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Crystallize Your Vision is Your Energized Pathway to Clarity, Confidence and Creativity. In this program you will learn to deepen your ability to Trust Your Intuition and Emotional Wisdom integrating The 5 Point Star System to Revitalize Your Life’s Purpose.

The 5 Point Star System is 20 years in the making, Colleen and her client’s time-tested teachings with proven results. When applied you’ll learn to better navigate life’s storms and ever-changing landscape by tapping into your intuitive brilliance to magnetically attract more Vibrant Health, Love, Money & Magic!


  • Life weighing you down, stressing you out, creating anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one, loss of self, separation, poor health, a business breakdown?
  • Difficulty expressing and interpreting your feelings and thoughts?
  • Struggle listening to the signals your body is telling you and how best to care for it?
  • 2nd guess your Intuition and innate wisdom inside?
  • Question how to integrate your Spiritual Connection to Self, Source and Others?
  • Trouble taking aligned action on your financial goals towards your vision?


Helena Smirnis – Retail Business Owner

“This powerful and simple program changed my whole world. I received so much more than the answers I was hoping to get from it, with the results being totally unexpected and such a wonderful surprise.

Colleen’s 5 Point Star System helped me reconnect with myself and find my power plug. It brought me back to me! The program deepened my connection with other people, my intuition, to peace, calmness, clarity, and happiness through simple methods of breathing.

Crystallize Your Vision took me beyond my limited perceptions of what I believed was possible, effortlessly manifesting my dream house I’ve envisioned for 15+ years and being the successful bidder.

What I love best is its simplicity, how easy it is to use and understand, encompassing all the truly important things in life. I will continue to implement these tools as my steering wheel to help navigate me throughout my life.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to create an easier, happier, exciting, more fulfilling connection to themselves and life. A big Heartfelt thank you Colleen!”


Rachelle Rozon –  Women’s Anxiety Coach

“Colleen and I met through the entrepreneur world. I had been struggling with my new business and had worked (for free) with several women, all of whom provided incredible testimonials about our time together, but I was still not feeling confident enough to charge for my services.

I knew that monetizing creativity was something that Colleen’s program focused on, but I had no idea how being able to monetize my creativity was tied to my self worth and sense of self.

Through our conversations I learned that Colleen was into energy, spirituality & educating others on how to connect with their intuition and reset their vibration in life. At the time I didn’t understand how our inner vibration is projected into the outside world and how resetting certain things inside myself could bring prosperity & abundance, but this is exactly what Colleen has shown me.

I was drawn to working with Colleen because of her spark. She has this innate, alive, loving quality and I knew that I needed more people like her in my life. I was really intrigued by the idea of being able to connect with loved ones and others who have transitioned from this life and learn how to trust what is already within myself. I come from a heavily religious/shame filled background and I had never had anyone who was able to guide me to get connected with my own inner knowing and in Colleen I saw this potential.

Since beginning this work, I’ve been able to double, then double again the amount I was charging for my coaching services (working with women who experience Anxiety & Depression), connect with my grandmother who transitioned several years ago to receive a powerful message about healing generational wounds. I’ve become aware of addictive patterns I’ve had in my life and have been able to give up certain vices and continue to work towards living a sober life where I no longer feel the need to numb myself. I have been able to show up in a powerful, present way for my daughter by simply allowing myself to “be” in her presence and “be” there for her, rather than feeling as I had in the past that we always had to be “doing” and have really been given the opportunity to start fresh a fresh life, to see the value that I inherently bring to this world and to live my life from a place of wholeness.

Colleen’s program, Crystallize Your Vision, contains simple & easy to implement strategies that I have used to simplify my life and focus in on what really matters. Through our time together, I have truly been reborn. I know myself better now than I ever have before and I see how coming into alignment with my inner self has attracted to me abundance, financially, spiritually & emotionally. I am honored to have crossed paths with Colleen and am SO GRATEFUL for the lifetime access her program offers.”


Charlotte Habegger – Multi Entrepreneur & Connector

“After 13 years with the direct selling company I’m with, I reached the highest level of promotion that I can possibly achieve and the biggest bonus I’ve ever earned financially. I earned in one month what I used to earn in one year. This was a BIG achievement for me.

Colleen’s program made a difference because it helped me align to make it through a difficult time and still focus, be more in tune with my inner self and not be holding back anything I was experiencing or my emotions. The program allowed me to connect more with my departed sister, who helped me achieve that promotion in various, surprising, incredible ways. I noticed how my husband and other people noticed differences in me.

