Believe in yourself, it’s your Best Choice to attract the life you desire. After a dis-heartening week where my family suffered the tragic loss of a loved one due to her life choices (a blog itself), my Spirit was uplifted and my mind renewed.

I attended a very inspirational training that reminded me I AM THE LEADER OF MY DECISIONS, I am the inner decision maker. That how my life presents itself to me, truly comes from within!

Following training with 5 and 6-figure per month income earners from my nutritional network marketing business, today’s success training combined with the recent and very sad loss of my loved one, compelled me to reflect on CHOICES and the direct impact that Beliefs, positive and negative, have on one’s overall life.

If we want to change how we create on the outside, to attract in more Love, more Money, more Health and really awesome things in our life, it all boils down to CHOICE based on our BELIEF! Seemingly so simple, and we’ve heard it many times before from great leaders. There are 3 steps to on the path to achieving any goal and live a thriving life:

1) Belief
2) Action
3) Success

BELIEF is truly the core foundation and instrumental in creating all we desire. Much like the foundation of building a home or growing a company, the same holds true for believing in yourself. If you don’t believe your beautiful soul has significant value to offer the world, purely by “being you,” sadly some opt out of life much too soon.

Believe in Yourself, its your Best Choice to attracting, everything is possible! If we are wavering and in doubt that we believe we deserve abundance and loving experiences and so forth, then that’s exactly what we reflect and the universe reflects same back.

My first guidance to myself, and to you, is getting the BELIEF thing straight. We have an imprint at the cellular level that needs attention and releasing the associated emotion is paramount. To learn ways to unblock and move through any resistance, check out my page on Transformational Coaching.

Aligning yourself with a Vibrational ‘Energy & Belief’ Coach like myself who can draw from her goody basket to help you release, will make every difference in your love life, your money imprint for success and thriving in a healthy body.

The most powerful Believe in Yourself therapies in my life journey have been Rebirthing, conscious connected breathwork, combined with Quantum Energy Healing, Bodywork & Massage and Intuitive Guidance.

ACTION is the doing, and an extension of the work you do on yourself to transform your ancient Beliefs that are holding you back. Creating new neuropathways as you do the healing work, face your emotions, walk through your fears, pick up the phone to strengthen a relationship and/or share your offering, say hello to a neighbour at the local fruit stand, and more!

SUCCESS is the result, from the journey of combining Belief and Action. Envision yourself as if you’ve already reached the goal you are seeking, you are already living the dream you desire, and approach each day “AS IF’ it’s already a done deal!!

Bob Proctor is one of the great human beings when I think of Success and what it takes to Believe in Yourself. So I went to YouTube videos to share Bob’s definition of Success with you. Synchronicity and with ease (the first one), this fantastic video is all about Belief as the foundation to Success. Enjoy, by watching here:

Bob Proctor’s SECRET of Success

I struggle with this one ALL THE TIME, and yet I know the ancient truth deep down in my cellular imprint. I know intellectually from great teachers, visionaries, mentors, workshop leaders, success coaches, wealth educators who are walking their talk through proof of results that this works. So I will never give up! When I fall down, I pick myself back up and face it like a fresh opportunity, another chance for success.

I am the woman I am today from the accumulation of my Belief, Action and Success. I will be the woman of tomorrow by never giving up and living each day embracing and loving all the niggles (is that a word?) and all the awesome things that I have chosen to show myself.

I see greatness in YOU, we are already successful so choose to love yourself in THIS moment as you are, and be open to self improvement, professional improvement, making a difference in one more person’s life!

My consults are turning a corner. I can help create a plan with you. In person, on the phone, via Skype, via Webinar! I’m available for corporate speaking engagements and seminar talks!

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