Living As If

THINK as if, FEEL as if, BE as if, ACT as if you are already living your desires and the Universe will have no choice than to provide.

We talk about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and so many of us understand intellectually and believe this true. Yet, the very act of embracing and living each moment of every day as though we already have that which we desire seems so difficult at times. At least it has for me.

The real truth is we are already healthy, abundant, wise, peaceful, whole and complete beings as we are in this moment. We have the make-up and building blocks inside ourselves to attract, or rather allow in our requests. Our desires are magnetic, awaiting us to surrender and appreciate our beautiful, loving, amazing selves that create the thought responsible for our desires.

What Gets in Our Way?

So what gets in our way? We do. A combination of the impact of our Beliefs with the level of resistance we have to surrendering the non supporting belief(s), awards us exactly what we have in this moment. What is a Belief? Wikipedia describes Belief as “the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.”
What we believe, we bring about, so choose to stop believing the things you don’t want, and place your attention on the things you do want. This knowledge has been expressed and taught by our teachers, authors, leaders, mothers, and fathers for centuries.

Our encouragers, who light the way, lift us up and remind us to believe in ourselves. For those of us who have experienced little encouragement, we also have an imprint Belief about ourselves.  The athletes of the 2010 Olympics were a remarkable, phenomenal display of faith, conviction and dedication, encouraged by coaches, family and friends – who achieved medals because they each believed enough in themselves.  Wasn’t that the theme song ‘I Believe’?

It is only our Beliefs or lack of them that create our life’s experiences. Having a Belief is not good or bad, it simply is. Then why can it feel so difficult to manifest our desires? How do we create supportive beliefs?

The imprint of our Beliefs is cellular and like a thumb print leaves a mark, often creating a deep-rooted Belief depending on how far the teaching goes back and how big the IMPRINT. Everything we’ve ever experienced – joyful and painful – is recorded at the cellular level and plays a role in how we choose to form an impression of ourselves.

We Can Change Our Beliefs

Through conscious intention, we can change our Beliefs so we attract more of what we want.  In my client sessions, we draw upon a combination of Dialogue, Intuitive Insights, Massage, Acupressure, Relaxation breathing and ESM energy work to bring about the Belief that is present  – allowing the Belief to rise to the surface through a thought, word, image, feeling, or simply being a witness to our body.

In taking responsibility that this is only a Belief (a premise thought to be true) formed, and in allowing the body to be a witness to the information that comes forth, transformation occurs at the cellular level instantly.

We may in future visit deeper chapters of that particular Belief, and it may feel to us like the same old Belief or thought, yet it never is. It’s actually a new layer of the onion. We can rest in the assurance that movement is a constant given.

There are endless ways to support yourself in attracting your desires.

Ten Tips I invite you to consider:

1. Speak aloud your desire as if you’ve already arrived at your goal.
2. Use the world “When” instead of “If.”
3. Eliminate “Don’t”, “Can’t” and “But” from your vocabulary.
4. Create a Vision Board or Creation Box with clippings, photos, words of your desires.
5. Journal how you wish your life to be. Write in the present (ie. I am, I have, I feel).
6. Walk, exercise and spend time in nature. Breathe in your surroundings and feel the abundance and beauty inside you.
7. Take yourself for Bodywork, Massage, Energy treatments as this draws you away from your mind and into your heart/body – where you connect to the feeling of your desires.
8. Read books and listen to CDs / Mp3’s of prominent people you admire who are living the life of their dreams.
9. Visualize with feeling. Spend a few minutes daily seeing and feeling yourself living your desires.
10. Love yourself. Do something everyday that makes you smile – have FUN!!

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Wishing you a blessed and happy Spring!

Colleen Wynia
HeartLink Consulting