3 Gifts of Suffering and how to trust the healing process

Hi Beautiful Soul,

In this HeartLink Insights we address the difficult subject of suffering and the joy that can eventually GROW from it. The intention is to bring substantially greater peace, clarity, hope and renewed Spirit to your outcome.

Plus, you’ll absolutely love my Guest Interview on the Create Your Happy podcast where Christy Holt and I explore powerful life affirming tips you can integrate right away to combat life’s suffering, turn your emotional state to Happy and Happy attracts Abundance and Money!

Before we dive in dear friends, I’m curious if you’ve experienced some wild Topsy-turvy, energetic events like I have?

Inside of 48 hours a few hiccups experienced…

Bath tub excessively flowing non-stop leaky faucet, windstorm power outage, grocery store check out computer failures, road closures that backed-up Saturday traffic for hours, and most recently flu-like symptoms of mega body achiness and chills all day.

Hhmm, many opportunities to slow the heck down and face each one with consciousness and humour, right?

Moving onto a more serious discussion of SUFFERING (no laughing matter) and how to trust the healing process is always working in your favour, there are positive outcomes that can result in your favour.

The 3 Gifts of Suffering:

1.    Brings you in contact with your body quickly. Moving into deeper communication with your body will acquaint and guide you closer to reveal the root cause or core belief behind the suffering.

2.    Attracts alignment and harmony within. Meaning, this encourages newfound expression of your truth and then clearing the mud of what’s in the way and keeping you stuck in pain.

3.    Guides you to GROW more compassion and self acceptance, heartfelt love for others, deepens your intuition, energy healing and mediumship abilities, and expands your capacity as a heart centered human and evolving soul.

Did I say that what you experience as SUFFERING helps you attract more abundance, money and a life you love too?

Triple BONUS !! 

Suffering is in inevitable as the Buddha teaches. How you choose to approach suffering and whether you choose to suppress emotional pain and discomfort is another story.

In this YouTube video 3 Gifts of Suffering & How to Trust the Healing Process, I share my heart from the Seymour Demonstration forest on how to recognize these Gifts of Suffering in your life and how to trust the healing process to restore health, joy, loving relationships, clarity and confidence, and manifest greater abundance into your personal and business life.

IF YOU ARE READY to recognize and reveal the Gifts of Suffering to:

  • understand the messages of your body
  • develop greater connection to your intuition
  • learn how to rise from pain, trauma and loss
  • awaken clarity to your life purpose
  • embody more compassion for self and others


Loved being a Guest on Christy Holt’s ‘Create Your Happy’ Podcast Show.

You can download the Create Your Happy interview on your favourite podcast platform or watch from your laptop as we share tips and guidance on HOW TO TURN grief, pain, uncertainty, disconnection and doubt into Connection, Clarity, High Vibe Energy and Love.

We speak on my personal journey and the path of humanity to Heal the Heart, Overcome Doubts & Business/Life Hurdles.

  • Overcome your self doubt
  • Go beyond survival mode & start thriving
  • Feel to heal your emotions
  • Free yourself from pain & suffering
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Raise your vibe and create the life you want


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