I love that it was structured and how its adaptable to all personal and life experiences. All the different parts of the program came together in a way that I felt continuously connected and supported by Colleen and the group members even when I could not be present for the live calls. If someone is considering investing your time with Colleen’s program, I’d say “Don’t Wait, Go for it Now!”

Common threads Members experienced. Scroll down to view more Success Stories:

“Allowed me to connect more with my departed sister, who helped me achieve the highest level of promotion and the biggest bonus. I earned in one month what I used to earn in one year.”

“Helped me build greater confidence, become less fearful telling people who I am and sharing my vulnerable life story.”

What I loved most was the group connection. Colleen held space for us to show up – be accountable to our goals and commitment to grow. Things I’ve been ruminating about I actually put into action.”


You will learn how to Energize Your Pathway to:

  • Trust Yourself for wiser decision making
  • Tap into your Intuitive brilliance for solutions to overcome challenges
  • Navigate and weather the storms of life
  • Embrace your Emotional Wisdom, Learn how to Feel to Heal
  • Create your Sanctuary, Revitalize your mind and nurture your Heart
  • Infuse you with Energy, Nourish Your Spirit and Vision
  • Expand your entrepreneurial confidence and connections
  • Deepen Your Relationship to Self, Source and Others
  • Live Life Your Way, On Your Terms


CRYSTALLIZE YOUR VISION is a highly intuitive, step-by-step pathway integrating The 5 Point Star System, a collection of Colleen’s 20 years of successfully impacting a positive transformation in personal and client lives. Simple tools that work when applied daily.

The 5 Point Star is an easy to follow, self-empowering system that captures these components to Revitalize Your Life’s Purpose:

EXPRESS – Emotional Health & Freedom
MOVE – Physical Movement, Exercise and Energy Expansion
PRIME – Optimal Nourishment, Fuel for the Body
ALIGN – Raise Your Vibration and Your Connection to Self, Source & Your Relationships
MONETIZE – Financial Creativity and Freedom Your Way

IMAGINE how amazing and flowing your life is WHEN you are…

FEELING more ALIVE in all you do.
CONNECTING to Your Heart’s Purpose in a Joyous, Abundant, Magical way.
GROWING your business, successes, and dreams by making a SHIFT in state from Doubt and Disbelief to Clarity and Empowered Solutions?

How would Life LOOK & FEEL LIKE with more Freedom in your Heart, Health & Finances?

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I’m ‘Over the Moon’ with anticipation to meet you!

Excited to get started on this journey together and cheer you on your personalized pathway to achieving results like the program Founding Members who are discovering and nurturing their Life’s Purpose inside Crystallize Your Vision, Your Energized Pathway to Clarity, Confidence and Creativity!!!

Catherine Yoder TestimonialCatherine Yoder – Health & Lifestyle Coach

“Colleen’s program helped me build greater confidence and embrace the FEAR of truth.  When people ask me questions, I don’t always know, I’d get a feeling of RUNNING instead of saying “I don’t know.” I’ve learned it’s ok to say “I don’t know.” With this feeling of more confidence, I’ve become less fearful telling people who I am, professionally and personally, and more willing to share my vulnerable life story.

I found great value in the Colleen’s spiritual guidance. Tools that Colleen provided us, like meditating and The Art of Doing What You Love, helped me better recognize and navigate stressful times. As a result, I feel calmer, more peaceful and connected to life more often.

What I loved most about the program was the group connection. Inside the Coaching Call Colleen held space for us to show up – be accountable to our goals and commitment to grow – and a stage to work through hurdles or obstacles to understand and overcome them. If you put the work in, it will work!”

Catherine MacPherson – Business Owner & former Social WorkerCatherine MacPherson Testimonial

“I worked with Colleen because I was struggling with finding meaning in my own heart’s passion. Previously I got meaning inside my profession and involvement with my Mom, but it wasn’t until Colleen challenged me to go deeper that I really connected my desire for a more Personal direction to bring new meaning into my life. The program helped me make time for my heart’s calling of creative endeavours.

Being validated made a huge difference. Now I know that my heart’s personal passions don’t have to be on a back burner. I can be in service to the world in a different way. They are different levels of magnitude, both equally meaningful.

Things I’ve been ruminating about I actually put into action. I was accountable to myself. The program helps me continue evolving while providing a safe environment to experience the FUN side of sharing “as is” with no judgement. I’m spending more time doing what I love, being creative and producing art.

Learning in a group environment and hearing other participants’ experiences and thoughts that are similar to mine was rewarding, reassuring, and empowering.”

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