I wish you and your family a Beautiful, fun-filled holiday and a 2013 that delivers a pathway to living your Dreams.

What stands out the most to me this year is my feeling of GRATTITUDE. Do you feel this way too? I am grateful for having met you, supported you, been inspired by you, even MESMERIZED by you!

To me, being MESMERIZED is similar to leaving a deep meaningful imprint or impression upon, and that is exactly what I feel as my Heart is moved by YOU.

From observing and sharing in varying shifts my clients face, my friends and family included,  to seeing people I care about experience loss of a loved one through break-up or death, to complete alterations in life due to a health problem or better yet a health improvement, to facing an inner calling to make the necessary transition in one’s professional life because you are honouring an inner knowing to live and be more in alignment with your authentic self, creating a work lifestyle conducive to your Dreams that you so deserve, even when the change is frightening and takes tremendous courage in many cases. Every time we meet ourselves takes courage.

I am MESMERIZED by your courage to stay the course, particularly when it FEELS extremely uncomfortable and often times very painful. I commend the power of the human spirit and celebrate you, and me, our collective strength for creating positive change. It’s THIS intention that is changing the world for the better, EVEN WHEN IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT WAY with all the tragedy surrounding. KNOW THIS IS THE ONLY WAY.

Sometimes positive change is an internal shift, making the decision to be in the NOW and allow and accept all that is present RIGHT NOW, taking complete ownership that you are a creator at the wheel and indeed have the primary role in the creation of your life.  If you don’t like something, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!  (I have a tough time with this one myself, yet I know it’s the only way)

If you don’t know how or not quite sure where to start, begin by checking inside. Your internal guidance system (GPS) always knows when we allow ourselves to hear the truth. Listen to your inner voice (disregard the chatter), the all-knowing part of you, and move beyond your own resistance.  Sometimes, a 2nd or 3rd party, a professional like myself, can help you dig deeper to the root and assist in permanent, cellular change to eliminate or dissolve old patterns, repeated responses that are no longer serving your Dreams.

If you are feeling this is time to make your shift in 2013, to finally break a pattern and open up to allowing in your Dreams, your best self, contact me for a FREE phone consultation – see if we are a match to work together and ReDesign Your Life to match your Dreams.

In the meantime, take out a white piece of paper and blue ink pen, write two columns:



This can take a short 5 minutes, or longer if you choose, allow yourself to explore. Nothing new here, we’ve all been invited to create lists before, yet by applying this to your life TODAY and re-visit often, writing with your own hands is even more effective than typing on a computer (that’s a whole different article).

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, let’s implore an age-old proven approach. By writing down the things you are grateful for (many do this daily on Facebook or Twitter),  you are being both appreciative for your creations and taking ownership, which is essential to creating change and bringing in more of what you truly desire. Right now, accept all your feelings, all your thoughts, all your actions and non-actions, all your hurts and pains, all your joys and love surrounding you. Once you’ve done that, place you’re attention on what you truly want, or think you want (because this too will change), and most importantly BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT!! Then so it shall be.

I’d love to hear your Dreams and Aspirations and support you in achieving them. My consultations will Ignite the inner Fire and raise your Vibration for positive change! Visit Unique Solutions or Contact Us.