Breathing Tips for Entrepreneurs to reduce Emotional #Stress, enhance Health and Nutrition and combat smoky wildfires.  The wildfires in British Columbia this past summer have been nothing short of drastic, greatly affecting our forests, cities and the health and breathing across the province. By the end of June 2018 there had been more than 560 wildfires burning and weeks of smoky gray skies.

As your Energy Coach, Spiritual Intuitive and Holistic Health educator I have been trained in #breathing techniques that when practiced daily or weekly will positively impact your life. For over 20 years I’ve helped people transform restrictions in their breath and in their body that’s holding them back from manifesting faster what you truly want in life.

When our quality of #breathing improves we naturally become a clearer more powerful channel to faster attract:

*Improve Physical Health & Enjoy More Vitality
*Feel More Emotionally Free and Courageous
*Deepen Spiritual Connection and Attract Faster

We can improve our breathing with breath work from the ancient traditions. Techniques like Rebirthing and Alternate Nostril Breathing. Learn more on the Blog:

Rebirthing, The Breath of Life

We can also improve our breathing with beautiful all natural supplements like Zija’s Core PRIME Nitric Oxide supplement. Core Moringa Prime combines key ingredients like beet root extract and beet root  powder, red spinach extract, L-Citrulline, and others that are rich in nitrates to help the body activate and support optimal levels of nitric oxide and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, tissues, and organs.

Watch Video to learn more:  Core Moringa PRIME 

Taking Core Moringa Prime daily can help maintain normal circulation and blood flow and support normal cardiovascular, mental, and physical function.

• Good bacteria found in the mouth, particularly on the tongue, begin the conversion of
ingested nitrate to nitrite.
• The average 40-year-old produces 50% less Nitric Oxide than he or she did at age 20.
• Methylfolate is the biologically active form of folate.
• B vitamins are crucial in energy pathways and to cell regeneration.
• Beet root has gained popularity as a super food and has been used to support athletic
performance, normal blood flow, and cardiovascular longevity.

Between eliminating blockages in breathing by transforming neuropathways that are carrying outdated beliefs and replacing with new cells, new beliefs coupled with quality supplementation that improves blood & oxygen circulation, I’ve got you covered with options that work beautifully and bring a bigger smile to your face!

When you become more physically aligned and healthy, more spiritually connected with your life path and more financially healthy because you attract exactly what you need with more ease, grace and speed your life is better across the board in your health, happiness, relationships and business success.

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Love & Blessings for a FREE You!
Colleen xoxo