In celebration of the Christmas season, a time of deep gratitude for family and our blessings, and in memory of my cousin Robert’s birthday December 20th, who passed over 16 years ago next March 2012, I dedicate the #1 fastest all time single on the UK charts, a favourite 1984 Christmas song by the British and Irish charity super group Band Aid called “Do They Know It’s Christmas”:

To my family, friends, and clients who have touched my heart, everyone who has come and gone in my life encouraging me to be a better human being, and to each amazing person who has yet to touch my life. I look forward to blessing your life when we connect and even if we never meet.

I feel especially sentimental this Christmas as I experience change, and as I think of Rob today who is not only my cousin, he was very much a brother to me. Rob watched over me, we were the best of friends since childhood sharing kids play and jokes, while planning our Dreams and travel as we grew up together. As well, the pain and sadness that comes from accepting his cancer and holding his hand at bedside as he crossed over, returning to Spirit.

Life is a mystery, one of sorrows and joys we each have experienced. Just when we feel things are looking up, something dramatic happens and we are called to dig deep, seek faith and hope, and turn to gratitude for what we have. For some individuals, the choice is to blame, look the other way and run from themselves or the situation. The beauty of life is we have CHOICE and we each are powerful co-creators.

November 11, 2011 was an entry into a new chapter, as will be the year 2012. Many, many people are being born or dying as has always been the way of human life. Even more significantly, relationships are being created and deepened through engagements, marriage or giving birth, while other couples are facing break-ups and divorces. The human spirit is calling us collectively and individually to rise up, fully embrace deeper levels of self love and fulfillment, walk away from anything less, and live our Best Life.

With all my heart and gratitude, I wish you a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends, invite you to open your eyes to your best path and embody the courage and wisdom to know the difference that you can make in the world by first honouring yourself!

With love & blessings always.