How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers Entrepreneurs Face is inspired from Hangout with Doug Setter. Are you an entrepreneur that faces challenges to stay committed, confident and inspired? Do you get easily distracted in new directions? Do you feel compelled to compare yourself to others? Do you hit barriers from time to time that paralyze you or slow you down?

Hangout with Doug Setter and I as we give you ways to confidently approach the global conversation of PERCEPTION and how what we think we see can get in the way of our success and happiness. In this video we tackle How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers Entrepreneurs and Business people face each and every day. Issues that are real for us, many of our clients and most likely you do too.

We want to share with you what helps us as they obstacles arise, so that you can keep the momentum going to tackle each one so nothing can come at you that keeps you down. By applying these simple concepts and principles you will gain more inner confidence which is your key to grow your business and live a lifestyle you truly desire:

  1. Other Peoples’ Opinions
  2. Shiny Objects
  3. Comparisons

Our Tips, Inspiration and sharing personal experiences will get you back in the game of trusting yourself, your ideas, and help you maintain keeping on track with your goals and dreams.

Join us to find out how and why connecting with your heart daily, putting focus on your inner peace needs and trusting the Timing of God/Source’s Universal Design for your Business ventures and Dreams ultimately rewards.

As an ex-Military Peacekeeper turned Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Author of Fitness & Strength Training books, Doug is an expert on the physical body and has some handy tips for people who run their own business and life. You can connect with Doug Setter over on his website: Be sure to download Doug’s free eBook on  stomach flattening and check out his many articles and books on strength, stretching and nutritional insights.

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I’m a ‘Reset Your Vibe’ Transformation Energy Coach, Spiritual educator, inspirational leader and holistic nutritional educator.

Colleen will guide you to Tap into Your Intuitive Brilliance to Elevate Your Vibration and Live a Life You Truly Love! I help people FEEL GOOD from the inside out. I spent years growing up facing depression, emotional abuse, addiction, grief of the transitions of many loved during an 8 year period and much more.

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