The Best Way to Raise Your Energy to Attract Vibrant Health, Love, Money & Magic is to feel good. How you feel on a daily basis is Everything.  We are energy beings vibrating a frequency each moment.

If you want to see improvement in any facet of your life, from your health to your relationships to your business success, you must focus on how you are feeling on the inside.  The goal is to always feel good, or feel better.

Join me on the trail to Upper Joffre Lakes, a magnificent hike on route to the glaciers.

The Best way to raise your energy, which I encourage all my clients and myself, is to align our vibration to feel better, is to exercise and specifically outside in nature if possible.

Your feelings or emotions are your guidance system. Ask yourself if you are operating at a 1 (low frequency) or closer to a 10 (higher frequency). The first number that pops into your mind is always spot on. What you reflect outward creates your reality and circumstances.

At times we hit walls because we feel bad, the thoughts we tell ourselves are unkind or discouraging, and we lose hope. We have negative thought patterns ruling us which need to change.

I’ve been there, boy have I been there. I experienced years of waking up with depression, feeling lethargic, even paralyzed at times. All because of the beliefs behind my thoughts, the story I told myself that stemmed from the imprint deeply rooted at the cellular level. Logically my mind would say “This has gone on for far too long Girl,” yet my heart & soul’s knows now there was a purpose, a soul teaching to relinquish this level of pain for good!

When we feel bad, or off, we are vibrating at a low frequency and attracting similar experiences to us. It will take much longer to attract growth in our business, enjoy healthy relationships and radiate health.

How we feel emotionally is a combination of the “story” deeply ingrained at the cellular level we repeatedly tell our self, “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, not smart enough, and others can have that lifestyle and happiness but not me.”

How we feel is also reflected by the physical condition of our body. Consider how much better you feel after a good exercise workout, spending time outdoors in nature or getting a deeply relaxing massage.

To Raise Your Energy, changing the thoughts from the inside matters. Physically moving the body equally matters.

The Best Way to Raise your Energy is add exercise into your life. This will positively shift your energy vibration.

When it comes to the cellular patterns that are difficult to change by yourself, my transformational coaching, intuitive guidance, and powerful energy healing sessions will ensure you change gears and vibrate closer to a 10 frequency where all great things begin to magically appear and show up with ease to improve your health, create more loving relationships, and grow your business!!!

I can help you sharpen your magnetic ability to:

  • Tap into your internal GPS
  • Listen intently to realize the false Story you’ve been telling yourself
  • Gain Clarity that will positively Shift your Beliefs & Vibration
  • FEEL GOOD in your body so you are a Magnet that Magically Attracts

Together we will transmute limiting beliefs and crystallize into form a life you love.

One powerhouse way of doing this that has worked for hundreds of my clients is to draw upon a REBIRTHING session.  Learn about Rebirthing.

This approach is Next Level Vibration Steps For:



I am a powerhouse heart-based intuitive and facilitator of change.  I’ve helped many transform their Health, Wealth and Love relationships. My Transformational Coaching program allows you to do this, meeting each layer as it unfolds to show us what’s next.

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