How Do You Handle Disappointment? Enjoy a 360° view atop Peak 1 Mount Seymour as I enlighten you how I handled a health obstacle when I could no longer run long distances.

Are you suddenly faced with a….

Health issue that stops you in your tracks.

Relationship with your spouse, lover or children on rocky ground.

Financial stress that has you pulling your hair out. Figuratively or literally (truth be told I once suffered Alopecia, 2 bald spots appearing overnight).

Feeling of boredom or frustration. Lost your pep, your joy, your clarity, your hope.

IMAGINE this….   what if…

There is MAGIC in what appears at first deep disappointment and off track?

Be patient and choose to believe. All suffering, short term and long term, is temporary and a step in a new direction for you!

Working closely with me will help you see it’s absolutely possible for you to have what you want. But, there is work to do…


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Love & Blessings
Colleen xo