We are well beyond January, a month for beginning our 2012 new year’s resolutions. February, symbolically, the month of Love and Heart Health, is also completed. Both months are reflections of the Heart’s desires. Let’s check in. Are we TRULY in love with our life?

Are we feeling HEALTHY & vibrant in our body, exuding high levels of energy?
Are we PASSIONATE & inspired about our profession and daily to-do’s?
Are we in LOVE and feeling deeply nurtured in relationship with our partner or spouse?

Looking within, do we truly appreciate the blessings and teachings from our family and friends? Do we begin each morning our hearts filled with love, our body with Vigor and a Smile on our face? Do we feel deeply satisfied at day’s end that we’ve made a difference?

As a result of my own self enquiry and reflection, I have concluded that after 12 years offering private consultations, group workshops, newsletter articles, attending networking events and doing all the necessary aspects a self-employed person agrees to when they run their own small business through growing a community presence, I am choosing a window of reflection, a reprise in which I intend to spend more time BEING and less time DOING.

What this Means

This means allowing more time to experience what fuels and nourishes my soul, enabling more joy to flourish. I am saying YES, allowing the Law of Attraction to operate in the highest capacity  to reflect back more of what I focus my attention on, assisting to open my arms to experiences that will ‘blow me away’ … life experiences which I have not yet ‘tasted’ in the four decades I’ve lived on this earth!

This reprise may be brief, or a longer time-frame. Perhaps an organic transition that includes a combination of what’s worked until now, coupled with newness. As I honour this inner calling, clarity will be presented over time by way of embracing additional opportunities to relax, play, exercise, hike, be outdoors, meditate, dance, write and connect with loved ones.

What this Means to You

First and foremost, I’m not going anywhere. Business will continue, however, I will elect to schedule client consultations and related work activities with more time between to breathe, schedule further in advance, and consult more with people who demonstrate an even stronger desire to ELEVATE their life.

In taking this reflection time and placing a greater emphasis on nourishing my body, heart and spirit, my wish for you is to instill the importance of spending greater moments of the day in joy and play, rest and reflect. Doing so will ultimately create more happiness and opportunity to THRIVE in all areas of your life.

A Short Term Good-Bye

I will say ‘good-bye’ for now and send each of you blessings and gratitude for contributing to the joy of my life. When I feel called to write, I will. This may be in the form of shorter blogs which is so very much appreciated by everyone in this day of information overload.

As I prefer not to take up your valued time, I will instead offer Part 2 in my next article. Part 2 is titled ‘In Love with your Life? – Taking Steps to Freedom’.  The article will summarize my dreams and concept of freedom, while offering a solution to how you may take your first step towards achieving freedom in your life, as it’s defined by you.

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