Fundraiser Cancer Recovery for Diane’s Rare 1% Cancer & Trauma Surgery

Our dearest closest friend Diane was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  The cancer began growing inside the main artery that fed her right leg. At the end of January 2017, Diane underwent a 13 hours surgery with 5 surgeons.

The surgery removed a nine pound tumor, shaved part of her bladder, reconstructed her abdomen and replaced her main leg artery using ‘donor veins’ from her left arm and left leg. Surgeons accomplished an incredible feat that was advanced even to them. They put her back together but….

The surgery and trauma to her body has impaired her lymphatic system, making her legs and abdomen swell from fluid. Diane can no longer feel most of her legs and feet and doctors do not expect the feeling to return.  She is in extensive pain most days.

Diane, has been in and out of the hospital since her surgery in January. This week Diane was released from the hospital into assisted care living, where she will continue her healing journey. Diane is an amazing, brilliant and courageous woman and human being! Diane says that she is getting used to her ‘new body’.

She knows that life will never be like it was, that her body will never be the same as it was, and she knows that she will always experience some level of pain and discomfort. Diane is determined to live a meaningful life and spend her time and energy to encourage her body to be as strong as it can be.

We know Diane’s will and strength. If anyone can turn what appears an insurmountable challenge into something beautiful, she can. She’s never felt so afraid.

Diane is a woman, a mother, a grandma, a friend, a sister. She has spent her entire life in service to others through her faith, nursing career, energy medicine teachings and more. A believer and a professional in the field of Vibrational Medicine, she aligns with the Biology of Belief as does Bruce Lipton and the power of prayer like Joel Osteen. Diane holds the power of prayer equal to vibrational energy healing, through love and grace.

We are whole heartedly striving to Raise 12 months+ of assisted living expenses, equipment, nutrition and therapy needs for her recovery. Some of Diane’s closest friends have already contributed to cover initial living, personal needs and pain medication costs but the funds need replenishing.

Fundraiser Cancer Recovery is needed. We are REACHING OUT TO ASK YOUR HELP for our beloved Diane, towards costs like these:

Lymphedema machine $10,000
Lift Chair $1,500
GoGo Mobility Scooter (in time)
Assisted Living Housing at KinVillage
Pain Medications and Nutritional supplements
Energy Healing & Physical Therapy

About Lymphedema
Diane’s lymphatic system has been severely disrupted, leaving her abdomen and legs painfully enlarged and her body susceptible to infection. It is profoundly limiting her lifestyle and impacting her quality of life.

Although there is no apparent cure for lymphedema, there is treatment available that will allow Diane to regain her quality of life. Her doctor has prescribed a Lympha Press®, which is a multi-compartmental pressure system that she will need to use on a daily basis.

In addition to the Lympha Press ®, she requires two full-leg Lympha Press® Sleeves and a specially ordered elastic compression sleeve/stocking.

Our fundraising efforts are critical for Diane to receive lymphedema treatment as quickly as possible. The fluid that has built up in her body is not only ‘water’. It is a protein-rich fluid that left untreated, will harden around her joints, making movement difficult and extremely painful. Her movement already is deeply impaired.

The cost for the Lympha Press, sleeves and compression garments are estimated at $10,000.

Example of Lympha Press Home Solutions:  Watch Video Here

We may begin to start with a rental of the unit, yet the quality and best results are in the newest models. Plus the size of her swollen legs may require a custom fitted sleeve for the full-leg.

Prayers, intention and healing energy are always welcomed open-heartedly!

Our Love & Deep Gratitude,

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Please email Kelly or phone Colleen direct with your questions:  CONTACT ME