Be 100% Responsible. Don’t let the Gremlins ZAP Your Energy… make snowballs instead. Choose how you respond to disruption and make Magic with spontaneity!

When your life is NOT going the way you want it to go, it’s EASY to look outside yourself at what is ‘happening to you’ and believe that you are not responsible.

I know you are conscious souls that believe in Rising Up, and yet there are days and moments that seem to ‘happen to you’ like it did for me.

Days that throw you off your all-knowing high vibe course of peace and vibrancy. You feel thrown off your dream path, your intentions are turned upside down, and your health and career goals seem lofty and far reaching.

I know how easy it is to blame outside sources and direct being responsible onto someone or something else. I’ve done it in times of unconsciousness and poor me mentality. We don’t mean to, but the gremlins in our thoughts blame the person, blame the environment, and blame the economy for our disappointment of events not unfolding as we wished them to be.

If you want to improve your life, you must RESET your thinking, how you speak to yourself, emotional condition and spiritual vibration.

There is a better way….a few ideas to implement right now:

  • Take a deep breath in. Slowly relax on exhale. Do this 10x
  • Tell yourself you are beautiful, amazing, powerful beyond measure
  • Tell yourself you are a creator. You have the power to change how you react
  • Ask yourself: “Am I being pointed in a new direction?”
  • Be curious. Put on your detective cap. Look for things that light you up
  • Give a compliment, a kind word, some love to another. You’ll FEEL so much better
  • Go for a walk outside. Gift yourself a RESET. The world will not fall apart because you’ve taken a moment to align
  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for
  • Get a massage. Hire a life coach.
  • Go see a movie, a theatre play, listen to music
  • Eat your favourite food
  • Pray. Laugh. Love

You get it… change your emotional energy frequency NOW!

I would love to meet you and witness your successes, renewed health, and joyful uplift!!

I offer ‘Living Healthy’ Accountability Coaching via phone/skype and in-person VIP sessions that integrate intuitive guidance with hands-on bodywork & breathwork.

This profound combination is designed for the conscious person and dynamic entrepreneur who is committed to strengthen their “Vibration muscle” and step into their next level chapter of life thriving.

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Love & Blessings,
In Vibrant Health

Colleen xoxo