in his/her life, perhaps WE are the one that must take hold of the reigns and steer our own sled toward making smarter choices.

The same holds true for fitness training, quality nutrition and loving relationships. Look around you, who do you seek counsel from? Which resources do you entrust to reach your goals?

I’ve aligned myself with some very successful people in Health & Wellness, Network Marketing, and Personal Transformation arenas because each of these experts has proven a successful path and have something to offer me.IMG_3464

I intuit, observe, listen, ask questions, research and decide for myself if their excellent counsel is indeed suitable for me, myself and I. They encourage me to stretch, to eliminate doubt (that comes up regularly) and to make necessary changes along the way. Most importantly, I have the final decision and it’s up to me to TRUST my inner guidance.

The next time you want to make an improvement in any area, seek out successful people who radiate health, vibrate abundance, and act lovingly.

Ask them “What do you do to be so Successful?” and then close your lips and listen intently. You may be surprised to learn something new that will improve your life and even blow your socks off!!!

I’d love to hear your Aspirations for living a happier, healthier life.  Please contact me for a free phone consultation. My consultations have a way of igniting the inner Fire and raising vibrations for positive change!

I am surrounding myself with people with Dreams and want to meet you. Sending you Inspiration to go after your Dreams, whatever that means to you!

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