Vancouver Women: the Law of Attraction is a universal law, a law of nature, an extension of the energy frequency we are always vibrating at on the inside. I was honored to be invited by Christina Waschko of MotherpreneurTV to discuss how to embrace the Law of Attraction in life so we attract in more of what we desire.

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs – sending out energy signals that attract everything into our lives – all experiences and tangibles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Understanding Quantum Energy Awareness is a foundation for transforming how we feel on the inside, to attract that which we desire on the outside. Placing attention on HOW WE FEEL and choosing Peace in every moment, versus accepting conditions of fear, anxiousness and scarcity, will inevitably transform the beliefs that separate us from our inherent true nature – that which is Love, Joy & Inspiration.

As a holistic energy healer in North Vancouver, I’ve found many simple things we can do to raise our vibration. There is one breathing technique called Rebirthing I’ve used since day one, more than all modalities. I integrate it into most bodywork and counselling sessions, as its that life changing. Some clients experience the “whole 90 minute” session that incorporates 45 minutes of Rebirthing for a deep release of cellular patterns and renewal of the mind, body and spirit.

Rebirthing, also known as “The Breath of Life” or Conscious Connected Breathing will instill a shift in the body’s unconscious places, to open up your magnet channels of attraction.

CLICK HERE to hear from Jayme how Rebirthing with Quantum Energy Awareness instilled a breakthrough in communication for herself and her precious relationships.

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