Depression can immediately interfere with your Success. Depression or low mood state is a real concern for many people. They are not making it up. There are numerous and extensive contributing factors that can take hold of someone for years, a lifetime for some.

Depression can show up in our communities through bullying and war type tragedies, addictions (drugs, excess alcohol, overspending, crappy diets, unhealthy sexual decisions, cutting) to attempt to cover and mask pain, and even suicides because of a deeply distorted impression, a belief there is little or no hope of ever living an emotionally balanced life.

Depression is felt by most people at some point in their life, or they know someone facing it. I am here to inspire hope, educate and remind you and the people you love there are alternate options to continuing on this dreadful path of depression even when it doesn’t FEEL there is a way through and UP. The good news is, THERE IS!

Years ago I felt a nagging low mood which some days had a greater tug, as if digging a deeper hole. There were days I felt paralyzed to do much of anything. I accomplished basic necessary tasks and met my responsibilities but my Joy, Creativity and Passion were blocked. I felt like crap most days and life was always an uphill battle. Even when I smiled out of politeness or hopefulness, I rarely felt joy.

Depression may not be an issue for you. Depression may not be an issue for your family. But we KNOW there is someone in your community and network of friends & associates facing a terribly painful time. This person may smile, laugh and put out a happy persona, like I did over the years to save face, but I GUARANTEE YOU THERE IS SOMEONE HURTING….

How do you know who this person is? You sense it. You feel it when you observe them, when you speak with them. Trust your instincts because as your energy body opens more and sensitizes to your surroundings, you are tapped in tuned you.

You just know. Like when you LOVE the feeling being around someone that inspires you into feeling great, feeling hopeful.  Alternately when someone you hang out with brings you down, it’s a FEELING, right? Yes, right on. Trust that same ‘indicator’ you are FEELING to guide you through, out and upward to your joy, your happiness, your exhilaration.

Now, after repeated transformational emotional body healing sessions with a professional I trusted, while growing my knowledge of natural health supplements and enhancing my diet, coupled with the power of exercise, nature and meditation, I now maintain a better balance of my potential mood swings even in the most delicate moments.

Depression and disappointment can be overcome when YOU DECIDE first not to give up hope, even when you don’t FEEL hopeful. It’s a decision away.  This worked for me and I can help others conquer depression.

I recommend 3 Things to get on track to feeling good, more joy and massively hopeful for your future!

3 Steps to Conquer Depression:

  1. Transformational Coaching & Energy Healing

This is a must in my books. We cannot THINK our way through stuckness, we have to FEEL our way through the emotional grid. Measure how you feel. Notice how you feel. Your feelings, your emotions are your guidance system. Commonly I refer to it as your internal GPS. Ask yourself if you are operating at a 1 (low frequency) or closer to a 10 (higher frequency). The first number that pops into your mind is always spot on. What you reflect outward creates your reality and circumstances. You want to work with a professional like myself to help you shift what off inside. Together we can help you re-align through to improve how you feel, bring you higher on the frequency scale so you feel good. When you feel good, or better than you did before, will immediate begin to attract all kinds of amazing experiences towards you with less resistance, more ease and grace. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Transformational Coaching Rocks! CLICK HERE to learn more.

  1. XanGo’s Mangosteen Juice & ELEVIV supplements

Two all-natural health supplements positively turned my life around.

First it was XanGo Juice introduced to me over 10 years ago from a good friend and Massage client. She explained it was from the whole mangosteen fruit pure, that it was one of the most powerful anti-oxidant fruits in the world, a kick-butt anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, and much more. I didn’t realize at the time that the key phytonutrient called XANTHONES (which there are more than 50+ Xanthones each offering the body different benefits), also contained anti-depression properties too. Bonus!!! I started taking it primarily for its anti-tumor and prevention properties as had a large number of family members die from cancer.  I’d need another 10 pages to write about the health this unique juice brings to my youth and longevity! CLICK HERE to learn about XanGo Juice.

A few years ago I started taking ELEVIV to help balance my cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that usually goes higher under stressful times and also increases as we age. I was under total stress so was like YES, great plan! Results were great, as I felt more energy, sharper mental focus, deeper sleep, lost a few pounds around the middle and noticed more tone and muscle definition in my arms and torso, so I thought YES! Double whammy happy when I cried less often and felt the most happy in years!  CLICK HERE to learn about ELEVIV.

  1. Exercise, Nature and Meditation

Move your body daily if you have the capacity to. Include high intensity exercise to stimulate your heart muscle and blood circulation if possible 3 or more times per week. What exercise, pick something you like? Try something you’ve never done before. Go at your level and push yourself a little more, within reason, so you feel like you are challenging yourself. Listen to your specific body’s needs because we are all different. Myself, I’m a cardio gal and LOVE LOVE high intensity hiking on the Grouse Grind trail in North Vancouver or 60-90 minutes on the elliptical. Each week I include some burpee push-ups and planks for core strength, abdominal exercises and what I absolutely love is Bikram’s hot yoga 1-2x per week. Bikram’s yoga works most every muscle in the body, every system, improves spine health, balance, helps joint injuries heal and so much more. The Spiritual and Meditative aspects are invaluable. Google benefits of yoga and if you live in North Vancouver, the Chopra Center is my local fav and the teachers are fabulous.  CLICK HERE to visit the yoga studio!


I am a powerhouse heart-based intuitive and facilitator of change.  I’ve helped Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Global Leaders, Business Owners, Actors, Parents, Teenagers, and many more transform their Health, Wealth and Love relationships.

Most importantly at this end of 2016, known as an end to a 9-year cycle to numerologists, it’s a crucial time to close out the year and make room for a fresh start. Making the decision to conqueror depression by transforming pain at the cellular level with my 3 Steps to Conquer Depression, you will dissolve and design a new vibrational frequency to feeling good vibrations and carving (think Turkey for you non vegans!) out a pathway to achieve success where it matters most to you!!!


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Happy Holidays Blessings & Much Love!
Colleen xo