Energy is Everything!! Reset your Vibe to attract more of what you want, step out from darkness and shine your light! Do you experience depression? Health issues? Feel Stuck? Financially troubled? You are the creator of your life. Climb the emotional ladder to a higher vibration. You can do it, I can help!

People often say to me “Why is it you are so interested and passionate about living a healthy life and educating on this, and also on death and that life continues and we live on in the form of Spirit?” In a nutshell, it’s really simple. Twenty years ago my father passed away. Nine months later my cousin Rob, like a brother, transitioned too.

The journey I walked with these two beautiful men opened me up like never before. The good news is through healing my heart’s grief mixed with my curiosity on prevention for living a healthy life, coupled with the spiritual presence I felt from my loved ones, I see now that Energy is Everything! What we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, and how consciously we nourish our minds and spirit. It all adds up!

I recently opened an email from a women going through an extremely difficult time who thought about taking her life. She experienced some moving objects in her home move on their own. She asked me if this was a sign of Spirit Communication, perhaps her Grandma’s Spirit, who wanted to connect by offering her love, support and encouragement to continue on her physical life path.

I realized it wasn’t so much about her curiosity or fear about the moving objects, yet more a “calling out” for love. She was looking for a reason to live. If only someone cared enough to get her attention, then maybe…just maybe….there is a reason to go on.

I know this was indeed  her angelic spirit family asking her to “Choose”, to dig deeper and find a reason to live. But not only live, to climb a couple notches up the emotional ladder from suicide thinking to depression, then upwards to hopefulness or frustration, and upwards and upwards – demonstrating all the while that she has the power to choose in every moment.

What I want to say to this beautiful, yet troubled soul is we always have a choice. And, it’s paramount to Reset Your Vibe. Ever since my dad and cousin died as a result of cancer, and later many more loved ones from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, cancer and suicide, this opened me to understand there are choices we can make to heal our bodies, what we put inside them in the form of thought and food matters.

Now, I seek out the best in Nutrition and Wellness that include the most powerful anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants in the world. I’m not perfect (this word really should be eliminated, ha ha!), yet I do my very best to nourish my body so it has the fuel and energy to work, play and love others. I can help you feel amazing in your skin.

I am transparent (you can ask me anything) and will continue to educate on the importance of healthy nutritional choices, reducing stress, healing grief & ancient cellular patterns, getting unstuck, opening to your abundance, resetting your vibe, how to connect with spirit, fitness & exercise, meditation, spending time in nature, financial health, the future of networking marketing for lifestyle goals, and all sorts of interesting “stuff” to live a prosperous, quality life for years to come.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

Make this your Best Day Yet!

Blessings & Love