Being 100% Responsible

Imagine if you will that we are 100% responsible for everything in our experience. What would this mean to you? In what way would you connect with people? How would you treat yourself?

Joe Vitale, author of the bestselling The Attractor Factor and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len explain 100% accountability and responsibility through the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’oponopono in their book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More.

Zero Limits talks about embracing Self I-Dentity and the truth being it only has to reach you, through me, as we are all one and it all happens inside. Is this confusing to understand? What does that really mean?

I believe it means that EVERYTHING starts with us. We create our lives, we chose our experiences, and we attract all that unfolds. This includes all the people in our lives with their pain and sorrow and joy and happiness, and with ours, joining together to make a difference because we are all part of the collective whole.

The First Step

The first step, the foundational step, to create what we want is to accept 100% responsibility and allow ‘what is’ at this VERY MOMENT. How often are we so focused on where we are going that we skip over where we are now? What successes have we reached that require celebrating? What blessings are we thankful for? What are we feeling in this moment?

At times we suppress our sorrow and pain. At times we deny our Joy. One may assume that Joy would be an easier feeling to embrace, yet so many of us are working through layers of our Core Beliefs to unlock our repression of outrageous Joy, Peace and Laughter.

Outrageous Joy is absolutely possible, as is the contrast sorrow and pain. It’s our responsibility to chose to live from our loving, delirious, happy hearts and the first step towards doing so is entirely up to us.

What Holds Us Back

One of the primary ways I believe we hold ourselves back from creating more of what we want, a life of divine Joy (which will be unique to each person), is that we allow fearful thoughts to rule and allow stories from our past to haunt us. Accepting these fears and stories as truth, we ignore and overlook all possibilities and Magic.

We prevent ourselves from experiencing total surrender to our feelings for fear we will get lost and engulfed by this dreadful, excruciating, painful emotion. Let us not even go there as we’ll be certain to stop functioning in our society. Our business activity will seize, income will stop, and we won’t be there for our family emotionally and financially.

We may feel that to surrender to this horrendous emotion means we will stop attracting in the love, friendship, money, business success, parent success, vibrant well being, healthy relationships and dreams we are focusing on so adamantly each day of our life. For me and many clients, we’ve felt this way at one time or another (or many, many times over).

Releasing Our Resistance to What Is

In any moment, when we find ourselves experiencing a resistance of painful emotion, often not even conscious, we can choose to recognize and allow ourselves space to actually FEEL. When we DO – bit by bit or all at once – the yucky feeling will rise, rearing what seems its ugly, multi-faceted face. So why would we encourage this?

Through allowing an emotional feeling(s) to surface as pure ENERGY, a vibration linked to a thought, the emotion transmutes into a different sensation often leading to more peace, more relief and more freedom.

There are numerous ways to be more ‘in touch’ with your emotion:

Relaxation Breathing, singing!
Bodywork, Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture
Dance, Movement, Yoga, Running, Exercise
Spend time in nature! (hiking, be near water: especially supportive to feel emotion)
Writing, journaling: about how you feel today
Stillness, quiet time, Meditation
Laughing, crying, it all works!!

When we work through various emotions that ultimately feed, support and encourage us, then we feel better and able to act from INSPIRATION. Inspiration means “In Spirit”. Without effort and force, we dissolve the emotion and the belief attached, creating freedom and an ability to move on.

Ease is the ultimate goal. When, we are finally making choices and taking action with ease to grow our business, love our families, complete that renovation project, organize a family celebration, commit to an exercise program or healthier plan of eating and living in a way that feels inspired from our hearts, we know we are in alignment with our mind and heart. We dissolve the emotion and the core belief attached, creating freedom and the ability to move on. I speak from absolute experience as have done this time and time again.

Financial Health and Responsibility

Have you ever wanted more TIME FREEDOM to do the things you love?
Have you ever wanted to EARN MONEY while you sleep?
Have you ever DREAMED a big Dream then swept it under the rug because you believe it’s impossible to achieve?

I can honestly say “Yes” to all three questions.

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The Height of Foolishness is to discard an Opportunity without Full Investigation.
Benjamin Franklin

An incredible video that will make you laugh & stay on path with YOUR DREAMS.
Jessica’s Daily Affirmation: 1-minute video

Wishing you a fabulous, fun summer!

Colleen Wynia
HeartLink Consulting