Ever feel like giving up? Throwing in the towel? You have a business of your own that’s overwhelming you with success (not). You gave your heart and your relationship feels impossible. You’ve been grieving the loss of a loved one for far too long. You have health and weight goals that seem impossible to achieve.


This is the moment of Opportunity friends! This is the moment of listening to your Heart’s guidance for it is proven to have a brain of its own. The HeartMath Institute offers a powerful education into the Mysteries of the Heart. Did you know that your thoughts and emotions have a direct reflection to your own health and well-being and affect others? I have been learning and teaching for years how we are energy beings and this is a quantum realty. Reviewing my blog post Quantum Energy Awareness and Health will explain more.

We attract into our lives a match to the vibration of how we feel “on the inside.” I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction by now. The Universal Law of Attraction is real, it’s science-proven, and it’s always a match to what we are feeling on the inside.

The number ONE important ingredient to achieving success in your business, in your relationships, in your life is to FEEL GOOD! Listening to your Heart’s guidance and what it desires/feels, no matter what others say about you, is paramount. I have many people who love me and offer amazing guidance and suggestions. I am so grateful.

What others deem is best for me, however, is not always the case at that moment in my life, or ever! On the whole, my energy vibration is coming from my Heart and MUST be listened to. Given space to understand or decipher the message  may take time (seconds, hours or days) depending on our consciousness and many other factors.

So accept support, welcome training in an unfamiliar field, experience all of life and then YOU CHOOSE for you the best decision in a given moment – and persevere! Your Heart knows your truth, so keep going!

An amazing & successful business women, Vanessa Simpkins of Take Your Power Back Now, shared her thoughts with me, how she believes Perseverance is under-rated. I laughed and smiled and remembered I had not posted this video yet. I couldn’t agree with her more. I know it feels hard and so challenging at times, yet I firmly believe there is no more powerful and authentic direction than the guidance of the brain in our Heart.

It’s time friends, for all of us, to listen to our inner wisdom and focus on what brings you joy and feeling GREAT each and every day. That “vibration” of FEELING GOOD will emanate outward and draw in all the resources, all the blessings, all the gifts you ever desire. Be patient, baby steps, things will align and show up for you!

I can help you strengthen your trust muscle, develop your ability to listen to your intuition, hear your heart more clearly. I host in-person sessions and phone consultations to Reset Your Vibe. We do this by creating an environment, an experience that allows you to hear yourself, decipher your Heart’s message from its own brain, and create the life you really want!

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Love and Blessings always
Colleen xo