Calling All Angels Fundraiser ~ Help Us Gift Diane her Life back. In June I invited you to support our fundraiser for a very dear friend, Diane Raphael. Diane is truly my beloved sister and an Angel to every life she touches with her heart and sisterhood.

Diane’s health has progressed to an extreme declining fragile condition. We need the help of our community. Diane’s family and closest Angel friends are urgently seeking 123 Angels to each donate $100 – $200, on the road to raising $20,000 for ongoing lymphatic treatment. The lymphatic treatment will take a combined approach between weekly lymphatic massage therapy and specialized medical equipment and fitting garments specifically designed for lymphedema. After professional lymphatic consults both will be required to assist Diane’s damaged lymphatic system to release the build-up of fluids in her soft body tissues and organs more actively through the lymph vessels.

In January 2017 Diane had a 9.5 pound tumour removed from her abdomen. The team of surgeons also removed the main artery in her right leg and replaced it with donor veins from her left right arm and leg. Surgeons shaved off part of her bladder and used corresponding tissue to rebuild her abdomen. This approach was taken due to a very rare form of carcinoma.

Five days after being released from the hospital into assisted care living (June 2017), Diane fell and broke her ‘bad’ leg so severely that a bone specialist was required to perform the complicated surgery. She has been either in the hospital or rehabilitation care ever since.

Fundraiser Calling All Angels

Due to the cancer, trauma to her body, and the surgery, Diane now suffers from severe lymphedema—a condition she will have to endure for the rest of her life. The lymphatic fluid is a protein rich fluid that is causing her immense pain and discomfort. Left untreated, it will calcify around her body’s joints, rendering them immobile.

Fundraising is our last resort. We’ve looked high and low for emergency funding to help Diane–there is nothing available.

The medical services plans and extended health plans sadly do not cover lymphatic therapy requirements, although her rare 13 hour medical procedure performed in early 2017 to address cancer in her abdomen and right leg arterial pathway left her lymphatic system in a deep turmoil. After much plea and formal letters, including from Diane herself, we are told they will not budge (although don’t think twice of getting a kidney dialysis person).

Diane is only sixty-four years of age and has a small disability pension. Due to her lengthy medical journey, all financial reserves are long gone. She has a daughter who is a single mother, and 3 grandchildren, and close friends that truly love and need her.

Diane has spent a lifetime giving back and touching the heart of every living soul, people and animal alike, which enter her life. She’s demonstrated her service in volunteer roles and professionally through her years as a health care nurse, holistic healer, medical intuitive and energy healing and the list is long.

Will you find it in your heart this holiday season to donate (prayers & energy healing welcomed) to a beautiful deserving woman to gain a reasonable quality of life back and enable her return to assisted care living. With treatment, Diane can still have a reasonably good quality of life.

The lymphatic fluid in Diane’s body has reached such an extreme level that her legs and abdomen swell to 2-3 times their normal size. She is no longer able to lift her own legs due to their excessive weight. It is VERY painful and she is showing signs of calcification in her joints.

One month ago, Diane was doing reasonably acceptable coping in rehabilitation care, gradually re-building her strength and she could walk some, all in hopes of returning to her assisted care living. Tables have turned and her lymphatic system is not cooperating on its own.

Without treatment, the lymphatic fluid is moving in the direction it may completely calcify her joints. She would become immobilized and no longer able to walk. ‘Out of Control’ lymphedema could cripple Diane for life.


If you’d prefer to etransfer your donation, an account has been set-up by Kelly Hewkin. You may etransfer to: and use the password: diane

Please email Kelly or phone Colleen direct with your questions:  CONTACT ME