Looking back, I’ve been reflecting on what’s improved in my life. I owe a big thank you to XanGo for bringing Eleviv to me. I was first introduced to Eleviv a couple years ago. Eleviv is an all-natural supplement with 4 botanical ingredients that work synergistically to balance stress hormones cortisol and testosterone while promoting VIGOR and a feeling of Wellness. I have found taking 2 Eleviv capsules daily around lunchtime that I am less reactive & better able to cope with stressful situations, have more clarity & focus, and I sleep deeper and awake feeling refreshed in the morning.

The GREATEST OF ALL and a life changer for me, I am less moody and feel HAPPIER !!! I would never say I felt depressed, yet if I am completely honest with myself I will admit to mild depression at times. The happier mood state I feel is real and consistent. My own mother Merva Spence and friend Jacquie Resch can attest to this!! Mom would say I CRY LESS and Jacquie would say I SMILE MORE. Life is much brighter for me and the people in my life!

A bonus after being on Eleviv for a few months was noticeably more muscle tone and definition, weight loss in my middle, able to ‘see’ my ribs for the first time ever and my biceps look like I’m lifting more weights at the gym than I am. Now that’s pretty cool!!! If you know anyone who desires VIGOR, a feeling of well-being or facing mild to moderate depression – I know a safe and results oriented alternative.  Enjoy this funny video!