Feed starving children fundraiser programs through the purchase of XanGo Goodness Meal Packs brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. I enjoyed an incredible afternoon in October introducing the Meal Pack program to local Deep Cove business owners in North Vancouver, BC.

Do you remember the last time you gifted or helped someone in need and what that “felt” like inside? Ah, so much love we have all around us as we open our eyes and hearts. I remember times in my life when I barely had enough money to feed myself, to pay the rent, to enjoy lights & electricity – close calls to these beings shut off. This was a very fearful time. I questioned God/Source if I was truly being looked after.

Our goal with the feed starving children fundraiser is to collect enough coins and bills to purchase either a 20 Meal Pack  or 40 Meal Pack. This is accomplished by a local business owner hosting a donation box on their counter at point of sale (or customer visible locations). As the box fills up, myself or a team member will collect the donations each month and use the money towards the purchase of the Meal Packs.  These meals are in turn shipped to countries in need to feed children.

Please join me in our global efforts to feed starving children with these amazing meal packs, created with quality nutrients that a malnourished child can easily absorb and digest. Since I filmed this video October 25, 2015 people like you and I have reached an incredible donation of 6 million meals to feed children across 20 countries! So much appreciation goes out to the many folks behind this initiative and who have pledged donations.

Donate 40 Meals:
Donate 20 Meals:

To become an active role in helping raise awareness and join our fundraiser, visit this great website created as a resource:  Impact Hunger or Contact Me.

It can feel easier to give during the holiday spirit, so let’s remember to do so each day of the year!

In love & gratitude
Colleen xo