Communicate with your loved ones who died. It’s absolutely possible!!

What if, you could receive signs and messages from your beloved ones in Spirit?

What if you could recognize signs from them letting you know they are ok and working with you everyday to support you, even though they’ve left their physical body?

My dad Gerry transitioned 21 years ago yet his Spirit, his soul, is constantly with me encouraging, guiding and being incredibly playful by moving objects, leaving impressions, showing up in dreams, triggering electricity, smells, and creating cool synchronicity happenings!

My name is Colleen Wynia and I’m a Vibrational Wellness Coach and Spiritual Medium supporting my loved ones and clients, not only through Grief and Loss, but inspiring and guiding them into a joyful place in life, love and business.

Embrace Life after Death

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing and receiving messages, insights and feelings from loved ones who have transitioned, who have passed on. The beauty of this is death of the physical form has no influence over the continuation of our soul’s evolution. We merely transition, shedding our overcoat and live on.

Are you grieving the death of a loved one so much it hurts to breath? When a loss occurs, there are inherent stages of grief and varying emotions a person may feel including shock, denial, overwhelm, anger, guilt, sorrow, loneliness and fear.

I can help you transform grief and ease the physical and emotional pain associated with your loss.

Imagine clearing energy blocks, dissolve depression and heartache and replace with joy.

Additionally, I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic and expand your intuition, so you may communicate and receive loving support from your beloved spirits during your lifetime.

Experience more love in your life, thrive in business and attract in more money. Feel healthy and strong, and much more.

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